OK Voter Bills to Enhance Election Integrity

Sen. George Burns, R-Pollard, has introduced two voter registration bills, Senate Bill 1414 and Senate Bill 1515, aimed at enhancing election integrity and streamlining the voter registration process in the state it was announced in a release today.

SB 1414 requires individuals appearing before a judge of the precinct to provide identification that includes a photo issued by the United States government or a federally recognized Indian tribe or nation. The measure directs Service Oklahoma to develop a voter identification card, which will be provided free of charge to voters. This voter identification card will include a photograph of the person to whom it is issued, in conjunction with the State Election Board.

“SB 1414 is a crucial step in safeguarding the integrity of our elections,” Burns said. “By requiring voters to present government-issued photo identification, we are implementing necessary measures to prevent voter fraud and maintain the trust and confidence of Oklahoma’s citizens in our electoral system.”

SB 1515 authorizes the secretary of a county election board to utilize global positioning system (GPS) technology to ensure voters are assigned to the appropriate precinct. This innovative approach aims to address challenges faced by voters whose addresses are not accurately reflected in the 911 system or have complex directional descriptions.

“SB 1515 leverages modern technology to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our voter registration process,” Burns said. “By utilizing GPS technology, we can ensure that voters are assigned to the correct precinct, reducing confusion and facilitating a smoother voting experience for all Oklahomans.”

SB 1414 and SB 1515 are available to be considered.

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