Hanson: The Matter is Not Over, Not Now, Not Ever

Editorial: It is a delight on X to read @VDHanson today. The format urges brevity and Victor David Hanson is one of the most coherent historians active in current debates. On U.S. President Joe Biden’s train wreck of a press conference last Thursday, Hanson goes quickly to the point:

“President Biden Thursday night hit rock-bottom as he gave a mean-spirited distortion of the special counsel’s report. And in the process, Biden further embarrassed himself, his toady press, and the country at large. In sum, the press conference disintegrated into an embarrassing free for all.”

Hanson continued.

Note the following:

1. To prove that he is cognizant, and does not believe that some dead European leaders are still alive, Biden assured us that President el-Sisi of Egypt was actually the President of Mexico, and almost seemed to believe that the Gaza corridor to Egypt was on our southern border. The more he talked, the more he confirmed Hur’s conclusions.

2. Biden lost his temper and finally lashed out at the special counsel who all but ruined his own reputation by straining to find any reason not to indict a sitting president. Biden should have thanked him for using the mentally incompetent defense to keep a sitting president out of jail.

3. Weirdly, the usually comatose, obsequious White House press finally woke up Thursday night. It was embarrassed that the jig is up and sycophants want to reboot as journalists before they are utterly discredited for participating in one of the great farces of the age: namely, Joe Biden was never mentally fit and was used as an empty vessel and a supposedly moderate veneer for his hard-left controllers—the Obamas, the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren wing, and the Squad sorts. The con worked for three years but tonight it started to fall apart.

4. The media understands the self-created fix the Democrats are now in: Biden is either cognizant and thus according to the prosecutor likely guilty of violating national security laws, or he is cognitively challenged and therefore unfit to continue his presidency. Take your pick—dangerously demented or guilty of violating his nation’s national security laws? Or both?

5. Otherwise, Biden gave a very brief but characteristically disingenuous defense of his violations of the law, with his old ritual of trashing of Trump.

In fact, the Biden and Trump cases are as different as they are similar:

Mar-a-Lago is a far more secure location than Biden’s garage; Biden had no prerogative to declassify documents unlike a President Trump; Biden took out the files for over a decade, Trump for less than two years; It was not Biden’s civic virtue that led to disclosure of the files, but the Biden Justice Department’s effort to turn a bureaucratic/civil dispute over classified presidential papers into a criminal indictment of Trump. That move prompted a cynical preemptive effort to avoid the charge of hypocrisy, given inevitably Biden years-long violations would then logically come to light.

6. Biden flat-out lied about the Hur report. It did repeatedly document that Biden was mentally challenged; it said unequivocally that Biden willfully knew he was breaking the law by removing classified documents; and it noted specifically that the Afghan materials were in fact classified as “top secret”. Biden is a pathological prevaricator, and lied every time he referenced the Hur report.

7. Screaming, insulting, blaming staff, claiming he had to focus on presidential business, self-righteous—all that scapegoating only further convinced the country that the Biden classified files scandal is not over. It is a spark to a fire that is about to burn out of control.

God save us all.

For those who may not often follow political campaigns, here is how “Democratic” Party operatives promoted Joe Biden as he hid in his basement during the 2020 Presidential Election Coup even as they knew he was teetering both mentally and physically. Yes, this writer ridiculed the obvious idiocy at the time, but…

Who is more insane, the fool or the fools that follow the fool? Just asking.

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