Bill to Protect Firearm Suppressors

Hunter hearing and rural quiet will be advanced in Oklahoma in addition to manufactures’ liberty if a new bill is approved as written. Senate Bill 1551, by Sen. George Burns, R-Pollard, is a measure aimed at safeguarding firearm suppressors manufactured within Oklahoma from federal regulations.

SB 1551 provides that a firearm suppressor manufactured and remaining in Oklahoma shall not be subject to federal law or federal regulation.

“SB 1551 is about upholding our Second Amendment rights and supporting Oklahoma’s firearms industry,” Burns said in a release Monday. “By ensuring that firearm suppressors manufactured in our state are not subject to federal regulation, we are promoting both individual freedoms and economic growth within our communities.”

The measure specifies that the basic material used in the manufacture of firearm suppressors is not subject to federal regulation under the authority of the United States Congress to regulate interstate commerce. Additionally, the bill mandates that firearm suppressors manufactured and sold in Oklahoma must have the words “Made in Oklahoma” clearly stamped, machined, or engraved on them.

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