Parents Guide Gen. Z in Job Search

In a recent survey, quizzed 1,428 U.S. based Gen. Zers (ages 18-27) who have looked for a job in the past year to understand how much they rely on their parents when job searching.

Study highlights released yesterday:

  • 70% of Gen Zers ask their parents for help in the job search process
  • Of those who found a job, 83% credit success to parents
  • 25% of Gen Zers brought their parents to interviews
  • 16% say their parents submitted job applications for them
  • 1 in 10 had their parents write their resume 

Reported details note the majority of Gen Zers (70%) who engaged in a job search within the past year say they relied on their parents’ help with the job search process. Only 30% of Gen Zers surveyed say they didn’t ask for their parents’ help in their recent job search.

Among those who did ask for help, 9% say that they always did, while 23% say they did very often, 44% say they sometimes did, and 24% say they rarely did.

It was more common for mothers to help their children than fathers, as 76% of Gen Zers who asked for help report getting help from their mother in comparison to 45% receiving help from their fathers.

“The number of employment opportunities and complexity of the job market are factors causing Gen Zers to seek parental help,” said ResumeTemplates’ Executive Resume Writer Andrew Stoner. “Knowing what a company does, verifying its legitimacy, and understanding what a specific job entails are tasks that can be challenging for someone without any formal work experience. A parent’s help should bolster a child’s development and eventual independence.”

Click here to read the full report.

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