Salient & Tulsa’s Climate Energy Ecosystem

Regional Connection to Accelerate Advancements in Climate

 Salient Predictions, the leader in S2S weather forecasting and insights, today announced in a release it has strengthened its ties to Tulsa’s innovation ecosystem, leveraging previous investments from Energy Innovation Capital (EIC) Rose Rock and support from Rose Rock Bridge (RRB), an incubator program supported by an extensive network of leaders across the energy sector. RRB selected Salient to be one of the first RRB startup incubator members to build an energy innovation community in Tulsa. Salient’s presence in Tulsa exemplifies the dynamic integration of business and science, driving the future of climate technology in the region.

“Oklahoma has significant contributions to meteorology and climate science, highlighted by the University of Oklahoma’s esteemed School of Meteorology and NOAA’s National Weather Service Forecast Office,” noted Dr. Ray Schmitt, co-founder of Salient. “We collaborate closely with the university, where Dr. Jason Furtado, a member of our Science Advisory Board, teaches and conducts crucial research. Additionally, Dr. Ty Dickinson, a climate scientist with deep ties to the area and an expert in extreme weather, joined our team last year, working out of Salient’s space within the Rose Rock Bridge incubator. These connections are integral to our mission to enhance climate understanding and forecasting capabilities. Salient is proud to be part of this vibrant community, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in climate technology.”

Salient’s semi-annual meeting and company retreat, which includes scientists from all over the world, will take place in Tulsa from May 13-17, 2024. Both private and public activities are planned to foster innovation and collaboration in the climate science sector, bolstered by local and academic ties.

Kastle Jones, Managing Director, Rose Rock Bridge, noted, “Having Salient’s global team join us on site in Tulsa is a unique opportunity to network with leading climate and data experts from all over the world. We are thrilled to have them present to our key stakeholders, share important climate science advancements, and discuss business opportunities with potential partners and customers in the region.”

Salient and Rose Rock Bridge are co-hosting a networking event with energy industry leaders and community partners at the Hotel Indigo in Tulsa on May 14th at 5pm.

EIC Rose Rock is a unique long-term partnership between George Kaiser Family Foundation’s tech-focused development arm, multiple Fortune 500 energy leaders and the premier venture capital fund, Energy Innovation Capital (EIC). EIC Rose Rock provides early-stage funding for visionary entrepreneurs developing energy technologies that advance energy diversification, improve sustainability and enhance the operational efficiency of existing oil and gas assets. To learn more, visit

Rose Rock Bridge is a non-profit startup incubator that sources and integrates nascent energy innovations with established corporations to solve the industry’s most challenging pain points. Rose Rock Bridge provides select energy tech startups with non-dilutive funding, piloting support, and access to customers to scale-up in the Tulsa region. For more information, please visit

Salient combines ocean and land-surface data with machine learning and climate expertise to deliver accurate and reliable subseasonal-to-seasonal weather forecasts and industry insights—two to 52 weeks in advance. Bringing together leading experts in physical oceanography, climatology and the global water cycle, machine learning, and AI, Salient helps enterprise clients improve resiliency, increase preparedness, and make better decisions in the face of a rapidly changing climate. Learn more at

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