Stormy’s Tulsa Attorney

Update: Editor’s Note: What we believe funny, that two self-aggrandizing disingenuous personalities could find themselves in the passing media slime-light with a Tulsa connection, the daily rag considered serious enough for repeated weekend coverage. Readers are welcome to compare our first report below, but these, “professionally” skilled or not egos have no valued opinions on future and former-President Donald J. Trump. Just to fully inform other media why we didn’t feature their quotes.

Fox News reported Thursday, “Trump defense attorneys on Thursday said Stormy Daniels’ story about an alleged sexual encounter with the former president keeps changing because the affair never happened. 

“Defense attorney for former President Trump Susan Necheles led the continued cross-examination of Daniels Thursday, after her hours-long testimony on Tuesday that prompted the Trump team to motion for a mistrial, calling it “unnecessary” and “prejudicial.” The judge denied the motion. 

“Necheles, during questioning, pointed to a statement Daniels signed in 2018 denying an encounter with Trump ever took place. Daniels said she did not write the statement, but signed it,” the news outlet reported.

Tulsans may have noticed a familiar face in the story with a photo provided by Tulsa’s own Brewster & De Angelis Law Offices.

Clark Brewster is a well known and highly successful Tulsa based attorney with a recognized ability to sway juries.

Tulsa Today provides this brief note out of respect for Brewster’s proven ability and a conversation we held at his offices where on his wall hung a photo of Clark, his son, and former-candidate for president Hillary Clinton. At a mention of the framed featured photo, Brewster told this reporter, “The only problem with Hillary is that she isn’t liberal enough.”

In Stormy, he may have found a client more politically aligned to his heart’s desire.

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