Tulsa District 3 Candidate Void

The City of Tulsa is holding general elections for mayor, city auditor, and city council on August 27, 2024 with a filing deadline of June 12th. Council District 3, long my home district, has no candidate on the ballot declared at this time. The current Councilor, Crista Patrick, is stepping down, and there appears to be no civic-minded resident willing to step in the void. Not one.

For many years there was a leap frog term exchange between Roscoe Turner and David Patrick as Councilors for the District. After Mr. Patrick’s passing, his daughter Crista took up the mantle. All have advanced growth and fought what negative issues came with that growth.

The current issue of homelessness is a difficult battle being fought throughout the City, and businesses have tiptoed around developing properties in this area in large part because of that. It’s my belief that is the main reason no one has chosen to file for our Council seat. Yet, our residents are, like most Tulsans, good and caring neighbors.

I call my home district the “flyover district” because I-244, Highway 169, and Highway 11, all go through the area.  The Tulsa Zoo, Tulsa International Airport, the Air and Space Museum, Air National Guard facilities and many, many industrial businesses are enclosed within District 3.

Admiral Boulevard is the oldest portion of Route 66 through the City, with the traffic circle at Admiral and Mingo as a stopping point for Cyrus Avery’s businesses when the Route was built. A large portion of the Tulsa International Airport was built on Avery family properties. Admiral by other names, was a crossroads for Native American tribes before the City existed.

But our voices need to be heard just as loudly as those in the other eight districts. District 1 and District 3 share many of the same issues, and could benefit by better collaboration to solve them. District 3 needs a representative on the Council to fight for our share of the tax dollars that are distributed.

I have volunteered for many years on various committees of the City of Tulsa. I have seen how decisions are made, and I know the hard work and time commitment required for a representative on the Council.

Because of health issues I know I cannot take on the task. But I also know there are good citizens who have strong opinions and want better for District 3.

So I respectfully ask that someone pick up the mantle and register for the seat before June 12. It is a paying job. Will you or someone you know represent our common concerns on the City Council? Our neighbors will help, but who will lead?

I will help and you may reach me through Facebook (click here for my Facebook).

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