God Provided the Last Big Bang

In a remarkable photograph, Jeff Flinn caught a lighting strike hitting a small pond at the HOA Southern Reserve in Jenks during their July 4th Celebration this year. Board President Jason Reed said “We knew rain was on the way, but we didn’t expect lighting to hit that close.”

Flinn said, “The professionals running the main show had everything setup and ready to go. Some of the neighbors were shooting off their own commercial fireworks seen in the photo when the bolt hit.

“Everyone started running for cover and within seconds the rain started. The heavy downpour doused the fuses and the show was cancelled,” Flinn added.

Reed said, “It’s an annual event that draws a good mix of around 200 families and retired neighbors. All the fireworks are being stored and we hope to use them next year. Jeff has a talent for being in the right place to get the magic shot that captures the spirit of our events.”

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