Let’s Talk Conservative Tulsa

If you are a conservative that would like to join a monthly discussion group of good heart and humor, email editor@tulsatoday.com and we will send you the details of a breakfast gathering this Friday. To those on the left, this is not your group. But if you agree on sixty-percent of typical conservative topics, you are welcome to a presentation Friday where we will hear from State Legislators and discuss the recently completed sessions and what may be upcoming.

Oklahoma Legislature

We will learn from those serving in the Oklahoma House and Senate both from public votes and behind the scenes as our area elected officials in the mix share.

The breakfast begins at 8:00 am and typically runs till 10:00 am at an uptown location near I-44 with an inexpensive meal of three or four selections and beverage of choice. Meals are ticked individually and an automatic 1.8% gratuity is added to the tab. The restaurant is not open to the public during these hours. It is a private event sponsored by several including this writer.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if there are any within the metro who may question, “Conservative Democrat” or “Traditional Republican” best generally defines the group of both men and women. More on this writer’s perspectives on policy may be found in the recent post on Straight Up on Substack here.

Again, you are welcome to join us. Email editor@tulsatoday.com for more details.

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