Tulsa Senator Calls For Early Special Session

Tulsa Republican State Sen. Dan Newberry also is calling for Gov. Brad Henry to call a special legislative session in December.

Newberry joins other Republicans, including Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee, to the early session to deal with the state’s continuing budget shortfall. The governor has proposed bringing the Legislature back in January.

“It’s clear that spending cuts are needed, and it’s time for us to come together as a body and determine the most prudent course of action,” said Newberry, R-Tulsa.  “This is a critical moment for the Legislature, and an opportunity for us to do the right thing for the citizens of Oklahoma.  It’s time for us to lead with conservative values and make strategic cuts to avoid deficits while maintaining essential state services.”

Newberry said he and Senate leaders have been meeting regularly with agency leadership to discuss how cuts may affect their operations.

If he chooses, the Governor can call a special meeting of the State Equalization Board, which could declare a revenue failure, allowing the Governor to call the Legislature back for a special session.