Red Dirt Rangers sign with Luna Chica

Luna Chica Records International has signed the Red Dirt Rangers. Bringing their unique “Red Dirt” sound from Oklahoma to the Nashville-based indie label, the Red Dirt Rangers are hailed as a welcomed addition to a growing list of diverse artists on the label.

"We are ecstatic about signing the Red Dirt Rangers,” said Brenda Cline, general manager and director of A&R for Luna Chica Records.

“We feel very confident that by partnering with them we can help propel
this act beyond their regional success to global success. In this
business, it’s the ultimate reward to not only work with an act whose
music you love and respect, but that you respect who they are as people
and what they stand for,” Cline added.

The Red Dirt Rangers, who are John Cooper, Ben Han and Brad Piccolo, have been carrying the banner for Red Dirt music and promoting the Oklahoma sound since the late 1980s – embracing the sound and scene that can be traced back to a place called the “Farm” in Stillwater, Okla.  The Farm was the country home of Bob Childers and the place where Childers and many musicians and songwriters shared in the birth of Oklahoma Red Dirt music.  Described as a blend of Western swing, country, bluegrass, rock, folk, and honky-tonk, with a few Mexican influences, the evolution of the Red Dirt sound can be attributed to other acts such as Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland and the Stragglers and Stoney LaRue.

"We are really excited about being a part of Luna Chica Records,” said Cooper. “Their foresight about where the music business is going, as well as the heart and soul we’ve seen them put behind us and our music, makes us realize we made the right decision. We’re very enthused about the future of this relationship and can’t wait to see what happens next!"

“Red Dirt Rangers and Luna Chica Records go together like cold beer and a hot summer day,” added Piccolo.

The Red Dirt Rangers’ music impacts music lovers far beyond the borders of Oklahoma. The global reach of their music was most-recently demonstrated by their #1 chart position for Ranger Motel on AirPlay Direct’s Top 50 Americana/AAA Albums Chart in December 2010 – a position that they are currently holding for January 2011, as well. 

Stations from the United States, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and many other European countries downloaded songs to share with their listeners.

The Red Dirt Rangers’ latest CD, Ranger Motel, along with Oklahoma Territory, Starin’ Down The Sun, and their children’s album, Blue Shoe, are all available for download at

The band is currently recording a new album with famed Oklahoma producer Steve Ripley. The album is due to be out spring 2011.

For more detailed information on the Red Dirt Rangers, visit or

They may be heard Sundays beginning at 9 pm on KVOO 98.5 on the Red Dirt Radio Hour.