Tulsa World defends criminal activity

Editorial:  Does the Rule of Law apply to the President of the United States?  If not, all hail the dictator as his blessed propaganda machine wrote, “Score one for Obama with Corday pick.”  Yes, the local Marxists editorial board does it again.  

Can you pick laws to follow and those to disregard?  How does that work
for you?  You can, one could guess, if no one reports the crime or if
you have big friends in media.  (See Oklahoma’s own Gene Stipe for more

Even the little media want-a-bees pining away in the heartland demand officials follow the letter of the law when it comes to open records and common crime.  Betray the Constitution of the United States of America now that is the ticket for praise according to today’s top unsigned editorial in the Tulsa World titled, “Anti-gridlock.”

Congress is in session.  It is a technical “in session” to be sure, but one that past Democrat Congresses used against Republican Presidents, but no president has ever done what President Obama did with Richard Corday and others.  Obama’s action is deliberate.  Obama depends on the media to do just what the Tulsa World did and discount the illegal behavior.  This is straight out of Karl Marx – a big lie accusing others of what you are doing.

In point of fact, it is a crime for any president to make a “recess appointment” when Congress is not in recess, but President Obama skips merrily along.  All Hail the Glorious Leader.

The Tulsa World refers to the Constitution as “mumbo jumbo” which better describes their published work, but I digress.

Does picking the law you like or not work with the Tulsa Police Department, Tulsa County Sheriff, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Federal Bureau of Investigation or other law enforcement agencies.  I’m just trying to understand what the Tulsa World is teaching with this page of birdcage flooring.

Maybe they got mad at Tulsa Today.  It happens.  We posted an immediate reaction to the Corday appointment by the titans of talk radio that could have inspired the editorial board to rage.  You can read the original post by clicking here.

However, let’s leave this to former-Attorney General Ed Meese for the last word.  Not known as a “firebrand” but a reasoned, highly intelligent public official of the day and still expert in the law, Meese said, Barack Obama’s non-recess “recess appointments” have pushed the nation dangerously “close to a constitutional crisis.”

Appearing on Neil Cavuto’s program on the Fox Business channel, Meese said the appointments of Cordray to serve as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and three pro-union members of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) were historically unprecedented and violated constitutional order. He noted that since the House did not give consent for the Senate to go on recess for more than three days, nor did the Senate go into recess, there was no recess; thus, the president could not legally make a recess appointment.

The interview quickly touched upon impeachment. Cavuto asked Meese if these actions “get to the level of a serious crime or misdemeanor?” Meese replied, "Whether it’s an impeachable offense — or I think more particularly whether Congress would impeach, whether the House would impeach –- I think there may be some reticence on that. That’s an extreme, last resort measure…I think it should play in the next election process."

Meese suggested that all Americans must ponder on’ question: “If the president is willing to violate the Constitution now, when he has an election upcoming, think what he would do if he was in his second term with no election ahead. To what extent he would literally shred the Constitution during that period of time.”

To see the video interview by Cavuto of Meese posted on The Western Center for Journalism, click here.