Tulsa’s Dog Food Plus

Tucked away in a corner of a busy shopping center is the best animal food store in Tulsa, Dog Food Plus at 5002 South Sheridan.  If you mention reading this story, you get a ten percent discount off all purchases of grooming supplies, treats, toys, leashes, collars, hunting and training equipment and, of course, dog and cat food.  So here’s the scoop.

Yes, a store named Dog Food Plus carries cat food – four different types as a matter of fact.  It could be a politically correct thing or just acknowledgement that the top two domesticated friends of humans rein together.  They both think they own each home and acknowledge each other more often with civilly than Congress. 

Dog Food Plus carries eight different types of dog food and they will help you decide which is best for your pet depending on the age, size and activity level.  Working dogs, hunting dogs, small or large spoiled dogs are welcome.

As a Great Dane owner or servant (depending on the time of day), I have fed two generations on food from Dog Food Plus.  We live downtown without a typical backyard and I am very aware of the feeding process and resulting residue recovery efforts.  An out-of-balance diet is immediately detected and what veterinarians say is true – table scraps of human food are not good for your pets and that’s the scoop on poop.

Animals want whatever humans are eating with passion equal that of a child begging for candy at a check-out counter, but think twice before you give in.  Proper diet extends life, health and happiness.

My first Dane lived fourteen years and my current companion is now thirteen which for Great Danes is a long life.  Both reached those advanced ages, in my opinion, as a direct benefit of shopping at Dog Food Plus.

Since 1979 in Tulsa and 2006 at this location, Terry Connolly and friends at Dog Food Plus have been keeping our area dog and cat companions fed, clothed, treated, trained, and well-appointed if not stylish.  The store is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.  Odds are good that Sunday and Monday Connolly is out working his own dogs.

Dog Food Plus does not have a web site and they don’t email blast customers, they just sell stuff dog and cat owners appreciate for both quality and price. 

Each purchase of a collar includes a free personalized tag and when you mention that you read this story on Tulsa Today you get a 10 percent discount on purchases. Even mountain cats can be happy about that. 

     Dog Food Plus
     5002 South Sheridan
     Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145
     Phone: 918.743.8288