Honobia Big Foot Conference & Festival expands

What was once just a dream or an idea is rapidly manifesting into a reality.  A large piece of property is being developed into a facility designed specifically to host the annual Honobia Big Foot Conference and Festival.  Event planner Darryl Williams of Honobia has announced that the new site will not be limited to facilities designed for religious gatherings or community meetings, but in fact designed with Big Foot in mind, there will also be other events held throughout the year.  But this In-Gathering of tents and pavilions will be the main focus.

Wind Walker Sound has managed the Honobia Big Foot Festival entertainment program since 2009 and Sound Design Manager, Logan Williams says "There will be bigger shows and better entertainment each year as we progress."

After a minor setback when the original organization announced that the festival would be dropped, the Honobia Big Foot Conference Committee, led by Troy Hudson has worked long and hard to produce a more “Information Filled Conference” than ever before. The event scheduled for October 5, 6, & 7, 2012 was earlier planned to be held at the old Honobia Community Center where the Festival first began.  But due to expansion, concern for the privacy of many Senior Citizens living in close proximity to the center and much negative input from local residents, the new site was launched

Promotion Chairman for the past three years, Mary Lee Williams, Editor of the Honobia Big Foot PRINT, a monthly entertainment newspaper said; “The Interest shown in the event this year is phenomenal.”

The new facility will be located on Moon Dog Ranch 67545 Williams Lane, just 5.8 miles east of down town Honobia.  This year will be a “Little Primitive” but a whole lot more Big Footy.

For more INFO you can check out http://www.HonobiaBigFootPRINT.com or call 580-244-3013 or 580-244-7323.

Photo Caption: “A Native American Roadman calls for a blessing from “All That Is” on the new site for the Honobia Big Foot Conference & Festival.”