James Inhofe: “You can’t run this machine called America without fossil fuels”

Fossil fuels might be finite, but, at this point in the development of the United States, they’re indispensable. Support for private research and development of alternative energy sources makes sense, then, but outright opposition to fossil fuels — especially now, when new methods of extraction and energy-efficient products promise to extend the life of limited resources — is implausible. Voluntarily limit production? Intentionally drive prices higher, unintentionally testing the limits of the American family household budget? Why?

As Sen. James Inhofe said in a recent interview with OCPA, "You can’t run this machine called America without fossil fuels." Maybe, Inhofe suggests, it’s time we stopped trying to do just that and took advantage of our incredible mineral assets instead.

"When you stop and think that here we have in America the largest recoverable reserves of any country in the world and yet we have a policy in Washington to be the only country in the world that doesn’t export its reserves, it’s unthinkable," Inhofe said. "We are creating a shortage that we don’t have to create."

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