Not a revenue problem

Today 150,000 individually signed petitions demanding that GOP leaders stand against any tax increase will be presented by, a conservative grassroots organization, to members of Congress.

The press conference will include Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp, Georgia Congressman Paul Broun,, leading Tea Party activist Niger Innis and other conservative leaders.

“There are troubling signs that all is not well here in Washington. First GOP leaders purge conservatives from key committees.  Now they signal they are willing to cave on revenue increases, even though President Obama hasn’t offered the slightest concession in return. It’s an embarrassment that these are people who claim to stand for conservatism,” said’s founder, Todd Cefaratti. “President Obama is acting as if he was elected with a mandate, but he received just over 50 percent of the vote. Republicans again earned a majority in the House, and they need to remember this.”

As the fiscal cliff negotiations linger on, speculation is mounting that GOP leadership is considering new job-killing taxes.  Despite calls from conservative leaders to demand spending cuts in lieu of any tax increases, Republicans still continue to consider tax increases an option.

Cefaratti continued, “There is no ambiguity on where the Tea Party stands on this issue.  Over a two week period, over 150,000 individuals across America signed the petition against President Obama’s proposed tax hikes and the number increases every hour.  As Americans brace for the burdensome taxes associated with Obamacare mandates, the last thing America needs is a tax increase. Republican leaders must heed the Tea Party’s call for no tax increases.”

“Fiscally conservative Americans want the House Republican majority to extend the Bush tax cuts, and put them on Obama’s and Harry Reid’s desk. If they decide to raise taxes on Americans, there won’t be any question about who is responsible,” said Scottie Nell Hughes, News Director of the Tea Party News Network.

The press conference will be held at the Capitol Hill Club and hosted by The Tea Party News Network’s Scottie Nell Hughes.  The event can be followed on Twitter using the hash tags #nonewtaxes and #dontcave.

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