Obama: Don’t be so cynical

BarackObamaGolfUpdated: The Hill reported this month that President Obama’s message in 2008 was hope and change. In 2012, it was change takes time.

In 2014, it’s don’t be so cynical. How JV (junior varsity) is that?

As Obama struggles with the lowest approval ratings in his presidency and the real chance his party could lose the Senate in the midterm elections later this year, the one constant in his speeches — from weighty economic addresses to small fundraisers — is now: “Hope is a better choice than cynicism.”

It’s a recent shift—which began with commencement addresses meant to inspire young graduates, and the White House’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative to help under-privileged young people.

BarackObamaSpeaking1But now the sentiment is seeping into nearly every single speech Obama delivers, highlighting how the White House is trying to use the message to win over voters and play off Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.

The approach comes in Obama’s sixth year on the job, and at a point where the signs that he is wearing out U.S. voters are growing.

A poll this week by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News found 71 percent believe the country is on the wrong track, despite a relatively good run for the economy.

Seventy-nine percent expressed unhappiness with the political system, while only 19 percent expressed satisfaction. Obama’s approval rating dropped to 40 percent.

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BarackObamaWorldDunceMark Steyn last evening may have given the reason many Americans are so depressed about Obama’s job performance; in large part it appears the U.S. President is universally clueless – the original junior varsity (JV) player on the world stage.

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