Fallin signs vehicle tag compact with the Choctaw Nation

Gov. Fallin and Chief Batton sign tag compact

Gov. Fallin and Chief Batton sign tag compact

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin announced today that the state of Oklahoma has signed a vehicle tag compact with the Choctaw Nation.

The compact, signed during last weekend’s Choctaw Nation Labor Day Festival, establishes how the state and tribe will work together to issue Choctaw vehicle tags.

“The state of Oklahoma and the Choctaw Nation already are important partners in economic development, education, health care and transportation infrastructure,” said Fallin. “This is just another example of an opportunity for state leaders and tribal leaders to get together to strengthen our partnerships.”

Under the compact, Choctaw citizens who want to purchase a Choctaw tag may go to a state tag agent and present their citizenship card. They will pay all the same fees and taxes that a nontribal person would to complete the same transaction.

NativeBlessingThe Choctaw Nation plans to give its citizens who purchase a Choctaw tag what amounts to a 20 percent rebate on licensing, registration, registration renewal, and payment of excise taxes.

The Choctaw Nation will design the tag. The state will manufacture the tags and distribute them.

A Choctaw tag is much more than just saving money – it is a way to show our heritage,” said Choctaw Nation Chief Gary Batton.

“There is a resurgence in interest of the culture of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. The new license plates are a great way for our members to display their pride in tribal heritage. The tags state ‘Chahta Sia Hoke!’ – which is Choctaw for ‘I Am Choctaw!’, and feature the Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation and stickball sticks, a traditional Choctaw game. I hope all tribal members in Oklahoma are as excited about placing this newly designed tag on their automobile as I am,” Chief Batton added.

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