America pukes socialism

Congress112Forget the spin from loony Leftists and their media enablers; America rejected the jackknife jerk to socialism by Democrats and their idiot ideologue Barack Hussein Obama. They are now irrelevant – especially the deadbeat president.

Note to Democrats: No matter how charismatic the leader; when policy gets personal in rising costs and declining incomes and failures to provide security at home and abroad threaten individually then charisma inevitably collapses to ridicule and disdain.

Note to Republicans: Push specific policy to enhance free enterprise, reduce debt and protect the Rule of Law without exception as specified by Constitution and on principles outlined within the Declaration of Independence or lose the future to a third party.

The best news of all: Minorities are more than their differences.

George Soros with his talking head

George Soros with his talking head

Glenn Beck heard the word from George Soros, but one former suburban mayor now whoring tribal government declared the same line locally: “Republicans are ended, Democrats have control of the minorities on both coasts and it doesn’t matter what the middle of the country thinks or votes – the ship has sailed.”

Not so fast. This election proved minorities – just like every other thinking human – are inclined to vote their pocketbook. For example: Has Obama or any Democrat delivered jobs to African-Americans. No. They deliver money to corrupt self-proclaimed leaders who give it to their cronies, but that is not the same.

Minorities don’t want welfare, they want; equal opportunity, honest work, family values and individual Liberty. They don’t goosestep blindly as the following video demonstrates in vivid testimony.

As Senator Uterus learned in Colorado, women are more concerned about putting food on the table and keeping the family safe from Ebola, their children from the deadly EV-D68 enterovirus epidemic, avoiding the latest terror attack and the random criminal who feels entitled to steal with violence. Surprise, women are more than their sexual parts. Democrats and Islam are the real attackers upon female freedom and self-determination.

Even in Oklahoma our media reveals stupid is as stupid writes. Noting low turnout and the Republican sweep of statewide offices in editorial review The Oklahoman bemoaned state Democrats losing four of 12 seats in the 48 member Senate. Apparently, they don’t hold memory of 100 years of Democrat Party control of Oklahoma with some of the most outrageous corruptions in national political history documented here during that time. That is why we are now only in near-majority Republican voting by 60, 70, and 80 percent margins against Democrats. We know them – those are Democrats voting Republican because of policy and personality.

Democrat Party Leadership keep nominating fools like Mike Workman to run for statewide office. Workman drove all over the state campaigning without a driver’s license. Tulsa Today discovered during investigation and revealed during a video interview that Workman has not held an OK Driver’s License for over a decade as seen in this short clip.

The full interview has other jewels of jaw dropping humor for your review by clicking here which is our election day story also including links to other original material on races in this election cycle, but why did traditional media (other than our friends at KRMG) not cover the Workman story? They may well have known Workman was a flake, but, if so, then apparently they wanted to protect an illusion of Democrat Party competence and competitiveness when they are not so on both counts in Oklahoma. Not honest reporting, but better for reader/viewer/listener-ship don’t ya know.

Further, national Democrats voted in convention to remove all acknowledgement of God from their platform and booed LIVE on national television an attempt to reinsert it. It must be wonderful to be a Democrat – no judgment, no sin and no evil so you can kill babies and old people and millions of families in the name of some new collectivism concept (see Ukrainian history for more).

GeorgeWashingtonPrayingAmerica is and always has been a Christian Nation, but individually anyone is welcome to believe whatever – in freedom, it is not our job to judge. But even agnostics and atheists must acknowledge that believing Christians and Jews have fought and died in the millions for generations to defend this secular state.

Of course those of faith are now offended when their faith is not honored by a national leader.

In summary Democrats need a new plan or a new party NOT contrary to economic truth, established historical fact, and individual freedom.

BarackObamaFrontmanRepublicans must attack every corruption of law and betrayal of the current President and all his cronies. They must also reject their own tendencies to cronyism, free creative individuals to prosper by honest enterprise, defend our borders, stop spying on US Citizens, secure the borders and stop anyone from using agencies (NSA, IRS, etc.) to persecute political opponents.

Republicans of all stripes must maintain honor and fully understand, America puked socialism and, if you want to avoid the same stinking mess, return our country to the fundamentals of our foundation or we will form a new party to do so.

So help us God.

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