Rep. Trey Gowdy on Syrian refugee challenge

TreyGowdyRefugeeWhen Rep. Trey Gowdy speaks, people listen, or at least they should. And what is so very infuriating is that Gowdy is saying what the sitting U.S. President should have said.

But rather than grave concern for America and her citizens’ safety and security, King Obama sticks doggedly to his formula for transformation. The President is remaking this great republic into just another failed, socialist, third-rate country under siege by an invasion of Muslim (and other) immigrants.

Americans are worried, and with good reason. Immigration under BHO’s “rule” has already stretched our resources and endangered U.S. citizens. The unassimilated have fled to America for free stuff and worse.

BarackObamaFingerThis Islamic invasion is MUCH worse. Note what has happened in France, and NOT just the heinous and barbaric murders in Paris last week. France has been overrun by Muslims who now control great swaths of the country with Imams and sharia law dictating to every official.

Do not be deceived: this is not about radical Islam, this is about Islam properly lived out by its adherents. And this is most certainly immigration jihad. The Imams have not ceased to preach jihad and the ushering in of the Caliphate.

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