Madonna and my bucket list


Madonna at the BOK. Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

A bucket list item was checked off Thursday night at the Madonna concert at the BOK Center. With a longtime best friend; no expectations were set other than for Madonna to sing and take us back in time. I am not sure who or how anyone got Madonna to come to Tulsa, but I am certain Madonna was surprised to be here and left with no regrets.

We arrived shortly after DJ MaryMac began to take control of the stage for a while, mixing songs from my teen years in the 90’s and to the most current hits.

My friend and I enjoyed chatting and dancing in our seats until the lights dimmed again meaning that Madonna was on her way.


Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

She began the show with an opening movie of sorts leading into the song Iconic. It was just around 10:30pm when it all began. Apparently, being late is a part of her shtick, but my Facebook newsfeed was not at all appreciative. Later on, I read that some gal from a radio station got super mad about it and ended up leaving a few songs later.


Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

In typical Madonna fashion she didn’t offend me with her tardiness but more with her blasphemous and sacrilegious scenes in her songs Holy Water and Devil Pray. 

It’s not until one sees a women wearing a nun’s habit and dancing on a pole that you realize said pole is also a cross. Nor is it often you see a bunch of hip hop dancers reenacting a twisted version of the Biblical last supper.

While the thought of leaving crossed my mind, I hoped it would get better and she would revert to being more sexually offensive than religious. And luckily, I got what I hoped for.


Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

After a costume break, the next round of songs were truly more enjoyable and for the rest of show you were just in awe at this 57 year old woman dancing her heart out making it seem so effortless.  She consistently engaged the audience between and during the songs, not minding anyone from the crowd touching her hair or hand when she was close to the edge of the stage.  Madonna is simply an amazing entertainer.  She was poised and graceful when she wasn’t dancing but you could tell every step or move she made was scripted, rehearsed and executed perfectly.

Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

As we sat there listening, my friend suggested she should really consider re-releasing these concert versions of her classic hits.  My favorites of the night were Body Shop, Deeper and Deeper, Like a Virgin, Music, Material Girl and Holiday.

It’s not often I get a chance to take one of my best friends out for a girls night to see an icon and legend in concert, but the whole night we just kept grinning like teenagers in shock that we were at a Madonna concert, and on a school night no less.

This was a night for the memory books and not one I’ll soon forget.  I am so glad we’ve checked this amazing experience off our bucket lists.

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