Vote today on County Sheriff and Vision

TulsaVoteSmartToday Tulsa County votes to fill the office of County Sheriff and to extend local infrastructure investment within the City of Tulsa and Tulsa County in separate Vision proposals.

The sales tax renewal plan in Tulsa is projected to produce about $884 million over 15 years.

TulsaCountyThe County Sherriff race was hotly contested in a Republican Primary but only one Democrat, Rex Berry, filed.  Berry appears to be following his national party in opposing the 2nd Amendment, welcoming undocumented invaders and generally distaining enforcement of the Rule of Law.

Berry has also conducted a campaign that some assert is racist against his opponent in demonizing campaign donations from private citizens. Some suggest that Berry’s sadly misguided and deeply unwise effort may result in formal complaints to law enforcement and/or civil action against a blogger, a trust-baby online site and the Tulsa County Democrat Party after today’s election.

The daily newspaper offers a crafted piece of promotion today here: Rex Berry: Why I should be the next Tulsa County sheriff and Berry’s Facebook page is available by clicking here to reach and his web site is available here

The Republican, Vic Regalado, would become, if elected, Tulsa County’s first Hispanic Sheriff. An accomplished veteran police leader you may reach Regalado’s Facebook site by clicking here for and his web site is available here and the daily newspaper also included Regalado’s pitch here: Vic Regalado: Why I should be the next Tulsa County sheriff

VisionTulsaLogo_2Color_WithoutDomainThe Vision extension would pay for improvements to City fire and police services, multiple economic projects, public transportation and some few County projects.

Glenpool, Jenks, Owasso, Sapulpa and Collinsville also have separate sales-tax initiatives on their ballots today.

Vision Tulsa Lists of Projects and Budgets

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