What core of Trump?

TulRepubLogo1Editorial: The presidential preference primaries and caucuses are not elections, but selections. This is a distinctive difference as there is no Republican or Democrat Candidate for U.S. President until after the respective conventions hold an official vote. The objective is to find a candidate that can unify each party to win the national election. In both, established grassroots loyalists attend in vast majority at their own expense and vote their conscience.

This writer is not a member of an organized political party; I’m an Oklahoma Republican – a member of a voluntary organization supported exclusively by voluntary donations in which none of the last convention’s elected leadership currently serves. We will convene again this Saturday.

That said, what is the core of Donald J. Trump? What principles can any voter take as Trump’s foundational and operational beliefs? It’s not the grassroots job to unify till Trump specifies in detail what the flying frack (1) he truly expects unity on beyond acceptance of his unique personality.

Donald Trump. Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

Donald Trump. Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

Trump Thumpers (2) excuse the candidate’s past Leftist policy positions claiming he was only a businessman and should not be held politically accountable. But if true then why was Trump opining publicly on political policy? He wasn’t talking business.

Cronyism is not compatible with capitalism and both parties for 150 years have inflicted it upon the grassroots. Elected officials harvesting private wealth off public influence is something Oklahoma knows a great deal about. Research the disgrace and despicable history of OK Democrat Sen. Gene Stipe for more detail. After 100 years of Democrat control Oklahoma went Republican, in significant part, thanks to Stipe.

Trump Supporters. Photo by David Arnett, Tulsa Today

Trump Supporters. Photo by David Arnett, Tulsa Today

So Donald Trump’s prideful chronicle of political donations to both parties to support his crony interest(s) should now qualify him for President? Would that make him Crony-in-Chief?

Trump Thumpers respond that he doesn’t need the money, but need is not an issue in greed.

Past aside, Trump now asserts he is a Conservative, but by what standard? During the current year of campaigning, Trump has not demonstrated consistent Conservative principles in policy debate. At what point will he study to show himself approved for the job he hopes to hold?

BarackObamaMeTheMost troubling was his debate declaration that he would use the military to kill families of terrorists. When told at the time that was illegal, he said the military would follow his wishes because he was a “great leader.” Real military leaders later said, “no we won’t”  soTrump backpedaled, but if that is his core attitude in conflict then how will Trump lead the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Justice Department, EPA and all the other administrative agencies of government – by law or by his will?

BarackObamaFrontmanAmerica has suffered nearly eight years of Constitutional distain and distortion of the Rule of Law by a President who worships in the mirror and claims his cell phone and pen are mightier than lawful governance – propagandists (Ben Rhodes for one) say it is true.

Do we really want a pen and a cell phone on the Left to be replaced by a pen and a cell phone on the Right? In behalf of free thinking citizens, this writer would echo military leadership with a resounding, “HELL NO.”

Those that have worked with Donald Trump do not recognize the Trump they see in campaign mode. Those who know the family don’t recognize the reactionary rhetoric distinctively different from their renowned reputation built over decades.

JimStovallUltimateIn published example, Tulsa author and entrepreneur Jim Stovall includes Donald Trump in his 2015 book, “Ultimate Hindsight, Wisdom from 100 Super Achievers,” but Stovall refuses to provide direct perspective on the current political effort. Stovall writes that they have worked on “several projects” and describes Trump as “polite, prompt and professional in everything he does.”

Stovall quotes Trump first praising his family then his education then quotes his father saying, “Know everything you can about what you’re doing.” The quote goes on to acknowledge financial downturn and recovery crediting recovery to focus and momentum, “As I regained my focus, I realized that maintaining a momentum was also critical to continued success… When you are working with both focus and momentum, great results will follow…it’s a powerful combination.”

Donald Trump’s job as the presumptive nominee is to unite the party from the roots upwards. This can be done by articulating clear principles, assembling a talented team of experienced experts and welcoming distinctive diverse Republican leadership, but we must know the core of how a Trump Administration will govern. What is his true focus beyond aggressive narcissism, glittering generalities and momentum?

VoteDoorToDoorPolitical parties are not organized from the top down. Superficial media often presume so, but all think their circle(s) of influence is the most influential. Political parties are ground based and build with cooperation neighbor to neighbor one voter at a time. Those that knock doors, meet & greet, stuff envelopes, attend debates and regularly support candidates are the party.

From the ground up we elect. Washington does not rule locally in either party. Granted the national parties often reach down to harvest money for their own purposes, but daily the challenge is local – the debate among neighbors – and each vote ultimately decided within each heart.

PoliticalKidsAs for my position as a delegate in votes upcoming at the 2016 Oklahoma Republican State Convention: I will stand for God and Country, for Constitutional governance, free enterprise and the Rule of Law. For me, this is not a game or a play for gain, but the hill I will fight and die on if necessary for my grandchildren and their grandchildren.

I will support delegates to the national convention who convince me they will do the same. I trust their judgment to vote their conscience and if that means Donald J. Trump or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio it’s all good because under Barack Hussein Obama (name used when sworn into office) Democrats have destroyed the economy, security and culture of America.

DemocratBooGod1Democrats in national convention booed God three times live on television as I watched. I’m as done with them as they are with God.

I want government out of my head, bed and wallet – out of my house off my land and out of state as much as possible.

OKGOPlogoSunset I want freedom and will contribute my time and treasure to insure Democrats are dammed to the dustbin of history they so richly deserve. Democrats offer this cycle a totalitarian socialist and a criminal crony who drips lies like lice cover a rotting corpse.

Oklahoma has sent consistent Conservative civility to Washington for decades including Senators Jim Inhofe, Tom Coburn and James Lankford, but apparently, civility isn’t winning.

Maybe Trump can win.

Maybe the best win for America would be an open convention.

At least spell the name of the city correctly Mr. Trump.

Not much west of the Hudson River may be important, but please spell the name of the city correctly.

Editorial Notes:

  1. Flying Frack (quick break to reveal value): Term coined by this writer.
  2. Trump Thumpers (those who beat the drum).
  3. Previous coverage of Donald J. Trump includes:

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