Sen. Jeff Sessions: Hillary’s open border advocacy

Sen. Jeff Sessions

Sen. Jeff Sessions

In an exclusive story posted today on Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, said he thinks the paid speech transcripts of Hillary Clinton revealing she supports open borders are a “smoking gun” in this election.

“It’s a smoking gun,” Sessions told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM 125 The Patriot Channel on Thursday morning when asked for his reaction to the revelation.

ImmigrationOpenFence“Years ago it finally dawned on me: the Democrats and liberals will pass any immigration bill as long as it doesn’t work,” Sessions said.

He continued:

What does that mean? It means they have never wanted a lawful system of immigration. They have frustrated it at every turn. They say they do, for 30 years they have promised and Republicans have promised to produce a lawful system of immigration. They’ve had multiple opportunities to do so with the American people supporting them overwhelmingly. But have they done it? No. Why? Just what that email reveals. She doesn’t do it because she believes in open borders.

HillaryClintonBillThat’s where they want to take our country. They don’t believe in borders. This is a deep philosophical question and the answer is crystal clear. You can’t operate in this world today with open borders. Give me a break. You could spend hours explaining why. They never say it publicly because they know they can’t defend it.

So this is an incredible revealing statement that she is going to the American people right now claiming that Donald Trump made errors 10 or 20 years ago whereas she is perpetuating one of the greatest false campaigns ever saying she is going to have a lawful system of immigration when she has no intention whatsoever to do so.

ImmigrationFamilyTulsaWikiLeaks, in the first email dump of now six total dumps of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s hacked emails, found partial transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s position is in favor of open borders.

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere,” Hillary Clinton said on May 16, 2013, in a paid speech to Banco Itau, according to the leaked Podesta documents.

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Street Art in Brooklyn. Photo: The Weekly Standard.

Street Art in Brooklyn. Photo: The Weekly Standard.

Also noting Hillary Clinton’s damnable lies, a new ad, from the pages of the New York Times best-selling Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel, puts an animated face on the shady connections and transactions between Clinton Foundation donors, paid speeches given by Bill Clinton, and actions approved by the U.S. State Department while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

A pattern of behavior emerges,” the narrator notes. “The pattern begins with a poor country that’s rich in natural resources. A country run by a tyrannical autocrat ready to do business… Bill is paid to give speeches. Hillary uses her powers to remove any obstacles. Contributions are paid to Clinton interests. As her power and influence grow, so does Hillary and Bill’s bottom line.”

This pattern of corruption, the ad explains, is how the Clintons went from being “dead broke” to “overseeing an international organization worth billions.”


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