Praise God, thank Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump in Tulsa 1/20/2016. Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

Donald Trump 1/20/16. Photo: Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

Analysis: The power elite of politics, media and academia from Washington D.C. to Tulsa are suffering reality whiplash this fine November morning as Donald J. Trump wins election to the office of President of the United States of America. They didn’t think it possible. Tulsa Today believed better.

Of course the power elite will struggle to redefine results as they have long redefined history and culture to promote fame over wisdom, crony corruption as capitalism and honorable history as dishonorable, but back to Trump – America can now begin to recover.

DonaldTrumpWinsWith any luck, conservatives will show the same grace to family and friends who disagreed as President elect-Donald J. Trump showed in his victory speech. It is time to come together as a nation on solid principles beginning with real representation rather than self-interest advancement in elected office.

“Elections have consequences and this is the day we earn them,” this writer posted early Tuesday, November 8.

Is it justice or just us that must follow law, keep regulation and bear the cost of ever growing government with the mighty, famous and well-connected on bypass?”

DonaldTrumpWithYouThat was the next line in our endorsement piece after the jump and the critical factor in this election nationwide. The power elite have diminished and dismissed working Americans coast to coast and the election demonstrated the people have had enough of that attitude.

A “Basket of Deplorables” won the presidency according to the National Democratic Party and we, the insignificant little people in fly-over country who cling to our “guns and bibles,” will not forget the insult.   

America was built, in large part, by the Rule of Law – applicable equally to the mighty and the meek. The corruption of Clinton Inc., over decades, is clear in any review of history. Significantly, the State of Arkansas resoundingly voted Tuesday against the Clinton machine and they had witnessed it… over time, in action, up front and personally.

2016 Tulsa State Fair GOP booth allows visitors to take photos with a cutout of Donald J. Trump. Photo by David Arnett

Tulsa State Fair GOP booth allowed visitors to take photos with a cutout of Donald J. Trump. Photo by David Arnett

Donald J. Trump doesn’t need the job of making American great again and he can’t do it alone. He doesn’t need the money or power or any of the traditional motivators. His pledge to represent the “forgotten people who will never be forgotten again” is powerful and we take him at his word.

Trump is the first president in history to win the office without leading an army or holding a previous public office.

The endorsement article Tuesday also included this, “It will take a miracle for Donald J. Trump to win the presidency, his top advisors have said so, but for those that believe in a God of miracles, the prayer for Trump includes restoration of principles on which America was built. Said simply, at least Trump declares a love for the nation which has been missing from national leadership for nearly eight years.”

Christians understand that only God is perfect. They believe God uses deeply faulted people so pride will not lead any to think they accomplish miracles without Him. Through Him, all things are possible and the prayers of many for America will continue.

There is much to be done. Difficulties during America’s repair process are expected. However, as the Gospel of John describes Jesus of Nazareth overturning tables of the merchants buying and selling in God’s Temple, so it is expected Donald J. Trump will overturn the power elite, crony criminals, ethically compromised media and others.

Thank you, Donald J. Trump. You’re hired.



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