The irony of Trump protests

donaldtrumpprotest1If you still pay attention to national media, the moment Donald Trump became President-elect Donald Trump, you know how leftists took to the streets in protest and on college campuses ran to safe rooms and petting zoos for buttercups.

Their complaints (absent fact and based on campaign distortions) range from Trump being a horrid racist, incompetent and just about any other slanderous lie that can be made about a person. However, many of the accusations thrown at Trump ring an emotional bell in certain circles of extreme sensitivity within the perpetually offended class of ideological simpletons.

donaldtrumpprotest2To add irony, many of the accusations hurled at Trump are things Obama has already done. So it was that Reason’s Remy decided to point out that what the protestors are protesting isn’t all that different from what they’ve already had.

But instead of just telling them, Remy decided to deliver the message by mocking Saturday Night Live’s sad Clinton cold open with his own version of “Hallelujah.”

Tulsa Today’s favorite line: “So if you’re mad and on the streets concerned about this overreach; well where’ve you been it isn’t all that new, yeah.”  Enjoy.

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