Senator Elizabeth Warren is a racial slur

Navajo code talkers honored by President Trump

Editorial: Oklahoma born Elizabeth Warren now of Massachusetts was first noted as a fraud on Tulsa Today in 2012 (click here for that story).

Of all the things “not done” in Oklahoma, to lie about Native American heritage is near the top of the list – only Harvard University could be racist enough for that one.

Oklahoma’s pretend native, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D)

In fact Tulsa Today has ridiculed the Marxist Maven of Massachusetts repeatedly for this good cause. It is incredibly offensive to Native People for a non-Native to claim benefits set-aside for Natives. Some consider it a crime, but it is at the least racist.

Of course President Donald J. Trump will ridicule the fool while hosting an event to honor Navajo code talkers. He referenced Pocahontas, a pet nickname he uses on Warren. His deadpan humor was delightful and Warren deserves every bit of it.

Sen. Warren, to the left of Karl Marx on most issues, would lie and lie again if it benefits her wrinkled old lily white behind. She is the offense, a racialist joke. Apparently, any Leftist with an alternative lifestyle can parachute into Massachusetts and get elected to the U.S. Senate? How stupid are you people?  Congratulations, only New York can top you by electing a female enabler of a serial sexual predator.

Shade the heartland all you like, we thank our lucky stars we are not you.

Sen. Elizabeth Warran, pretend native from Oklahoma

Oklahomans may have issues with President Trump’s love of President Andrew Jackson for historic reasons, but those are not as critical personally as Elizabeth Warren stealing benefits set aside for our children and grandchildren.

Warren told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi on Monday that President Donald Trump will not silence her by using a “racial slur” like “Pocahontas.” Here is the irony: redirects the user to Warren’s web site which attacks President Trump. Now that is funny – owning victimhood.

For perpetually offended media: Pocahontas is not a racial slur. Elizabeth Warren is a racial slur. Even a propagandist ideologue should know that one by heart. 

Bruce Plante from

In fact, Tulsa Today named the historical character in June 2016 to ridicule the daily paper’s cartoonist Bruce Plante writing, “Buck up Pocahontas, there is no Liberty in Liberal nor Native in Warren so we’ll teach you why that’s important this election cycle.”  (Click here for more of that story.)

President Trump is more insightful and entertaining than media. We like him.

Oklahomans in majority appreciate his accomplishments (our standard of success) and will likely vote for his election again in 2020 – regardless of leftist fabricated outrage to which we add, “Frack Off Flakes.”

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