Oscars: Wes Studi stands for service

Wes Studi at 2018 Oscars

With grateful heart, we celebrate today Oklahoma Actor and Veteran Wes Studi.

In his Oscar presentation Studi, who has starred in “The Last of the Mohicans, Heat, Avatar, Hostiles” and a myriad other titles, took the stage and revealed he entered the National Guard at age 18 and served in the Vietnam War.   

“I’m proud to have served there for 12 months,” he said.

After waiting a beat, he asked, “Anyone else?”  Tellingly — there was no reaction at all from the Hollywood audience Zachary Leeman wrote for LifeZette.com, click here for video.

Studi congratulated artists who had chosen to recognize the harrowing stories of veterans from every war through their work. He introduced a film montage that included such movies as “Full Metal Jacket,” “A Few Good Men,” “American Sniper,” “Saving Private Ryan,” Black Hawk Down,” and many others.

Though the moment was brief and minuscule compared to all the political speeches earlier on, it was wonderful to see an actual veteran artist tip his hat to both this country’s servicemen and women — and the artists who choose to tell their stories.

One of Studi’s early acting experiences was on stage in Tulsa with the American Indian Theatre Company.  This writer shares that cast experience, but that is another story for another time.

The point here is to simply note Wes Studi is an honorable man, a skilled actor, and a honest, humble human being we are proud to know and we thank him for his service to America as a Vietnam  Veteran.

2 thoughts on “Oscars: Wes Studi stands for service

  1. admin Post author

    Always good to hear from deluded social justice warriors. Did the communists get you riled up or are you just having an anti-opinion day?

  2. stan

    The article here ends with “The point here is to simply note Wes Studi….”

    Actually, it seems the point of this story–slant?–was to try to suggest that the audience of Hollywood people were somehow unpatriotic simply because no one spoke up and said they were a veteran when Wes asked. Fact is, there were people who were vets in the audience. None spoke when asked by Wes, because, quite frankly, few actually heard what he was saying and it’s doubtful they’d have been heard by television audiences if they had spoken out.

    And by the way–you don’t have to be a veteran to serve your country in a meaningful and passionate way. Many of the people in that Oscar audience have donated their time and money to our American military. I invite (dare?) the author of this sad excuse for unbaised “journalism” to educate himself and Google “Denzel Washington donates to military.” And he’s just one that I know has served in his own way.

    But there was a lot of patriotism going on onstage at the Oscars. Yes, it is patriotic to point out injustice, even–ESPECIALLY–when the injustice is going on at the White House.

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