Lies, spies and politics

Editorial: It happens locally each election cycle. Bad behaviors by campaigns trying to gain advantage, but never before in history have Federal Law Enforcement and American Intelligence Services betrayed the Rule of Law as was done in attacking now President Donald J. Trump.

Communist, Socialist and other totalitarian regimes do that in betrayal of their people, but Americans have a Constitution that forbids it – happened anyway – Rule of Law or not in America today will be determined by prosecution or not for justice sake.  

It gets worse. James Wolfe, the former U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee security director is now charged with lying about his contacts with journalists – including his former paramour, New York Times reporter Ali Watkins. Wolfe appeared Friday in court after his arrest Thursday night.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a mental disorder that abandons facts, honor and reason for fabricated hysteria. The latest proof is a Maryland gubernatorial candidate kissing his gay lover in a broadcast commercial asserting the act is, somehow, a statement of defiance against President Trump. A leading gay rights organization says it is the first-ever kiss of a same-sex married couple in a U.S. political ad.

The fact not noted in most reports is that President Trump is supportive of “gay rights.” Apparently, because Trump and many Republicans are faith based, those of no morality can stereotype religion contrary to fact. “Gays” are a part of many faith based communities – have been since time began. Scripture reserves judgement for God, but faith haters let their own guilt demonize those who disagree.

Tulsa Mayor G. T. Bynum, multigenerational elitist elected as Oklahoma overwhelmingly voted for populist President Donald J. Trump – proof Tulsa is Liberal.

This election cycle the City of Tulsa has instituted a policy restricting political campaign signs and empowered a citizen enforcement committee. Many believe the policy is a restriction on protected political speech that is unconstitutional, capriciously enforced and designed by elitists to protect establishment power. The policy also gives local media a boost by limiting a low cost advertising option.

A First Amendment Attorney may file against the City on that policy after the November election. Granted, some campaign experts declare yard signs worthless, but others praise the name recognition they can build.

The primary election June 26 for state and county offices will sort the wheat from the chaff and there is a lot of chaff top to bottom this cycle in Oklahoma.

Do some want to force the state to print their name just to have a ballot for their bucket list scrapbook? Maybe worth the filing fee, but it is distracting if not confusing to the electorate when some file for offices they have no prayer to win. That’s a waste in a busy world.

Mark Zuckerberg gazes in awe at Barack Obama.

Facebook April 23 instituted procedures to limit political advertising. Apparently in response to the Russian hoax they are now abusing the First Amendment on their platform. How very Russian of them.

Of course, it is their platform, but if they are so great… whatever happened to all the other social networks now in the dustbin of culture. Does anyone young even use Facebook anymore?

In primary elections; County Parties pledge to be neutral – in functioning local parties anyway. The point is to allow free people to select candidates rather than political bosses or purchased special interests.

Activists and elected come and go, but bureaucrats run a totalitarian show.

Elections are raucous events in America – always throughout history. People get mad and adults, hopefully, get over it – sooner or later after contests are decided.

However, if the institutions of government – specifically regulators, law enforcement and intelligence agencies interfere in elections then the society is not free and the people are abused, eventually to live in fear of the Power of the State. Happened in Tulsa when the police union threated public safety if they didn’t get a raise.

Spying on Trump, police union threats and persecuting the poor yard sign are all manipulations of the Power of the State – Federal and local. The abuses we tolerate and freedoms we fail to defend are soon lost. It is a simple reminder of history.

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