Leftist acts of violence and harassment

Here are 352 (and counting) verified acts of violence and harassment against Trump supporters, much of it committed by Antifa terrorists wearing masks. Others appear as unorganized outbreaks by individuals (2015-18) apparently driven to rage by opposition media (formerly establishment media). This list, compiled and updated by Breitbart.com, grows daily.

Congress has now proposed law that would enhance penalties for anyone who “injures, oppresses, threatens, or intimidates any person” while wearing a disguise or mask. 

Throughout our country for a number of years it has been open fact. Media fantasizes about,  promotes, enflames and  approves of the violence committed against the right (HuffPo opposes the unmasking law) — Antifa has been allowed to run rampant, committing countless acts of violence against everyday, peaceful supporters of President Donald Trump as Breitbart.com notes.

The  Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 can mean additional fines and prison terms of up to 15 years. The Hill reports the “bill was introduced by Republican Rep. Dan Donovan (N.Y.) and is co-sponsored by GOP Reps. Pete King (R-NY), Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and Ted Budd (R-NC).”

Ironically, this proposed law is similar to laws passed decades ago in states like Georgia and Alabama to stop another terrorist group of far-left Democrats, the Ku Klux Klan. According to the far-left New York Times, Ohio and West Virginia already have similar laws on the books. Click here for more on the Unmasking Act from Breitbart.com.

The list of attacks, compiled by Breitbart.com grows daily at this link.

Tulsa Today appreciates the research and warns readers that angry can happen anywhere anytime so be alert to your surroundings – even in Oklahoma.

  1. July 11, 2018: ABC’s Terry Moran shames Fox News’s Shannon Breem for feeling threatened at SCOTUS protest
  2. July 10, 2018: Protesters arrested, accused of assaulting officer at ICE office
  3. July 10, 2018: Fox News Reporter Harassed, Threatened And Forced To Leave Supreme Court By Leftist Mob
  4. July 9, 2018: Far-left blog Talking Points Memo mocks Stephen Miller over report of confrontation with bartender.
  5. July 9, 2018: Trump senior aide Stephen Miller harassed on street by angry bartender.
  6. July 9, 2018: Motorists scream curse words at Sean Spicer in his yard.
  7. July 9, 2018: Trump senior aide Kellyanne Conway harassed in grocery store
  8. July 9, 2018: Anti-Trump activists vandalize New York DHS office
  9. July 8, 2018: LISTEN: Idaho GOP Rep. Receives Threatening Voicemails, Emails Because of This Facebook Post
  10. July 8, 2018: Longtime Hillary Clinton aide publishes contact information about bookstore owner who stopped the harassment of Steve Bannon, Reines’s  obvious goal is to see the bookstore owner harassed.
  11. July 8, 2018: Far-left Daily Beast writer defends public harassment of Steve Bannon
  12. July 7, 2018: Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) menaced outside restaurant. We know where you live!
  13. July 7, 2018: Steve Bannon harassed at bookstore; police called
  14. July 7, 2018: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists attack peaceful Tommy Robinson supporters in San Francisco
  15. July 7, 2018: New York Times editorial calls for Dems to “take a page from The Godfather” to “go to the mattresses” to stop Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.
  16. July 6, 2018: BLM activist calls for assassination of Supreme Court Justice
  17. July 6, 2018: CNN analyst justifies violence against Trump supporters
  18. July 6, 2018:  Long Island Man Threatened to Kill Supporters of Republican Congressman, Trump: Police
  19. July 6, 2018: Florida man attacked over Trump flag in yard.
  20. July 6, 2018: Woman threatens to stab Alan Dershowitz in heart.
  21. July 5, 2018: Founder of #WalkAway campaign refused service at camera store.
  22. July 5, 2018: Trump supporter wearing Make America Great Again hat allegedly assaulted in burger joint (video at link).
  23. July 3, 2018: Left-wing Catholic calls for sending Trump supporters to the guillotine
  24. July 3, 2018: Nebraska GOP office vandalized.
  25. July 3, 2018: EPA head Scott Pruitt harassed at restaurant.
  26. July 2, 2018: MAGA hat wearer harassed at seafood restaurant
  27. July 2, 2018: Mother of cancer survivor harassed online for thanking Eric Trump for $16 million in St. Jude support
  28. July 2, 2018: Cher accuses ICE of “Gestapo tactics.”
  29. July 2, 2018: Man accused of threatening to kill Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and his family.
  30. July 1, 2018: Washington Post reporter publicly calls on mobs to give Trump officials a “life sentence” of harassment.
  31. July 1, 2018: Man wearing MAGA hat refused service in restaurant.
  32. July 1, 2018: AntiFa terrorists attack Patriot Prayer rally in Portland.
  33. June 29, 2018: Media falsely blame Trump for murder of five journalists in Maryland.
  34. June 28, 2018: Journalist lies about Maryland mass-shooter being a Trump supporter.
  35. June 29, 2018: Hollywood actor calls on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to be harassed at “every meal.”
  36. June 29, 2018: California man accused of threatening to kill FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s children.
  37. June 28, 2018: Reuters editor says Trump has blood on his hands for murder of five journalists in Maryland. He still has a job.
  38. June 28, 2018: Singer John Legend praises and agrees with Rep. Maxine Waters for calling on mobs to publicly harass Trump officials out of public spaces like restaurants.
  39. June 28, 2018: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) calls on “angry” Latinos to oust Trump.
  40. June 27, 2018: Media defend and champion Virginia restaurant owner who kicked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family out, and then reportedly harassed them as they ate at a nearby restaurant.
  41. June 26, 2018: Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao harassed at home by protesters.
  42. June 26, 2018: Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) blames President Trump for her intern yelling “Fuck you!” at him through the halls of the U.S. Capitol. The intern was not fired.
  43. June 26, 2018: Comedienne Kathy Griffin attacks the Trump administration as “pro-Nazi.” Obviously, once you describe someone as a Nazi, you are calling for violence against them.
  44. June 26, 2018: Chicago bar refuses to serve Trump supporters.
  45. June 26, 2018: Singer John Legend calls on Trump officials to be harassed until our immigration policies are weakened.
  46. June 26, 2018: Late night comedians celebrate the harassment of Sarah Sanders and her family.
  47. June 25, 2018: Burned animal carcass left on Trump staffer’s porch.
  48. June 25, 2018: After refusing to serve Sarah Sanders and the family, we learn a restaurant owner then organized a mob to harass Sanders’ family at a nearby restaurant.
  49. June 25, 2018: Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) calls on mobs to confront Trump officials over immigration policies.
  50. June 25, 2018: CNN contributor attacks those on the right calling for civility.
  51. June 25, 2018: CNN’s Jake Tapper dismisses harassment of Sarah Sanders as a political ploy on Sander’s part.
  52. June 24, 2018: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) publicly calls on mobs to “turn on” Trump officials, to “harass” them, ensure they “they won’t be able to go to a restaurant, they won’t be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store.”
  53. June 23, 2018: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi harassed, menaced, and reportedly spit at by left-wing protesters at movie theater.
  54. June 22, 2018: Sarah Sanders and her family booted out of restaurant by left-wing owner.
  55. June 22, 2018: Member of Canadian media, Patrick Dussault, threatens Don Jr.s 4-year-old daughter
  56. June 22, 2016: Kirstjen Nielsen harassed by protesters outside her private home.
  57. June 22, 2018: Rep. Jackie Sperier (D-CA), compares border enforcement to Auschwitz.
  58. June 22, 2018: Left-wing activists vandalize billboard.
  59. June 22, 2018: On Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch smears Trump and his supporters as “Nazis.”
  60. June 21, 2018: Democrat state legislator in Pennsylvania greets Vice President Mike Pence with a “middle finger salute.”
  61. June 21, 2018: White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller heckled and harassed at restaurant.
  62. June 21, 2018: Actor Adam Scott compares Tucker Carlson to a Nazi.
  63. June 20, 2018: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists publish list of ICE agents for harassment purposes.
  64. Jun 20, 2018: Florida man accused of threatening to kill Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL), a U.S. combat veteran, and his children in a series of nearly 500 calls to his office.
  65. June 20, 2018: Actor Peter Fonda calls for a mob to kidnap President Trump’s 11-year-old son and throw him in a cage with pedophiles.
  66. June 20, 2018: Actor Peter Fonda calls for a mob to sexually humiliate and abuse Sarah Sanders and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.
  67. June 20, 2018: Nancy Sinatra praises Peter Fonda for his tweets.
  68. June 20, 2018: Documentary filmmaker Josh Fox praises Peter Fonda for his tweets.
  69. June 20, 2018: Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for politicians in favor of border security to be put in cages.
  70. June 19, 2018: Kirstjen Nielsen harassed out of restaurant.
  71. June 19, 2018: Democrat interns screams “Fuck you!” at Trump through the halls of the U.S. Capitol. She was not fired.
  72. June 19, 2018: New Yorker fact checker publicly (and falsely) accuses a disabled war veteran who works for ICE of being a Nazi.
  73. June 16, 2018: Jewish Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Kathy Griffin Show In San Francisco
  74. June 15, 2018: Man has MAGA flag stolen at rally.
  75. June 15, 2018: CNN analyst heckles and screams at Sarah Sanders.
  76. June 14, 2018: Nancy Pelosi wonders why there ‘aren’t uprisings’ across nation: ‘Maybe there will be’
  77. May 30, 2018: Anti-Trump Band NOFX Tells Vegas Audience ‘At Least It Was Country Fans’ Killed in Oct. Shooting
  78. May 24, 2018: Anti-Trump forces threaten lawmakers’ lives in name of #Resistance
  79. May 23, 2018: Tomi Lahren has water thrown at her at Minnesota restaurant
  80. May 22, 2018: Trump supporter suspended from school over border wall t-shirt.
  81. May 21, 2018: 14 threats reported against EPA chief Scott Pruitt.
  82. May 18, 2018: Gunman shot at Trump golf club
  83. May 16, 2018: CNN’s Chris Cillizza puts Trump in crosshairs.
  84. May 14, 2018: Black man in MAGA hat harassed, threatened, called “nigger” at Cheesecake Factory.
  85. May 12, 2018: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace asks “How do you resist the temptation to run up and wring [Sarah Sanders’] neck?”
  86. May 4, 2018: Chula Vista school mural depicts severed, speared Trump head
  87. May 2, 2018: San Antonio elected official threatens to poison Republicans’ food
  88. April 23, 2018: Trump supporter shouted out of bar in New York.
  89. April 8, 2018: David Crosby celebrates fatal Trump Tower fire: ‘oh boy … burn baby burn’
  90. April 7, 2018: Mental Health Expert who hates POTUS cheers Fire at Trump Tower-Jeffrey Guterman
  91. April 6, 2018: During Ellen appearance, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) “jokes” about killing Trump, Pence, Sessions on elevator.
  92. April 5, 2018: Orange Park, FL Trump supporter spends two hours in surgery after attack
  93. April 4, 2018: Councilwoman accused of yelling obscenities at teen wearing Trump shirt
  94. April 3, 2018: Woman brutally attacked in restaurant over support for Trump.
  95. April 1, 2018: Trump golf course sign vandalized.
  96. May 22, 2018: CNN guest on Trump: “If you’re going to shoot him, you have to shoot to kill.”
  97. March 19, 2018: Democratic Congressman Hints at Armed Rebellion Against Trump
  98. March 19, 2018: Trump supporters attacked for protesting anti-police coffee shop.
  99. March 16, 2018: Capitol police arrest male democrat operative over assault of Trump official
  100. March 15, 2018: Student with ‘Trump’ flag assaulted by mob during National School Walkout
  101. March 8, 2018: Female Trump supporter assaulted while staging Oscars boycott in LA
  102. March 4, 2018: WATCH: MSNBC Joy Reid Panel Hopes Conservatives ‘Die Off’
  103. February 27, 2018: Trump supporter threatened with knife.
  104. February 23, 2018: Spanish teachers have students hit Trump piñata in Laguna Hills
  105. February 22, 2018: Guardian, HuffPost Contributor Karen Geier: ‘Hopefully’ Kim Jong Un ‘Can Drop a Bomb on CPAC’
  106. February 21, 2018: CNN audience shouts “murderer” at Dana Loesch
  107. February 21, 2018: CNN publicly smears elderly Trump supporter as Russian plant, death threats follow
  108. February 8, 2018: Northeastern University wishes death on Trump during lecture
  109. February 8, 2018: Journalist calls for profs to drown conservative students
  110. February 7, 2018: Democrat attested for sending white powder to Donald Trump Jr.
  111. February 6, 2017: 6th grader wearing Trump hat attacked on school bus, suspended
  112. February 2, 2018: CNN Writer Thanks God for Fatal GOP Train Wreck
  113. January 31, 2018: Party thrown to hurl stuff at television image of Trump.
  114. January 29, 2018: Saginaw, MI businessman’s Trump sign vandalized.
  115. January 22, 2018: AntiFa calls for “riot porn” against Trump supporter Tom, Brady
  116. December 20, 2017: AntiFa terrorists assault Trump supporter outside bookstore
  117. December 18, 2017: Eminem song ‘Framed’ plots assassination of Ivanka Trump
  118. December 9, 2017: Students wearing MAGA hats booted from ‘safe space’ coffee shop
  119. December 3, 2017: Trump supporter’ home and vehicle vandalized for second time.
  120. November 27, 2017: Singer Morrissey: I would kill Trump ‘for the safety of humanity’
  121. November 22, 2017: Trump-hater snatches, steals student’s MAGA hat.
  122. November 22, 2017: Man mistaken for Trump supporter attacked
  123. November 20, 2017: University of IL instructor assault Trump supporters
  124. November 13, 2017: Trump supporter assaulted for wearing MAGA hat.
  125. November 12, 2017: Blaire White attacked for wearing MAGA hat
  126. October 26, 2017: SF Gate columnist says death threats against EPA chief Scott Pruitt make sense
  127. October 24, 2017: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: Trump Administration Does ‘Not Appear to Be Human Beings’
  128. October 19, 2017: Left-wing thugs arrested for disrupting College Republican meeting, shouting “fascists,” “racists” and “white supremacists”
  129. September 28, 2017: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos heckled as “white supremacist” during speech.
  130. September 26, 2017: Professor Doubles Down on Tweet Saying ‘Trump Must Hang’
  131. September 17, 2017: Trump supporter physically assault in Roosevelt High School gym.
  132. September 15, 2017: CNN host “jokes” about killing Trump with hemlock in his food.
  133. September 10, 2017: Portland police arrest seven in latest antifa violence aimed at Patriot Prayer
  134. September 4, 2017: Georgia Teacher Kicks Out Students Over “Neo-Nazi” MAGA Shirt
  135. August 28, 2017: Car with Trump bumper sticker vandalized in San Francisco.
  136. August 28, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists attack peaceful Trump supporters at Berkeley.
  137. August 28, 2017: GOP headquarters in Fayetteville, KY vandalized. “Die Nazi Scum” spray painted on windows.
  138. August 24, 2017:  PA AntiFa Cell Calls for Violence Against Police, All-out Revolutio
  139. August 24, 2017: Black Trump supporter spit at for wearing MAGA hat.
  140. August 23, 2017: Black Trump supporter sucker punched in Laguna Beach.
  141. August 23, 2017: Black Trump supporter punched multiple times while leaving Trump’s Arizona rally
  142. August 19, 2017: WATCH: Older Woman Holding American Flag Hit, Dragged in Boston
  143. August 18. 2017: Top Missouri Democrat calls for Trump to be “assassinated.”
  144. August 17, 2017: ‘Nazis’ spray painted on New Hampshire GOP headquarters
  145. August 16, 2017: Anti-Donald Trump campaigner ‘shoots Republican neighbour twice in the head’
  146. August 14, 2017: After Branding Trump a Fascist, Never Trumper Calls for Lynching of Fascists
  147. August 14, 2017: Conservative student attacked for “YAF” hat at vigil for Charlottesville victims.
  148. July 31, 2017: Women’s studies professor wants Trump shot
  149. July 25, 2017: Fox News commenter soaked with water
  150. July 19, 2017: Rosie O’Donnell sparks outrage with Trump-killing game
  151. July 7, 2017: Student threatened for supporting Trump.
  152. July 7, 2017: Man attacked for wearing MAGA hat in New York bar.
  153. July 5, 2017: CNN threatens to expose Trump supporter to online mob over parody video.
  154. July 3, 2017: Philadelphia Trump supporter jumped by three men after rallies
  155. June 28, 2018: Co-Chair of Women for Trump Receives Death Threats After CNN Appearance
  156. June 22, 2017: Rep. Jason Chaffetz Death Threat: ‘Prepare for the Battle, Motherf***er’
  157. June 22, 2017: Ohio Man Charged With Threatening GOP Congressman
  158. June 22, 2017: WATCH – Pulitzer-Winning Novelist Michael Chabon Expresses ‘Hope’ that Trump Has ‘Massive Stroke
  159. June 22, 2017: Actor Johnny Depp “jokes” about assassinating Trump.
  160. June 20, 2018: Manhunt Underway For Central Pa. Man Accused Of Threatening To Kill President Trump, Other Officials
  161. June 19, 2017: University of Georgia Socialist Group Under Police Investigation After Calling for Beheading Republican
  162. June 17, 2017: Dem Strategist James Devine Launches Hashtag #HuntRepublicanCongressmen After Steve Scalise Shooting
  163. June 17, 2017: Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO) reports five death threats to Capitol Police
  164. June 15, 2017: Powder-Filled Letters With Threatening Notes Shut Down Georgia Republican’s Neighborhood
  165. June 15, 2017: Several shots fired at truck flying ‘Make America Great Again’ flag on I-465 in Indiana
  166. June 14, 2017: HuffPo publishes article calling for “execution” of Trump.
  167. June 14, 2017: Republican receives threat after shooting, warning “one down, 216 to go…”
  168. June 14, 2017: Bernie Sanders supporter opens fire on a group of Republican congressman. Rep. Steve Scalise is shot and nearly dies.
  169. June 12, 2017: Wire creator David Simon calls on mobs to pick up a “brick” if Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller.
  170. June 10, 2017: Trump supporter beaten with ‘Queers for Muslims’ sign in Seattle.
  171. June 10, 2017: Left-wing terrorists with AntiFa hurl urine at woman protesting against Sharia
  172. June 7, 2017: HuffPo: ‘Inherent Value’ and ‘Logic’ in Violence Against Trump Supporters
  173. June 7, 2017: Veteran’s wife violently beaten for voting for Trump
  174. June 6, 2017: “Trump” is stabbed to death in front of cheering audience in Central Park
  175. June 3, 2017: Anti-Trump band decapitates Trump statue on stage
  176. May 30, 2017: Kathy Griffin beheads Trump.
  177. May 10, 2017: VA Republican Congressman and His Family Receive Death Threats
  178. May 21, 2017: Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL.) office vandalized, staff threatened
  179. May 19, 2017: Man arrested for multiple acts of anti-Trump vandalism.
  180. May 15, 2017: Tucson school district employee arrested over threats to U.S. Rep. Martha McSally
  181. May 13, 2017: Woman attempts to drive GOP congressman off road over health-care vote, police say
  183. May 10, 2017: Police investigate death threats Rep. Tom Garrett received prior to town hall
  184. May 8, 2017: TN Woman Arrested for Trying to Run GOP Congressman’s Car Off Road
  185. May 4, 2017: Leaked Screenshots Reveal BuzzFeed Director Wishing for Trump Assassination
  186. April 29, 2016: WATCH: Women, Children, Elderly Trump Supporters Pepper Sprayed in CA
  187. April 27, 2017: Oregon Parade Canceled Due to Violent Threats By ‘Anti-Fascists’ Against Republican Participants
  188. April 23, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa arrested for assault in DC.
  189. April 20, 2017: University of Alaska is displaying a painting of a decapitated Trump in its gallery
  190. April 19. 2017: MSNBC ‘Counter-Terrorism Analyst’ Calls for ISIS Bombing of Trump Property
  191. April 16, 2016: Man assaulted for carrying Trump sign
  192. April 15, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists start riot in Berkeley.
  193. April 15, 2017: Left-wing terrorists with AntiFa assault Trump supporter with bike lock.
  194. April 14, 2017: Two arrested for burning Trump sign in Maryland
  195. April 13, 2018: Tourist in NY mugged at knifepoint while wearing MAGA hat — attackers wouldn’t give hat back
  196. April 3, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists disrupt pro-Trump rally in Vancouver
  197. March 27, 2017: Pro-Trump march organizer pepper-sprayed by protester
  198. March 20, 2017: Violent kids hit Trump supporter in face with skateboard
  199. March 19, 2017: MAGA hat wearer kicked out of bar
  200. March 19, 2017: ‘Murder Trump ASAP’ graffiti found on freeway wall in San Diego
  201. March 17, 2017: ‘Making History’ Star Adam Pally Says He Wants To ‘Kill Trump’
  202. March 16, 2017: Rapper Bow Wow threatens to “pimp” first lady Melania
  203. March 15, 2017: University of Michigan student detained after damaging Trump supporter’s flag
  204. March 16, 2017: Pro-Trump Michael Savage assaulted.
  205. March 14, 2017: Young Trump supporters harassed online as Nazis
  206. March 12, 2017: Snoop Dogg “shoots” Trump in the head.
  207. March 9, 2017: Florida man punched in face after road rage incident sparked by Trump bumper sticker
  208. March 7, 2017: Hillary VP pick and Sen. Tim Kaine’s (D-VA) son arrested for hurling smoke bomb in the Minnesota Capitol rotund
  209. March 7, 2017: CNN points what looks like a sniper scope at the Oval Office.
  210. March 6, 2017: Berkeley man arrested for destroying College Republican sign
  211. March 5, 2017: Leftist rioters crash peaceful pro-Trump rally with tasers
  212. March 4, 2017: Left-wing rioters attack peaceful pro-Trump rally at Berkeley
  213. March 1, 2017: Trump supporter’s car vandalized in Oregon
  214. February 26, 2017: Trump supporter’s house egged three times in New York
  215. February 26, 2017: Female Trump supporter assaulted in Hollywood
  216. February 25, 2017: Ohio man assaulted by anti-Trump mob
  218. February 27, 2017: Flier in North Carolina calls on mobs to assault Trump supporters
  219. February 22, 2017: Tires slashed at Congressman’s town hall meeting in Mariposa
  220. February 17, 2017: Professor tweets ‘Trump must hang,’ gets paid leave:
  221. February 16, 2017: Kansas City man with AR-15 taunts Trump supporter, rips down Trump flag
  222. February 15, 2017: Hateful messages found on Trump supporter’s historic Denver home
  223. February 15, 2017: Mob knocks district director for Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA) unconscious
  224. February 14, 2017: Stephen Colbert puts White House adviser Stephen Miller’s head on a pike.
  225. February 13, 2017: Black Trump supporter’s home vandalized with “KKK’ spray paint – hoax hate crime
  226. February 11, 2017: University of Central Florida Club Incites Young Kids To “Kill Donald Trump”
  227. February 10, 2017: Black Lives Matter bully threatens to smash woman’s laptop over Trump sticker.
  228. February 10, 2017: Trump supporter assaulted in Berkeley as police do nothing
  229. February 10, 2017: Protesters block Education secretary Betsy DeVos from entering school.
  230. February 9, 2017: Man arrested for attacking Trump supporter in California
  231. February 9, 2017: AntiFa middle school teacher Yvette Felarca arrested for starting riot in Berkeley
  232. February 8, 2017: Police investigating multiple incidents of anti-Trump graffiti in North Carolina.
  233. February 8, 2017: CSUF instructor suspended for striking pro-Trump student
  234. February 7, 2018: Trump supporters’ home vandalized in Oceanside CA
  235. February 7, 2017: Girl in MAGA hat pepper sprayed
  236. February 5, 2017: Rapper Big Sean Threatens to Kill Donald Trump in New Freestyle
  237. February 4, 2017: School suspends victim after he is beaten for wearing MAGA
  238. February 3, 2017: More than 12,000 tweets have called for Trump’s assassination since the inauguration
  239. February 2, 2017: Comedienne Sarah Silverman calls on military to overthrow Trump.
  240. February 2, 2017: Ex-Obama Official Rosa Brooks Suggests ‘Military Coup’ Against Trump
  241. February 2, 2017: Arrests at NYU after left-wing thugs disrupt conservative speaker
  242. February 2, 2017: Trump supporter attacked in street in Berkeley
  243. February 1, 2017: Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson Hints at Trump Assassination
  244. February 1, 2017: Left-wing terrorist group AntiFa assaults Trump supporters at Berkeley.
  245. January 31, 2017: Portland Trump Supporter Beaten Unconscious After Being Hit by Airport Protesters
  246. January 31, 2017: Former VP candidate, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), calls on Democrats to “fight in the streets” against Trump.
  247. January 29, 2017: Times Journo Calls for Assassination of President Trump
  248. January 26, 2017: Texas Teacher Pretends to Shoot Trump in Class
  249. January 24, 2017: Gold Star family members say they were assaulted during inaugural ball festivities
  250. January 24, 2017: Woman harassed, spit on by anti-Trump protesters
  251. January 23, 2017: WATCH woman harass Trump supporter on flight
  252. January 23, 2017: Protesters Throw Water at Trump Inaugural Ball Attendees
  253. January 22, 2017: Frank Luntz Recounts Hotel Assault by Trump Inauguration Protester
  254. January 22, 2017: Trump supporter Scott Baio was roughed up by protesters in DC
  255. January 21, 2017: Madonna fantasizes about blowing up the White House.
  256. January 21, 2017: Video: Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera Egged by Liberal Protesters at Inaugural Ball
  257. January 20, 2017: Trump Supporter Suckerpunched at Deploraball by Left-wing AntiFa Terrorists
  258. January 20, 2017: Reporter falsely accuses 10-year-old Barron Trump of killing 100 small animals
  259. January 20, 2017: Comedian Limmy tells Donald Trump assassination joke
  260. January 20, 2017: Anti-Trump protester lights Trump supporter’s hair on fire.
  261. January 20, 2017: Trump supporter says she feels ‘hurt’ after being spit on, called racist
  262. January 20, 2017: Left-wing terrorist group Antifa riots over Trump’s inauguration.
  263. January 19, 2017: CNN fantasizes about Obama staying in power if Trump is assassinated.
  264. January 17, 2017: German journalist: Assassination of Trump would end ‘tragedy’
  265. January 5, 2017: Left-wing thugs kidnap, beat, and torture an 18-year-old with schizophrenia while shouting “fuck Trump” and “fuck white people.”
  266. December 29, 2016: Charlie Sheen Wishes Death Upon Trump
  267. December 22, 2016: Ivanka Trump harassed on JetBlue flight by college professor
  268. December 15, 2016: Cornell College Republicans president assaulted, called ‘racist bitch’
  269. December 14, 2016: Politico reporter accuses Trump of incest.
  270. December 10, 2016: Orange Coast College prof calls Trump election “act of terrorism,” “we are in Civil War times”
  271. November 30, 2016: CBS Boston Freelancer Tweets that  ‘Trump Died Sleeping’ calms him.
  272. November 26, 2016: Anti-Trump thugs vandalize jeep, American flag
  273. November 19, 2016: Texas High School Students Perform Trump ‘Assassination’ Skit
  274. November 18, 2016: Actor Michael Shannon: Time for Trump voters to die
  275. November 16, 2016: PacketSled CEO resigns after threatening to kill Trump
  276. November 16, 2016: Man gunned down outside bar after he joked about voting for Trump
  277. November 16, 2016: Left-wing thugs assault 15-year-old Trump supporter.
  278. November 15, 2016: Boston Man assaulted outside bar
  279. November 14, 2016: Toronto Student Wants Trump To Be Assassinated
  280. November 14, 2016: Avengers director Joss Whedon says Trump “CANNOT” be allowed to serve out his term in office.
  281. November 14, 2016: Film Director Paul Schrader Calls for Violence to Protest Against Trump
  282. November 12, 2016: 2 Men Attack Trump Supporter in Meriden, CT
  283. November 12, 2016: Man in MAGA hat attacked by New York subway rider.
  285. November 11, 2016: BLM Anti-Bullying Activist Arrested for Assaulting 74 Year-Old Trump Supporter
  286. November 11, 2016: Mother emotionally abuses child for “voting” for Trump.
  287. November 10, 2016: Telegraph’s columnist Monisha Rajesh expressed a desire that Donald Trump be assassinated in a tweet
  288. November 10, 2016: Student Trump supporter attacked at Woodside High School
  289. November 10, 2016: Anti-Trump Protester Calls For Death and Violence on CNN
  290. November 10, 2016: Trump Supporter Beaten in Chicago Street, Recorded on Video
  291. November 10, 2016: ‘People Have to Die’: Anti-Trump Protester Calls For Violence on CNN
  292. November 10, 2016: Orange Is the New Black star Lea DeLaria threatens “to pick up a baseball bat and take out every f*cking Republican and independent I see.”
  293. November 9, 2016: Stafford, TX student says he was attacked for supporting Trump in mock election
  294. November 9, 2016: Marilyn Manson “kills” Trump in music video.
  295. November 7, 2016: Trump volunteer assaulted, robbed for wearing MAGA hat
  296. November 6, 2016: Trump Supporter’s Truck Torched Because of Bumper Sticker
  297. November 3, 2016: LA Times reporter tweets: ‘I would rather see Donald Trump’s life end.’
  298. October 29, 2016: Homeless woman guarding Trump’s Walk of Fame star assaulted in Hollywood.
  299. October 28, 2016: Trump signs vandalized in Quincy, IL.
  300. October 28, 2016: Man Wanted for Stealing Donald Trump Cutout from Holbrook
  301. October 26, 2016: 3 Maine Women Face Theft Charges for Stealing Dozens of Trump Signs
  302. October 26, 2016: Trump’s Walk of Fame star vandalized.
  303. October 26, 2016: Man caught on camera trashing Trump yard sign in Jacksonville, FL
  304. October 25, 2016: Trump supporter Feras Jabro attacked at BLM protest for wearing Trump hat
  305. October 16, 2016: Left-wing terrorists firebomb GOP headquarters in North Carolina.
  306. October 16, 2016: 17 vehicles vandalized at Trump rally in Bangor, Maine.
  307. October 7, 2016: Robert De Niro says he wants to “punch” Trump in the face.
  308. October 3, 2016: Hillary supporters attack Trump-supporting woman and steal Trump signs in Hanford/Lemoore, CA area
  309. October 3, 2016: Trump billboard defaced with swastikas.
  310. September 18, 2016: Trump supporter beaten in El Cajon.
  311. August 27, 2017: Vandals deface Trump supporter’s lawn signs.
  312. August 20, 2016: Hillary Supporters Attack Old Woman Trump Supporter Minneapolis
  314. August 19, 2016: Left-wing thugs attack Trump’s motorcade and his supporters.
  315. August 18, 2016: 68-year-old Cancer Survivor Attacked at Garage Sale Over Support for Trump
  316. August 10, 2016: Suspects Caught On Camera Stealing Trump Signs From Front Lawns In Hillsdale, NJ
  317. August 9, 2016: Man’s Trump T-shirt sparked crowbar attack, cops say
  318. August 6, 2016: Massachusetts woman vandalizes Trump sign, tries to run down owner.
  319. July 31, 2016: WATCH: Clinton Supporter Lights Flag On Fire, Attacks Trump Supporter
  320. July 1, 2016: Black Teenage Trump supporter in Atlanta receives death threats For Supporting Trump
  321. June 23, 2016: Camera captures woman ripping Donald Trump flag off New Jersey porch
  322. June 18, 2016: Man attempts to assassinate Trump.
  323. June 18, 2016: Female Trump supporters harassed, refused service at restaurant
  324. June 2, 2016: Left-wing thugs violently attack Trump supporters. One women was surrounded by a mob and pelted with raw eggs.
  325. May 25, 2016: Brad Thor on Glenn Beck: ‘If Congress Won’t Remove’ Trump from White House, ‘What Patriot Will Step Up’
  326. May 8, 2016: Trump Supporter Christopher Conway Attacked By AntiFa terrorists
  327. April 7, 2016: Actor Mickey Rourke challenges Donald Trump to a fight – with a baseball bat
  328. April 6, 2016: RI: Vandals Key Coventry Man’s Car Bearing Trump Bumper Sticker
  329. March 21, 2016: Man’s homemade Trump billboard vandalized and destroyed in Michigan.
  330. March 19, 2016: Florida Man shatters door at Donald Trump Jacksonville headquarters
  331. March 18, 2016: Trump stickers’ vandalized, Republican students harassed at Saint Mary’s College
  332. March 18, 2016: Donald Trump supporter’s billboard burned in Egg Harbor Township
  333. March 17, 2016: Woman records herself running over Trump signs in NC
  334. March 17, 2016: Trump campaign signs stolen from a Naples home, home vandalized
  335. March 17, 2016: Violent protesters attack Trump supporters in Chicago.
  336. March 15, 2016: Vandals deface  Trump signs in Dayton Ohio.
  337. March 14, 2016: 70 Year-Old Virginia Trump Supporter Faces Threats, Harassment, and has Home Vandalized
  338. March 14, 2016: Vandals target Trump supporters in College Park. “Fuck Trump … Nazi scum”
  339. March 14, 2016: CNN treats man who tried to tackle Trump as folk hero.
  340. March 12, 2016: Man tries to tackle Trump at campaign rally.
  341. March 11, 2016: Riots After Trump Chicago Rally Cancelled. Police Officer Attacked by Anti-Trump Protesters. Blocking Ambulance.
  342. March 9, 2016: Trump billboard removed due to repeated vandalism in West Town IL.
  343. March 8, 2016: 3 arrested for pulling gun on Trump supporter
  344. March 1, 2016: Former Daily Show contributor Larry Wilmore “jokes” about killing Trump.
  345. February 29, 2016:  FL: Trump Volunteers Brutally Assaulted & Body Slammed While Campaigning
  346. February 24, 2016: NYT columnist Ross Douthat “jokes” about assassination attempt on Trump
  347. January 26, 2016:  Protesters Threw Two Tomatoes at Donald Trump at a Rally in Iowa City
  348. January 25, 2016: NH: Trump Supporter’s Large Sign Vandalized with Graffiti Islamic Symbol
  349. January 9, 2016:  Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters in Mass. vandalized
  350. January 5, 2016:  Jewish Trump support’s Trump sign vandalized with Nazi images
  351. November 19, 2015: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activist Calls for Donald Trump’s Assassination
  352. September 1, 2015: Texas teen says Donald Trump is the reason he was attacked at bus stop

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