Paul: What hysterical Leftists fail to note

Senator Rand Paul

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul revealed October 10 that media largely ignored a key detail from the attempted mass murder of Republican lawmakers last year at a baseball field.

On Fox News’ “FOX & Friends,” Paul condemned the violent rhetoric of the political Left and the Democratic Party warning someone is going to end up killed if inflammatory rhetoric doesn’t stop.

“I was there at the ball field when Rep. Steven Scalise almost died from a very, very angry violent man who was incited really by rhetoric on the left,” Paul said. 

Senator Rand Paul

“And this hasn’t been reported enough, when he came on the field with a semi-automatic weapon firing probably close to 200 shots at us, shooting five people and almost killing Steve Scalise, he was yelling ‘this is for healthcare!” Paul said. “He also had a list of conservative legislators, Republicans, in his pocket that he was willing to kill.”

“So what happens is that when Democrats say ‘get up in their face,’ they need to realize that there are a lot of unstable people out there,” Paul continued.

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