Self-Supremacy and the Oklahoma GOP

David Arnett, Oklahoma Pundit and Patriot

Opinion: The name alone communicates the issue.

This weekend self-supremacy will be on full display at the Tulsa County Republican Convention and it is with great joy I find myself attending  and voting without an agenda beyond Constitutional governance. I can be then, as former-mayor Kathy Taylor Lobeck once noticed I greatly enjoy; an equal opportunity aggravator.

Self-supremacy as defined by Stella Morabito recently in The Federalist “describes an out-of-control craving for personal power.” Craving, control and power may be different in angle or degree, but for 33 years I have seen it Left, Right, Republican, Democrat and Libertarian in Oklahoma and nationally.

To be even more revealing; I observed self-supremacy as a child, but could not categorize it beyond absolute control with an extreme demand for attention. It was odd as an accouterment to the narrative of your own life, but that did sensitize to those locked in self-supremacy.

One such character pitifully preening for attention and election this Saturday at the County Convention established a group declared to be “non-partisan.” She continually claims non-partisan even in partisan (official party) meetings, but God knows she has no brain. The old term is hubris or extreme pride with great arrogance. She once organized a statewide initiative petition, but did not follow advice on the petition wording which, when presented to the State Supreme Court, was laughed out of court – thus humiliating all who worked on the effort. Yet this, she believes, qualifies her for increased visibility and leadership – a current case of self-supremacy running for election this Saturday.

Morabito writes: The terms self-supremacy and self-supremacist capture the intent and the ultimate agenda of power elites. Self-supremacists are, quite simply, control freaks. They have an insatiable appetite for power, and act on it. If they could, they’d gobble up the entire public square for themselves, and make sure nobody else is heard without their permission.  

They view independent thought as problematic and the First Amendment as nothing but an impediment to their power. They are in the business of silencing others, usually through smears. And here’s the kicker: they’ll accuse you of doing exactly what they intend to do to you. As a mental condition, self-supremacy is like a classic case of psychological projection.

Everything the self-supremacist pursues, including political power, social status, excessive wealth, a dominant voice in the media, and “progressive” social policy agendas, is dedicated to advancing one goal: personal control over others’ lives. That’s why they invariably support the growth of big government and the Mass State. How else to control others? While their agendas grow their personal power, they diminish others’ happiness and self-reliance. It’s a sick game, but it’s been going on from time immemorial. 

Just as socialists fear that a happy person might exist somewhere, self-supremacists also fear the existence of a person who doesn’t validate their vision of the world in which the self-supremacist reigns supreme. 

A twice nationally awarded First Amendment Advocate, of course I rub self-supremacist the wrong way every day. With my background, I question authority and demand proof of truth.

Once briefly the political director of the OKGOP

One bat-poop crazy politician from Tulsa County repeatedly positioned himself to the right of the right. You may remember the name; Randy Brogdon who after repeatedly failing miserably to win public office statewide, came to be elected within the Oklahoma Republican Party as chairman several years ago. Other shameful details aside, Brogdon hired as political director a portly thug-looking tattooed and bearded Libertarian with a then recent domestic violence conviction. That didn’t go over so well with women elected to the Oklahoma Legislature. As controversy grew, Brogdon defended his friend even as a national political gathering neared.

Randy Brogdon, former Chair – resigned, OKGOP

You can see Randy Brogdon’s reaction in a video and read the story of his brief tenure in the “Book on Brogdon” by clicking this link. I asked him a question about the issue. For humor, I said, do we explain the political director’s appearance to national party leaders as him channeling Duck Dynasty or ZZ Top? There were chuckles around the room, but Brogdon went ballistic to the point of asserting on video that I had something to fear from his temper.

I do not fear evil. My faith in God and Country will not waiver even when I question what justice may remain in the so-called justice systems of our county, state or nation. I will stand for what I believe is true and just and right and against corruption at any level.

My first death threat came before I graduated high school soon after I spoke to the Tulsa Board of Education in support of racial integration in Tulsa Public Schools. It was not the last threat.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Tulsa’s Obama loving bundling billionaire George Kaiser is quoted praising the Oklahoma GOP for “cleansing their ranks of the most extreme views of limited government,” adding that “ideology is giving way, to some degree, to pragmatism.”

Dear George, who the heck do you think did that?

I have been insulted, cursed, and physically attacked by extremists both left and right.

For being outspoken and “controversial” this site has been limited by search engines, slandered by self-supremacists and abandoned by some advertisers – gratefully supported by others.

The good news is that I will maintain Tulsa Today and may grow it to print or broadcast. I have taken employment in the private sector profitable enough to support my journalism addiction. I will employ free thinkers. I will fund freedom of speech and support the Rule of Law equally applied regardless of race, religion or national origin – so help me God.

The best news is that I will attend the Republican Party of Tulsa County Convention Saturday without a dog in the fight. This could be fun.

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