America’s sad day impacts locally

MAGA Protest (photo: LA Times)

Updated Editorial: Enemies of America have Tulsa Today on their media email list. They have been promoting revolution and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution daily for many months. Yesterday the release said, “On January 6, decent people must take a stand and say, Trump Lost! Fascists Get Out!” (Note: Agitators can easily buy identifiable gear for any cause.)

There is a peaceful transition of power historically in America, but that is not what America’s domestic enemies promote. They advocated revolution before the November vote and immediate removal by force after. That this fact has not been reported by other media is a curse upon the craft of journalism. That the Republican Party at the state and national level did not prevent voter fraud during the 2020 election when they knew it was likely is, further, inexcusable stupidity or cowardliness.

Various state officials violated their own State Constitutions to facilitate fraud aided and abetted by minor courts with major egos. This is criminal. Social media blocked the New York Post story of criminality by Joe Biden and family which should never happen and is also election manipulation.

A national writer in a recent piece dismissively opined that Tip O’Neal’s quote, “All politics is local” is a cliché, but the truth is apparently well recognized by Leftist who have bankrolled district attorney races in select metropolitan areas (New York, Los Angeles, and St Louis as examples) to advance chaos by prosecuting law abiding citizens and reducing consequences of crime.

For 25 years, this writer and publisher of Tulsa Today (the oldest independent online local news service in the world) has advocated local reporting without gaining much traction in our community or notice nationally. A decade ago, a local critic on an outside forum wrote that he enjoyed our writing but disagreed with warnings of Marxism taking hold in America. I wish I had saved that post and muse on what the same critic would say today. The organization BLM self-identifies as Marxist and they have a hold on debate.

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Apparently, academia is so infected with Leftist politics that they no longer recognize individual Liberty and Freedom can only be protected by limiting government. All top-down government – from dictatorship to communism – eventually brings slavery as seen today in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – Capitalist Lebron’s Nikes notwithstanding.

Both Left and Right can agree the justice system is broken. We can hope there are other topics of agreement reasoned honorable people can discuss and resolve, but if courts treat the powerful with deference and common folk with disdain – if elections are not proven valid – if pandemic lockdowns do not apply equally – then American governance has issues.

According to broadcast videos, when uniformed security opened the barriers protecting the U.S. Capital yesterday; the first flag carried through the breach was the State Flag of Oklahoma. To us… it was heartbreaking. Oklahoma holds a highly diverse population wide-ranging in belief, but storming any public building is not a way to fix anything nor would most Oklahomans do such a thing.

America is a Republic. If you want to change national government, first fix state government and, in elections, county government. As Joseph Stalin reportedly said, “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” After speaking with a Tulsa Jewish Men’s Club years ago one attendee declared with absolute conviction that his mother took the call from Stalin to her Soviet Satellite country instructing party officials (she was one) that henceforth, they were not to call themselves communists, but “progressives.”

In America, progressives declare they want to “progress” beyond Constitutional limitations of government for the laudable but impossible goal of creating a socialist utopia from the top down. The Left is skilled at changing the meaning of terms in debate, but they have never resolved the repeated failures of centralized economic planning. Free enterprise has lifted more people out of poverty than any government program in any nation since time began.

The email from what is identified in this story as “enemies of America” names itself “Refuse Fascism” and, true to Leftist form, they are THE fascists (or Bolsheviks) they warn about. This email offers interviews with Andy Zee, host of the Revolution Nothing Less (RNL) Show; co-initiator of, Sunsara Taylor co-initiator of Refuse Fascism, also a co-host of RNL, and Carl Dix, a co-initiator of Refuse Fascism and a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, among others. UPDATE: After publication of this story, Tulsa Today was removed from the Refuse Fascism email list. We miss them, but apparently they prefer only subservient media outlets. Ta-Ta and here is the “tinker’s damn” of our concern.

As Tulsa Today begins our Silver Anniversary; readers can expect changes.  We thrived during the Obama Administration, so we are not intimidated by a corrupt empty suit with obvious cognitive issues. We expect to explore if Oklahoma Democrats got what they voted for as a Biden Administration governs. Some OK Democrats in regular touch believe Leftists within their party want Joe Biden gone as quickly as possible so Kamala Harris may expand the Fascist revolution with greater speed. As Democrat Populist Huey Long is credited with saying, “If Fascism ever comes to America, it will do so in the guise of Anti-Fascism.”

There is no doubt that we will never give up or concede injustice in our community. Granted, we have been somewhat reserved (for us) in national coverage over the last few years, but we did cover the Biden crime family last year in January 27, 2020 click here for that story.

We are currently surveying locally owned business to find answers to the following questions:

  1. How has local and state government worked for you in 2020?
  2. Who spoke for your business interests and concerns in local and state policy debates during the year?
  3. What sources of local and state information do you trust?

If you would like to weigh in on those topics, email or use our contact page to reach us or comment at the end of any story.

David Arnett

About the author: Publisher David Arnett won two national awards as a First Amendment Advocate. He worked as a city reporter for the former Tulsa Tribune and as paid contributor to several local, regional and national newspapers.

Arnett published community papers in the 80s, but operates (est. 1996) to provide a platform for diverse local news and opinion. He was a local call-in radio talk show host for a year and currently provides communication consulting for select clients.

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