Inaugural Insurrection

Editorial: It is impossible for an honest, rational, modestly attentive human to believe Joe Biden was legitimately elected President of the United States of America. Antifa even held riots the night of the inaugural with obscene chanting opposition to make that point. Video Update: On the other side, Sen. Rand Paul notes Constitutional concerns.

Setting aside hundreds of specific sworn affidavits of election fraud; in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin the changes made by “non-legislative actors” in election rules governing absentee ballots violated the U.S. Constitution and “cumulatively preclude knowing who legitimately won the 2020 election and threaten to cloud all future elections.

Never-the-less, President Biden holds office as Elitist Officials (both parties), propagandists in Legacy Media and Hollywood, Big Tech/Social Media, and Corporate Giants give him cover – still attacking former-President Donald J. Trump. The effort hides a fundamental truth that the National Democratic Party is a fractured collection of disputing interests likely to war with itself.

Throughout the Tulsa Metro area on January 20, Tulsa Today documented private flags flying upside down, a signal of extreme distress. This was not an organized effort, but a heartfelt grief over failure of government.

Local Conservatives are now evaluating participation as the Republican Party begins the process to elect leadership from the precinct up.

Former-President Trump’s policies work for working people, but globalists (less than one percent, but disproportionate in influence) hate his economic, domestic and foreign policy success which even a worldwide biological attack by the Chinese Communist Party could not stop legally. Criminals always hate those NOT corrupt and “on the take.” It makes them feel bad when others demonstrate morals.

For the next two years, America is a one party government as Democrats control without significant restraint the White House, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. In mid-term elections we will again adjust national leadership and Democrats already worry. That is why they continue hysterical attacks on Trump Supporters – like a child who hits their sibling then blames the sibling – in adults, it is sometimes called insanity.

Republicans are hopeful, but greatly disappointed in the cowardly Supreme Court abandoning justice as did some national Republicans elected locally. Credible efforts have begun to replace select current office holders. Tulsa Today will be writing more on those races soon in member only posts. You may become a member by clicking here. Your support of local critical thinking is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Tulsa Today was one of the first to suggest agitators rather than patriots stormed the Capital under cover of the MAGA rally January 6, but consider that while there was obvious breaking and entering, trespass, and unruly behavior – the Capital is the people’s building. No priceless art on any wall was despoiled, no fires started and no statues torn down. This was not an insurrection as local radio station KRMG (Cox) screamed every half hour ad nauseum for days.

Leftists violent riots protest Biden

The insurrection is ongoing by Marxists and Communists in major cities controlled by Democrat Leftists. The regular events were called “peaceful protests” by major media. President Trump was blamed, but much of media are explicitly silent now.

Questions for readers: Should patriots boycott Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin? What about Arizona? (Many are long done with California.) Should we sell our property and move our businesses located in those states? Should we ignore their sports teams, entertainment and plan vacations elsewhere? Given the unconstitutional fraudulent Federal votes within, if they do not fix their local election boards; should they be boycotted until they do? They stole our legitimate votes by their fraud.

Your opinions are welcome below.

David Arnett

About the author: Publisher David Arnett won two national awards as a First Amendment Advocate. He worked as a city reporter for the former Tulsa Tribune and as paid contributor to several local, regional and national newspapers.

Arnett published community papers in the 80s, but operates (est. 1996) to provide a platform for diverse local news and opinion. He was a local call-in radio talk show host for a year and currently provides communication consulting for select clients.

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