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  1. Kathy McDonald

    I had so much respect for Ree Drummond and her family all these years watching her make money from the Food Network which has added to the wealth they received from the Osage tribe. When they sell most of their Ranch, will all this money be returned to the Osage community or will they just keep it like their family always has. Very, very sad for the wealth you live off of from the death and deceitfulness towards our native americans.

  2. Gina Griffith

    I am very distressed that Langford would go along with allowing ILLEGAL people, that are not vetted, into our country. I know Vietnamese people who are in Oklahoma LEGAL, and they take offense, & are extremely disappointed to this action!

  3. Judy

    I wore a mask during the pandemic anytime I entered any kind of a building, whether it was a grocery store or somebody else’s house. I was vaccinated the 2 times, a month apart, originally, and then received a booster 6 months later. I don’t think I ever got Covid. But, after that booster, I started to suspect that I might be getting a blood clot in my leg. I went on low-dose aspirin and refused any subsequent Covid boosters.

    After the pandemic was supposedly over, I gradually began to enter some buildings without a mask. Then a few days later, I would hear in the news that a new strain of Covid was making the rounds. So, I went back to wearing a mask into buildings…and I still do don my mask practically every time. (Every once in a while I forget to wear it, but I try really hard to not let that happen again. My neighbor behind me died of Covid a couple of years ago come January. She was only 9 yrs. my senior. I’m 64.). I have actually been healthier since Covid came along than I had been in several years. And, I attribute that to wearing the mask. No, I don’t particularly like wearing the mask—but, I certainly do enjoy not being sick!!!

  4. Synister Syxx

    Somebody really needs to investigate the Washington county jail. I’m hearing information of innocent until proven guilty citizens that have been in jail for months still waiting on there first court appearance. Don’t we have a right to a fair and speedy trial. Not sure anymore because there are lots of individuals in lock up who are not getting it.

  5. Wj

    Drummond received tribal funding. How can he objective regarding the conflicts between tribes and Governor Stitt? Stitt is doing a great job though.

    Regarding tribal confiscation like what happened in SA – the 2nd A will prevent that.

  6. JoAnna Ware

    Gentner Drummond has my approval.
    I believe this article shows a smarmy bias against our AG.
    He in an Oklahoman that I believe is doing the best for all of us in our state. Compared to what we currently have in other offices, he is a breath of fresh, truthful, air. We would have been much better off having him as governor.

  7. Jason Lowry

    This has been going on for years. The OSBI are not going to do anything about it. Ok there is a story about it, that don’t mean anything unless something is done about it. But I’m afraid it will be buried and forgotten just like everything in this town.

  8. Disgusted Dale

    That’s Anthem Blanchard the fraudster, dressed in drag funny cause its a transman that dress back as a woman.

    Cindy French mouth the skank from Dewey high married this boi toy Anthem Blanchard and now the two of them Cynthia Blanchard and Anthem Blanchard run the price tower featuring Tranny Tuesdays.

    Tranny talks at the price tower grooming children.

  9. JD Public

    Thank you Councilor Miller! You have support out here, even in the districts of some of those you’re fighting. We’re trying to get rid of our leftist rep Bellis. She does not represent her constituents well, instead choosing to follow the left leaning crowd.

  10. Darren Ritz

    I have tried several times to contact silver creek apartments in Tulsa,ok I can never get them to answer there phone I have been by there twice to try and look at an apartment but I have been told both times that they had to let some one move into there model and they have nothing they could show me so I guess your not in the business of renting apartments

  11. Leigh Romanello

    Except for Mr. Miller we need to get rid of some of these counselors who have been around for some time.
    Thanks, Tulsatoday for telling the truth that the World is too afraid to write.

  12. David McCaw

    Thanks for actually giving a shit, and looking into the corruption, look into Claremore police and their harrassment of innocent poor people that keep people tied up in the system

  13. Jim Mazzei

    The fascinating thing about all of this big data decision making about individuals is they’re wrong as often as they’re right. Netflix is a great example. Having people who do not know you make decisions about what you should be eating, drinking, wearing, etc., has got to be concerning when you think seriously about it.

  14. Barewithu

    Re “Archbishop Vigano continued. “…For too long citizens and faithful have passively suffered the decisions of their political and religious leaders in the face of the evidence of their betrayal.””

    It’s the typical language of lies, painting the public and the “faithful” as helpless victims.

    The fact that evil people have always ruled is only ONE part of the equation. The pack of leading criminals do not operate in a vacuum. There are 2 destructive human pink elephants in the room and they are MARRIED — study “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”… https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html . The criminals in powers are in those positions and do what they do ONLY because of the activities of “good” and “faithful” people.

    Isn’t it about time for anyone to wake up to the ULTIMATE DEPTH of the human rabbit hole — rather than remain blissfully willfully ignorant in a narcissistic fantasy land and play victim like a little child?

    “Never hide the truth to spare the feelings of the ignorant.” — Mikhail Bulgakov

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity.

    And if anyone does NOT acknowledge, recognize, and face (either wittingly or unwittingly) the WHOLE truth THEY are helping to prevent this from happening. And so they are “part of the problem” and not part of the solution.

    “… normal and healthy discontent .. is being termed extremist.” — Martin Luther King, Jr, 1929-1968, Civil Rights Activist

  15. LeAnn Pollard

    My question is why would any parent allow their children to attend a gay pride event. If the children in attendance belong to the promoters, they should be taken away from them, but they probably see horrible things at home anyway. Disgusting.

  16. Mike C

    The fearmongering is rampent on this one,yes sir yes sir. Play the “its for the chillrins” sob story

  17. Cynthia Louise Rogers

    This is a great idea. TIF allows for debt financing and should get all the due diligence that bonds get, including approval of tax payers. Is the project likely to increase net activity and property taxes? This is tricky to answer. Generally estimates of project impacts look at gross (not net) revenues and assume all activity in the TIF is net new. This is a big error.

  18. Mark Furnas

    Great article, Jim. Markham gave me one of my favorite memories. Jimmy, Rusty Miller and I had been playing a trio at Smoke on Cherry St. And one night told us he’d be late so he could see Garrison Keeler at BOK. When he got to the gig he had Elvin Bishop and his harmonica player in tow. I got to play three songs with them and they bowed out to get on their bus. Thank you, Jimmy. We miss you.

  19. Felix

    Friends who are parents of a student at Edmond Memorial sent me this message Monday, December 19th:

    The Edmond superintendent just released a video about this. The transgender student was dismissed for fighting and not using the restroom that matched his birth gender.

  20. Winslow is CROOKED

    I had an adoption case. It was clear cut dad was in maximum security prison mother was dead. Dads parenta dead moms alive. This judge winslow made sure that grandma spent my WHOLE COLLEGE FUND “adopting” me. She was awarded custodial guardianship untill i reached 18. This man made THOUSANDS off of me when i was only 12. Grandma wouldnt listen when i told her to stop dad cant legally take me but she didnt listen and judge winslow lined his pockets. This was back in 2002.

  21. Kathy-Ann Becker

    Justice for Gertrude Blakely is a long time coming. Her grandchildren deserve to be heard at last. The adults who benefited at the expense of Gertrude’s grandchildren finally must explain their actions.

  22. Summer

    This will continue to be a problem. No gender neutral bathrooms! It’s absolutely ridiculous! Be better Edmond.

  23. James

    Homosexuality and Associated or similar behaviors should simply be made illegal in the state of Oklahoma as it once was. Any acts of that sort in public will become a felony again if we have any sense in this state.

  24. admin Post author

    Thanks Linda for writing. That is why the first word in the piece says, “Opinion” and the writer appreciates your opinion that the opinion is the most opinionated you have read in a “long, long time.” You are very kind.

  25. Linda

    This is the most opinionated article I’ve seen in a long, long time. I sounds more like something put out by a press agent than an actual unbiased report.

  26. Mike Wilkins

    Stitt should be showing the ugly mug shot of Hoffmeister when she was arrested 4 years ago under suspicion of her collaborating with ….you guess it, dark money interests. Also , point out something that she refused to do – point out that she is now a Democrat.

    Stitt will win but it is far closer than it should be against this phony.

  27. Editor Post author

    Trail of Blood From the COVID Jabs
    Epoch News also has this:

    Two doctors claim they’ve discovered a way to test for spike protein in human tissue, and they’ve found spike protein in individuals who were injured or died from the shots.

    * Abnormal blood clotting was one of the first mysterious health effects to emerge in the COVID pandemic, first, as an effect of the natural infection, and later, as a side effect of the COVID jabs. By mid-March 2021, 20 countries had suspended the use of AstraZeneca’s COVID shot, either in full or in part, following reports of deadly blood clots
    * In December 2021, a team of international scientists detailed the mechanism behind the AstraZeneca jab’s propensity to trigger blood clots. The shell of the vector — a weakened chimpanzee cold virus — in some people acts like a magnet and attracts platelets. Your body mistakes these platelets as a threat and produces antibodies to fight them, resulting in dangerous blood clots
    * Israeli researchers have also linked the Pfizer jab with a rare blood clotting disorder
    * A Swedish study found two doses of the COVID jab were 43% protective against Omicron infection at week 4. By week 14, protection had dropped to zero. Effectiveness against COVID-related hospitalization remained around 80% until week 25, but dropped to 40% by week 40. Using one statistical analysis method, COVID jabbed Swedes had a higher risk of death or hospitalization from COVID roughly a year after receiving their second dose
    * A recent case report links the COVID shots to lethal myocarditis (heart inflammation) and encephalitis (brain inflammation)
    Click here for more: https://www.theepochtimes.com/health/the-trail-of-blood-from-the-covid-jabs_4790946.html?utm_source=Health&src_src=Health&utm_campaign=health-2022-10-18&src_cmp=health-2022-10-18&utm_medium=email&est=zToi0I4pJ2m75TEYg3%2BehIILYLcTVM47iRCDh0BquCkf5Jew0pVsKhBUOpslcZEX

  28. Strike Hard

    The Republicans are seriously underestimating the number of women who want sole control of their reproductive rights. Even the wives of church deacons will be silently voting for Joy in the privacy of the ballot box! In this election, women will rule.

  29. Cindy Erickson

    I don’t do polls but I will vote for Joy because she is the best candidate in this race not because of political party.

  30. judith boudreaux

    i think one reason human trafficking is not a priority with the public, anywhere in this country, is we do not SEE it…it is hidden in darkness….slavery in our nation’s past was not hidden, it was open to all to see and it was not just in the southern states. abolishing slavery was a plus for human decency…..what we have now is big money behind human trafficking and the kids are the most innocent victims caught up in this nightmare……if, when discovered, news of this kind needs to be front page,,,with detailed descriptions of how the event happened and the results of a ring being discovered….all on the front page. the morals of our country are in the toilet…and it’s been a long time coming….media has played a huge part in this corruption of our society….little by little and see where we are now? anything goes…the audience is used to it and even some shout more more………pray we right the ship

  31. Elizabeth Perry

    I first thought that this was an article about Stitt! After all, he still won’t sign the anti corruption pledge. And, he ran a corrupt Mortgage Company that several states will not allow in their state again! Do some research on Gateway Mortgages! Also, his family is too good to live in the Governor’s mansion even after more than 2 million dollars of tax payers dollars were spent on it! I understand that we have a new HVAC, electrical system, plumbing, roof, windows and a all new kitchen! He said that there was mold! Do you think that after all that work not one contractor noticed that!?

  32. Mike Wallens

    Why do people want to teach racism in schools? CRT is exactly that and the continuance of it’s spread will further increase racial hatred in this society.

  33. Lee Taylor

    It should be no more years for Stitt, a governor who despite being an enrolled member of th Cherokee nation, has managed to alienate the tribes.
    He’s shown an inability to manage by his selection of the Oklahoma’s education commissioner, a man who has worked to undermine public education in the state.
    Most egregiously he has misspent federal Covid19 funds while refusing to sign an anti corruption pledge signed by all the others running in Oklahoma.

  34. David Brown

    This was a Dumb rant. This idiot can’t give 1 example of anyone teaching critical race theory in Oklahoma. Just a lot of hot air.

  35. admin Post author

    Statement from Alliance for Secure Energy Executive Director Jeff Cloud

    I’m troubled by AERO’s blatant misrepresentation of Oklahoma as having the highest electricity rates in our region. This is simply untrue. Reports released by the Public Utility Commission of Texas clearly show that Texas’ deregulated prices are continuing to climb at a dramatically higher rate than Oklahoma’s when comparing 2021 rates to 2022 rates. While Oklahoma electricity prices are at 10.87 cents, Texas is seeing prices between 20 and 30 cents, and some service areas are seeing as much as 150% increase.

    It’s important to note that the data in the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) report contains information from ALL reporting sellers of electricity: government-owned electric systems, cooperatives, and investor-owned utilities – both regulated and unregulated. With so many different types of reporting entities sending in their prices, the data does not show how the prices of Oklahoma utilities subject to OCC regulation compare to prices paid by Texas customers subject to the AERO model.

    AERO’s proposal would have an extremely detrimental impact on residential electric rates in Oklahoma. AERO has already indicated that the proposed legislation they plan to bring to state leaders in 2023 will not address residential rates at all. Instead, AERO will suggest that customer choice should be limited to only certain commercial and industrial customers and that residential customers should remain regulated. We know, however, that utilities simply cannot deregulate one or two customer segments. If that were to occur, costs could shift to residential customers causing residential rates to skyrocket. It would be inappropriate and inequitable for marketers to cherry pick the largest, most profitable, customers and leave smaller customers holding the bag for the fixed costs of operating and maintaining the vertically integrated utility system.

    This negative financial and operational impact on consumers is why it has been nearly 20 years since any state has decided to deregulate its electricity system. Our regulated model has served Oklahoma utility customers well for more than 100 years, allowing us to avoid the uncertain and unmanageable risks of electric deregulation.

  36. Bart Torbert

    I grew up in Tulsa, but now live in northwest Nebraska. I would like to get in contact with the person managing this event. I think that repeating this event in Rapid City, South Dakota would be a success and would help raise funds for Native oriented projects in the region.

  37. Jim Mazzei

    This issue is important but it’s far less significant than the tax and regulation issue. If the state is denied Native American taxes it might as well give way to 39 states governed by the principal chiefs of the 39 resident tribes.

  38. Jim

    Having great teachers is important but not nearly as important as having involved parents. As a former Parent-Teacher Association president I found that the vast majority of under performing students had parents who didn’t care, weren’t around and/or couldn’t be bothered to get involved. That’s even the case with single parent families. Parents for whom son/daughter success is a priority generally find ways to monitor and influence the kids’ progress.

  39. Mike Duncan

    Total loser-she has never received more than 10% of the vote in every election that she has been a candidate.
    Trump supporter in California won’t cut it!

  40. Les Buttram

    The state needs to share that with the citizens of the state of Oklahoma in the form of stimulus payments like other States are doing.

  41. G.J. Grimes

    My family comes from South Dakota and this politician is full of it. She thinks she is so smart. South Dakota is a state with a tiny population and only 2 representatives in Congress. The population is aging and, of course, rural folks tend to vote Republican. Free markets – give me a break! The federal government has been subsidizing South Dakota farmers for decades. My grandmother was paid by the government to plow her crops under to artificially raise what, corn, and soybean prices.

  42. Sylvia

    This administration is the worst. Never witnessed so many terrible decisions being made. Never witnessed such incompetent people . They have disgraced this country. Immigration problems. Vac mandates for Americans but illegals running amok and being sent everywhere. Infection carriers ? Criminals and yes poor innocent people but where is the orderly system ? Inflation, gas prices. Pipelines shut down. Money thrown at people instead of teaching them work skills . This administration is a mess.

  43. Michelle Baymiller

    This is so wrong you are wrong children SHOULD be Vaccinated against all diseases especially Covid shame on you

  44. Jim Gilles

    Perhaps you forgot to mention that Larry Elder is an ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump, frequently praising him on Twitter. He was an early supporter of Trump’s 2016 candidacy for president. In 2019, speaking to an audience about the election of Trump, Elder said, “It was a miracle. He is almost God-sent.” After Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election and Donald Trump made false claims of fraud while refusing to concede, Elder said that he did not believe that Biden won the 2020 election fairly. Elder has argued that it is unfair to blame Trump for the January 2021 attack on the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob. n his 2000 book, The Ten Things You Can’t Say In America, Elder laid out a 10-point plan to “save America”. He called for abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, creating a national sales tax, reducing government by 80%, ending welfare and entitlements, abolishing the minimum wage, and eliminating corporate taxes. PolitiFact rated his claim “Mostly False.” Elder has contended that “Women know less than men about political issues, economics, and current events” in reference to the results from a political study from the University of Pennsylvania; Elder argued the Democratic party was often successful with women because of their “emotionally driven, but often unsound policies.” stated that women who took part in the 2017 Women’s March were obese and unattractive; scoffed at premenstrual syndrome by saying PMS stands for “Punish My Spouse”,”endorsing pregnancy discrimination by employers; and claimed that statistics about domestic violence against women are exaggerated to promote feminism. Elder contends that employers should be allowed to discriminate in employment against women who plan to have children, and in his 2002 book he wrote that women who choose to have children are not “dedicated” to their jobs and suggested that they lacked a “commitment” to work. Elder reiterated these views in 2021, while he ran for governor, after fellow Republican candidate Kevin Faulconer criticized Elder’s views. Elder opposes abortion, calling it “murder.” He has argued that Roe v. Wade should be overturned, calling the decision “one of the worst decisions that the Supreme Court ever handed down. Elder has a history of making anti-LGBT remarks on Twitter. He has repeatedly used male pronouns when referring to transgender women, such as Playboy model Ines Rau and fellow gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner, Elder’s website once described climate change as a “myth”; in a 2008 interview, he called climate change a “crock,” disparaged Republicans such as John McCain and George W. Bush, who acknowledged climate change, and said that global warming is not a “big peril” to planet Earth. In 2021, Elder pledged to remove current statewide public health mandates for state government workers in California, such as COVID-19 vaccine requirements, face mask requirements, or regular COVID-19 testing. Elder encouraged “people in high-risk categories, people who are older” to be vaccinated but said that “young people” do not need to be vaccinated. Elder defines himself as “an American who is Black”, rather than as an “African American”. He called systemic racism a lie, and blamed Black Lives Matter for rising crime. Elder’s former fiancée, Alexandra Datig, accused him of abuse. Datig, a longtime former radio producer for Elder, was engaged to Elder from 2013 until 2015. Datig said that Elder had demanded she show devotion by having “Larry’s Girl” tattooed on herself and, during an argument, brandished a gun in a threatening manner. After Datig’s allegations became public, The Sacramento Bee editorial board and fellow candidates Kevin Faulconer and Caitlyn Jenner called for Elder to withdraw from the race. Elder has denied Datig’s accusations. Elder said that he had twice been accused of sexual harassment, denying both allegations. In one case, Elder defended himself by implying that the woman was too unattractive for him to sexually harass, saying, “If you had seen her, you would know that the picture would be a complete defense. I’m just saying.” Perhaps Larry Elder might do better in Missouri or Oklahoma, but we really don’t need this crackpot running California. Is he interested in Asian-Americans? Of course, not. Get a grip on reality!

  45. Steve Narisi

    I’m trying to reach Tracy Crain concerning the Sweet Sweet Connie story. Would you happen to have her email or would you pass along my email to her?

  46. Jim Mazzei

    Good article. Gives a lot more context than what was reported on Fox News or written in The Washington Times.

  47. Alexandra

    Thank you for these articles. They educate and inform me (in detail) what’s going on in Oklahoma.

  48. admin Post author

    The comments below are typical of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) positions. Thanks for providing them. However, Hong Kong and Mr. Keiji Fukuda are both under CCP control, a totalitarian government that kills scientists individually and practices genocide against ethnic minorities and researches ways to kill by bio-weapons at the Wuhan China lab. This China Virus or CCP Virus, if you prefer, has been identified by multiple national intelligence agencies as a weapon of mass murder and not natural. The virus is literally racist – not the criticism or investigations of it.

  49. norah

    Yan Li Meng’s research experience of COVID-19 has been rejected by her mentor Mr. Keiji Fukuda, Dean of the Hong Kong University School of Public Health, and declared that Yan’s comments were rumors. Yan Li meng, Guo Wengui, and Bannon’s conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 were also exposed by the New York Times. But the rumor that “the epidemic came from Asia” spread widely in American like a virus, causing misunderstandings of the Asian-American community in white American society.

  50. Alexandra

    I think I’ve read about this man before.
    Let’s see… haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood…humm?
    Oh wait ….I remember now, he is described in proverbs as one of the things God deems detestable.
    Yeah…I nailed it

  51. Staff Post author

    Former Rep. Trey Gowdy in this book “Doesn’t Hurt to Ask” illustrates the reader comment below when he wrote, “Almost everything in politics now requires proof beyond any doubt for our critics and little, if any proof for our supporters.”

  52. Linda

    This distorted polemic does not serve the reader. It is misleading and not fact checked. What happened at the capitol involved planned lawlessness to stop our democratic process. These perpetrators must be arrested and given a full fair trial. Hundreds of trials to demonstrate the power of our justice system must be heard.

  53. Linda

    The suspicions are of ONE SCIENTIST. Please look at what independent molecular and genetic labs have to say after they have examined COVID-19. A year ago in March several research students, Chinese nationals were stopped and arrested exiting USA enrout to China transporting vials from the Harvard university lab where they were doing viral studies. These research students have disappeared. All of our precautions in the medical lab are only as good as the practitioners practicing infection control methods. Yes lab accidents do happen. It is interesting how quickly the vaccine was developed to help us protect ourselves from COVID-19 and it is to the credit of the Wuhan Chinese lab which released the full genome of COVID-19 to research labs to enable them to produce an efficacious COVID-19 vaccine.

  54. Pam J

    I have remained suspicious about the reported origin. I do believe it was a deliberate act of bio warfare. Interesting comment about possible Russian influence. Thnx for sharing.

  55. Timothy Matulin

    You are dealing with 2 communist countries, China and Russia. Russia was not happy with China being Americas largest trading partner. So, did Russia plant the virus on China knowing China would spread it and take the blame ? Or, did the Chinese Communist Party, ( who are all about saving face) , was very unhappy with US administration not only shutting down their spy agencies ( posing) as companies in the US. But the Chinese Communist Party was very unhappy with the President mocking China, and suggesting to the whole world that America was forcing China into Trade deals they didn’t like. Did this lead the Chinese Communist into secretly attacking the US with the virus, using our worldwide airline system to spread the disease globally??? Who will ever know the real truth ?

  56. Jerry Camp

    Good job…wonderful treatise on a president who, I firmly believe, will be treated better by history than he was by his contemporaries.

  57. admin Post author

    She Lund,
    There are several ways to help. First if you live in a state where the vote is suspect, contact your local Republican Party and volunteer. Second, regardless of where you live you can donate here: https://secure.winred.com/tmagac/election-defense-fund-cond?btn=amt4&facet=245ae02d259a02bb3a46f0faf85f33242177a9be&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ET_16&utm_campaign=20201108_84271_2020-election-defense-keep-going-rs4-hs_trumptrumptrump_tmagac&utm_content=gop_direct-ask_image_contribute_main_mrcx4_dn and, most importantly, pray that those in authority will act with honor to provide transparency, honesty, and truth as these issues are decided in court.

  58. She Lund

    How do we demand a vote audit? I’ve seen forms going around the internet, but am not trusting where these come from…or go to.

  59. Caryn Bague

    I’ve been biting my tongue, figuratively, to keep from making comments to my Democrat friends who are glibly rejoicing over Biden’s “victory”. And seething inside as they comment that Trump should just concede and walk away.

    These same people have only persecuted Donald Trump since his name was placed on a ballot. They have never accepted him as President. They have never acknowledged any good thing, but hoot and holler over any miniscule “lie” they perceive based on the clipped video or out-of-context quote made in the media. I understand their perception that the outsider should not have been in office, but I don’t accept the concept that he is evil. In my experience, politicians (which Trump has never been one) tell you to your face what they’ll do for you, but very rarely actually complete the promise, and sometimes cause a totally opposite thing to happen.

    And yet the Democrat, liberal, left-leaning people wanted to have a politician who in 47 years has not accomplished anything substantial. On C-SPAN yesterday, the question was asked of callers what accomplishment their candidate achieved. Many times I heard Biden supporters say, “He was the Vice President of the first black President.” How is that an accomplishment?

    I will do my best to stay level-headed about a Biden presidency. But I do hope there is some way the people who have hated Trump for 4 years will stop gloating. It is not very attractive.

  60. admin Post author

    Consider the reader comment below. This is what happens when Free Speech is under attack – insults, absent facts and hateful. Tulsa Today honors voices of different perspective for thoughtful debate, but not hatred.

  61. Gina A

    This is for the individual above in “comments” who are clearly out of touch with reality. BLM, Antifa, Abolitionists Revolutionary Movement et.al are all marxists whose agenda’s vary but have one common goal which is to transform this country into a marxist controlled state. Now, if you are to ignorant to see that I seriously don’t know what to say other then perhaps, “do some research.”

  62. michael

    Of course you have statistics but no sources. You’re just fear-mongering you scum.

  63. Valerie

    The problem with an independent or libertarian is they basically have a nil chance of winning the election. So any votes for one are a basically a wasted a vote that could have gone towards getting the current disaster in the white house out. I had friends in the last election that did that very thing all for naught.

  64. Ma morgan

    Hi, the new normal? Change, or at least in this case, adaptation is too much to be asked for? Erring to the side of caution, consideration for others, obviously part of the old normal? Really, slogans are a lefty problem bringing you down? What is MAGA?

  65. Irish19

    BLM and Antifa are domestic terrorist orgs founded and funded by George Soros with the blessings of Obama , the dems, academia , the Main Street media and Hollywood. Anyone who doesn’t see that are either supporters of terrorism or the democrat party. Take your pick. They are one in the same.

  66. admin Post author

    What you “get” is obviously twisted. Let’s wait for the BLM and Antifa investigations currently underway before claiming their sainthood. Further, editors remember their chants calling police “Pigs” and “fry them like bacon” on the streets of NYC. Finally, you attack us for lack of facts yet provide none. In summary, please for your own safety, remember that after every Marxist Revolution in history – the shock troops are lined up against the wall and shot so they will not be able to oppose the totalitarian evils they install. Study history more and gain a brain.

  67. T Scott Buxton

    no group on the right? please. i get that this a right wing website, but furthering propaganda like the ridiculous article re BLM and Antifa and this statement of lies can be very dangerous. how many “antifa” members have been arrested? how many proud boys or boogoloo bois have been? facts obviously aren’t this sites strong suit but it might be worth while to know the truth.

  68. Keyna Darling

    Enough is enough!!! If you are being paid to stand up for what you believe by some political group, SHAME ON YOU!!! One mans life is worth so much more than that. As for the people or persons who set these fake things up, GET REAL!!! ARE you really that cold and uncaring to do something like this? Come on people, where are all your values?

  69. Skip Steele

    Such Great news and so looking to getting a haircut or visiting my Dentist. However it is my understanding while the Governor has done his homework and made the call to open the state with guidelines the Mayor is sorely lacking. Very disturbing that the Mayor has not been keeping up with or communicating with the Governor. So now we all suffer because he is just now taking a look at data and consulting with this newly formed task force.

  70. admin Post author

    Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, issued the following statement today in response to the passing of Dr. Tom Coburn.

    “History will rank Dr. Coburn among Oklahoma’s greatest leaders. His unwavering adherence to principle, even in the face of intense political pressure, is why he will be remembered as a true statesman. At OCPA, we were blessed to have Dr. Coburn serve on our board, where his insight and leadership was invaluable. While all Oklahomans share in this loss today, Dr. Coburn’s legacy will live on in the countless lives he directly impacted, both as a doctor and a statesman, and the even larger number who remain inspired by his example. For those who ask if a conservative can remain true to his principles once in office, there will forever be an answer: Yes. Tom Coburn showed it could be done, and he blazed a path others can follow.”

    The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs is a free-market think tank.

  71. admin Post author

    WASHINGTON (March 28, 2020) AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) mourns the death of former United State Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK).

    “Tom Coburn became the foremost champion for the fight against AIDS in the US Congress,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AHF, the largest global AIDS organization currently caring for over 1.4 million people living with HIV/AIDS in 45 countries around the globe. “As a doctor, but most of all as a human being, Senator Coburn was deeply committed to universal access to treatment for HIV and AIDS. Millions have survived because of his leadership. We didn’t always agree, but we knew that he cared deeply. He will be sorely missed.”

  72. admin Post author

    We are so glad you wrote. This publication and those quoted in the story hope your gender confusion resolves in a positive way, but there is no such thing as trans. The scientific fact is that there are two genders: male and female. All else is behavior. Further, to begin by insulting the community shows the aggressive nature of your delusion. Tulsa has the third largest population of alternative lifestyle participants per capita of any city in the country and we live together in peace. We disagree, but no one protests the “Equity Center” (a full time enterprise) that flies your flag proudly and, in fact, most believe your fetish is your issue. Again, we hope you find peace but your opinion does not make truth false or rational discussion hateful. Finally, we will not surrender our “questioning” children to whatever trendy cultural indoctrination (or perversion as some call it) that may arise.

  73. Moon Aradottir

    I’ve been considering moving to Tulsa. I’m glad I came upon your article.
    As someone who is trans, it doesn’t matter which bathroom I go to, people give me looks & will harass me until they get their way. I’m sure you remember.

    I’m glad you’ve made a community of people that completely shuts people out of their true self & makes them bad for being alive. It sounds absolutely lovely!
    I’d like to mention that folks that de-transition are allowed to do that without feeling like they’ve made a mistake. I don’t know 1 person in the world who’s never once changed their mind & to look at that demographic of people as proof that the people that actually ARE trans all mistakes? That’s just statistically ignorant.

    I’m very open to hearing out controversial opinions & trying to see where people come from. However, you’re just trying to force your subjective opinion, based on YOUR experience, on people.

  74. Pelosi Personifies Dementia

    But the media is always truthful:
    News you can trust
    News you need to know
    News that matters (to us)
    (Only) three things you need to know
    Where (only select) Tulsa comes to talk
    Everything Tulsa means to you
    Open wide and believe our opinions

  75. admin Post author

    Google Punishes Whistleblowing Engineer with Administrative Leave

    The hive known as Google is quick to punish those who undermine its authority.

    Hours after Google engineer appeared with James O’Keefe in a Project Veritas video, he was put on administrative leave by his company. In the video, Coppola said that he believed that Google News and Google’s search engine algorithms were biased. He also claimed that CEO Sundar Pichai’s testimony to Congress in December 2018 was not “true.”


  76. John Sakelaris

    Thank you, Tulsa Today, for picking up this story.

    Some of the people in my in-law’s family were able to get out. Some did not.

    You can be sure that when the Turks got a treaty in 1923 legitimizing the slaughter they had done, various aspiring leaders in Germany, Italy, and Japan were paying attention.

    The Turks to this day celebrate this genocide as their “War of Independence” or “War of National Liberation.” And such outrageous terms even get picked up and repeated by members of our media and academic establishments. A real shame.

    Greeks usually refer to it as the Great Catastrophe.

  77. Elaine Wilkinson

    Did he ever get a driver’s license? I hope so because he keeps borrowing my mom’s car. He mooches. He takes advantage. I believe every one of the people who have filed protection orders against him, because I’ve seen for myself how he has TERRIBLE sense of boundaries. He crashed my dad’s funeral – he didn’t even know my dad. Filled his plate at the reception Twice & then filled a big box to take home with him before I kicked him out. Made me so mad! Who DOES that? He knows my sisters and I do not like or trust him – only reason to be there was free food – he seems to have problems wherever they have free food.

  78. Mark

    One of the greatest men to ever grace the NHL as a player or a coach, Pat Quinn was a beauty.

  79. Mike Dougherty

    Politicians promoting the Green New Deal need to realize that it starts with them first. What can they do? Install solar panels, install LED lighting, drive a high mileage car (not SUV), plant trees, and only fly commercial. Unless a politician does all these things, they are no more than a hypocrite.

  80. admin Post author

    “Roy Clark was one of the greatest ever. His spirit will never die. I loved him dearly and he will be missed.” – Dolly Parton

    “When I came to Nashville, Roy was one of my favorite stars. I loved the way he hosted the CMA’s and Hee Haw. It was always an honor to be on the same stage with him. I am already missing Roy’s big smile.” – Crystal Gayle

    “The Halsey family’s hearts are filled with gratitude for the many years (59) of friendship and business association. He was a rare combination of talent and generosity. Roy Clark brought a special kind of healing to the world. He will be missed by the multitudes. – Jim Halsey, friend and manager

    “My story is not unique. How many guitar players started with a Roy Clark guitar method book? How many guitars were sold to people wanting to play because of him? How many lives were made better because of his wit and joy? I’m one of so many.” – @BradPaisley

    “When the Nashville floods wiped out most of my guitars, Roy heard about it & showed up at a show and gave me one of his. This is who this man was. Constantly giving. I owe him so much. Go say hi to my Papaw for me Roy. You left the world a much better place. #royclark” – @BradPaisley

    “Roy Clark shaped my path. My Papaw introduced me to his music as a toddler. Every Saturday we’d watch Hee Haw. My first guitar book was a Roy Clark guitar method. I practiced his style, then practiced making his facial expressions. He was a hero. And so many have the same story.” – @BradPaisley

    “I remember Roy as a great musician and singer. But more than that, he was a great human being. Always laughing, always uplifting to those around him. Doing shows with Roy on Hee Haw was such a wonderful experience. There is a vacant spot in Nashville now that he is gone. RIP Roy Clark” – Lee Greenwood

    “Getting to REALLY know Roy Clark is one of highlights of my country career. I first met him on HEE HAW and the went on to do dozens of shows with him over the years. He was a good friend, we laughed a lot together and he loved Duke’s mayonnaise on his tomato sandwiches.” – T. Graham Brown

    “My first CMA memory is sitting on my living room floor watching Roy Clark tear it up. Sending my love and respect to him and his family for all he did. – KU” – @KeithUrban

    “Just got word that Roy Clark has passed. I’ve known him for 60 years and he was a fine musician and entertainer Rest In Peace Buddy, you will be remembered” – @CharlieDaniels

    “Roy, thank you for always spreading laughter, kindness, and positivity. We’ll keep it goin’ for ya!” – @Opry

    “Just heard Hee Haw Star / Super Picker #RoyClark just passed away. Saw him last when we filmed #CountrysFamilyReunion He was always so kind. Heaven gained another amazing addition to the Angel Band. Rest In Peace Roy” – @RhondaVincent13

    “I had the honor of playing with Roy Clark on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry and many times and on the television series Hee Haw. I looked up to Roy; he was the consummate entertainer. But the things I will remember most about Roy are his big, over-the-top, cheesy grin, and how, from the moment I met him, he made me feel like I had known him forever. Roy Clark was a good man… the real deal.” – Tim Atwood

    “Rest In Peace friend, brother, mentor …. Roy Clark …” – @OakRidgeBoys

    “Growing up watching #HeeHaw, I knew nobody could pick-&-grin like the great #RoyClark. And his #YesterdayWhenIWasYoung is one of the great songs of Country or any kind of music. A true legend. We will miss him. #RIP” – Terry Fator

    “Wonderful Roy Clark was a great talent & a kind & gentle man. We had so much fun singing & dancing together. My love goes out to his family & friends. #royclark #rip” – @TheMitziGaynor

    “We’re sorry to hear about the passing of Roy Clark. Roy Clark made best use of his incredible talent. He was both a showman and a virtuoso, with a love of music that beamed across air waves and into millions of living rooms, where families gathered to watch and listen.” – @countrymusichof

    “R.I.P. Roy Clark. Oh man so many memories growing up with him on hee haw. Another part of my childhood that made growing up the way I did awesome. Hee Haw, Johnny Carson, Paul Harvey among others are everywhere in my memory bank. He lived a long great life and I thank him. SALUTE” – @GitRDoneLarry

    “Roy Clark was a very sweet Man that loved Jesus and country music. Heaven just got a great picker! Can’t wait to see him do some pickin’ and grinnin’ on them heavenly hay bales.” – @GitRDoneLarry

    “Roy’s passing is overwhelming. It is truly the end of an era. Roy was Big Daddy for all of us. And for those of us who were blessed to know him as a friend and work with him, it hurts so deeply. He made so many of our careers possible. It offsets the deep anguish of his passing to know he is free from any suffering now and that his great talents are with us forever on the thousands of TV episodes, recordings and in our memories. His huge contribution to the music business and to so many of us personally is etched in our hearts forever. America loves Roy and we will all bless his memory, honor him and thank him forever. He was truly one of God’s good ones.” – Jana Jae

    “23 years ago, Roy Clark changed my life in an instant. It is hard to put it into words, but from the moment we first encountered each other, he knew me, believed in me and took it upon himself to give me great opportunities that otherwise would never have been possible. I can only be so grateful that I had a chance in my life to reconnect with him and tell him personally exactly what he had done for me all those years ago. The other great blessing is that I was given an opportunity to develop a meaningful friendship with this man over the last few years. It brings me great peace. I would play for him, and he would just smile and become so genuinely excited. Again, at just the right moment in my life, he became a great encourager. Roy has left a lasting impact on my life. For over 20 years I’ve been telling people the stories of how he changed my life…and I will never forget.” – Kyle Dillingham

    “Our deepest condolences to the family of Roy Clark. Country music has lost another giant – well-loved both for his unique talents and his generous, kind-hearted spirit.” – @OfficialRFDTV

    “My friend of 46 years is gone and I am heartbroken. He could make me laugh like no other and now he makes me cry. His music will live forever and now the angels in heaven are picking and grinning. I love you always dear friend.” – Misty Rowe

    “RIP Roy Clark, was an honor to pick and sing with you” – @raybensonaatw

  81. Marc Benno

    Markham was the Main Man at Fat Fanny’s. We had 3 or 4 guitar players a wall of Sound. At the Prelude on Monday nights Jimmy gave me my first gig in Hollywood. Every celebrity in town sat in and we had a hell of a following. If it wasn’t for Markham I would have never made it. After all, I was the only Texan among 20 Okies Thanks to all Marc Benno

  82. admin Post author

    From a new study noted in the Atlantic here: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/10/large-majorities-dislike-political-correctness/572581/
    If you look at what Americans have to say on issues such as immigration, the extent of white privilege, and the prevalence of sexual harassment, the authors argue, seven distinct clusters emerge: progressive activists, traditional liberals, passive liberals, the politically disengaged, moderates, traditional conservatives, and devoted conservatives.

    According to the report, 25 percent of Americans are traditional or devoted conservatives, and their views are far outside the American mainstream. Some 8 percent of Americans are progressive activists, and their views are even less typical. By contrast, the two-thirds of Americans who don’t belong to either extreme constitute an “exhausted majority.” Their members “share a sense of fatigue with our polarized national conversation, a willingness to be flexible in their political viewpoints, and a lack of voice in the national conversation.”

    Most members of the “exhausted majority,” and then some, dislike political correctness. Among the general population, a full 80 percent believe that “political correctness is a problem in our country.” Even young people are uncomfortable with it, including 74 percent ages 24 to 29, and 79 percent under age 24. On this particular issue, the “woke” are in a clear minority across all ages.

  83. admin Post author

    All employees in a free society work at the will of their employer subject to civil, union and civil service rules.
    Communist Countries can just go shoot bad employees, which is kind of funny given so many American government employees declare themselves communists, but I digress. No one in a free society should be entitled to anything more than equal opportunity. No one should expect equal outcome as all are different in talent, education and dedication – merit based employment – earn it each day or lose it is what most say.

  84. Caryn Bague

    I thought government employees were hired indefinitely and only chose to leave their jobs. What are the reasons they could be fired? And are there any who have been fired from any government level, city, state, or federal?

  85. Jack Sanstra

    What identification is required for a veteran to participate in the program and what are the requirements

  86. Glendene Geurin

    The only thing in addition to what I’ve already read, is what does he think about public education and will he see to it our teachers and staff are paid a fair wage in line with other stares?

  87. Tom Willis

    Well I’ve voted in every election I could since I returned from Viet Nam in 1970. At that time I was a registered Democrat because every relative I had lived through The Great Depression and blamed the Republican Party. After several election cycles I looked closely at what the party’s were supporting. At that point I changed my registration to Republican. So we arrive at the 2018 elections in our state I believe that both Republican candidates would make good Governors but if you like me believe that Oklahoma has the money now to pay Teachers a competitive wage, fund corrections, build roads, take care of our poor or disabled, take care of our veterans and old people please Vote as I am for Kevin Stitt .I still think the Swamp needs Drained both State and National ,we need a complete overhaul of both budgets and career politicians aren’t going to do it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it . Please vote what you believe in Aug the 28 and again on Nov 6th

  88. Brian Bobek

    Thank you for your endorsement of Kevin Stitt. Oklahoma needs a refresh and he is the one to lead that. Looking forward to more truth-filled editorials from Tulsa Today.

  89. Stewart Mayfield

    Mr Arnett
    Thank you for the very supportive editorial outlining your favoring Kevin Stitt for Governor!
    We too think our problems are so large that it will take a special person to tackle all our state’s problems, one at a time.
    Stewart Mayfield

  90. Jessica

    Yes! Kevin Stitt has a proven record of creating success and he is the right leader to change the path for Oklahoma! Way to go Tulsa Today!

  91. Kim Horton

    You said it perfectly!! It was a fantastic show with every song he sang. With his great tribute to Merle Haggard. No one walked away not happy with that great performance. Love to see all your pictures. Those are really great. Thanks for sharing.

  92. admin Post author

    Always good to hear from deluded social justice warriors. Did the communists get you riled up or are you just having an anti-opinion day?

  93. admin Post author

    Deal with it how often? We have published the story in detail here, the publisher has also done the same in print before we went online and it has been published elsewhere over and over and over again. There was a war. Black and White killed. Deal with that.

  94. stan

    Speaking of politically correct–forget the council’s effort to do away with Columnbus day. Let’s deal with the fact that many in Tulsa won’t acknowledge the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, which resulted in the city government’s wholesale murder of a town full of people of color.
    Deal with telling the truth about that….

  95. stan

    The article here ends with “The point here is to simply note Wes Studi….”

    Actually, it seems the point of this story–slant?–was to try to suggest that the audience of Hollywood people were somehow unpatriotic simply because no one spoke up and said they were a veteran when Wes asked. Fact is, there were people who were vets in the audience. None spoke when asked by Wes, because, quite frankly, few actually heard what he was saying and it’s doubtful they’d have been heard by television audiences if they had spoken out.

    And by the way–you don’t have to be a veteran to serve your country in a meaningful and passionate way. Many of the people in that Oscar audience have donated their time and money to our American military. I invite (dare?) the author of this sad excuse for unbaised “journalism” to educate himself and Google “Denzel Washington donates to military.” And he’s just one that I know has served in his own way.

    But there was a lot of patriotism going on onstage at the Oscars. Yes, it is patriotic to point out injustice, even–ESPECIALLY–when the injustice is going on at the White House.

  96. Jimmy Rogers

    Hey Kevin, I’m a simple man from Oklahoma that served his country for 6 years. My children are now grown, but my wife has been in education for 27 years. My question is, what’s your plans for changing the horrific issues that plague our state in educators leaving in droves? With your successes, I’m sure that your children are at private schools with security and all the bells and whistles. I am a friend of senator Michael Bergstrom, who taught many years at the school that my wife is an administrator. We need change swiftly, and I hope you can bring that to us. I will be willing to back you and support you in the northeast part of state. Look forward to your response.

  97. Mike

    Theft of private property by law enforcement when no charges are brought against the owners of the private property is still theft, no matter who is doing the steeling, it is totally wrong , and should be illegal . Until a guilty verdict against the property owner is obtained in a court of law the property should remain in the hands of the property owner.

  98. L. Nolan

    Black Pride – Inspirational
    Latino Pride – Inspirational
    Asian Pride – Inspirational
    Muslim Pride – Inspirational
    White Pride – Scumbag Racists!!

  99. admin Post author

    Olivia we could not agree more, but this is not the first story Tulsa Today has done on the crisis in Venezuela. Our mistake was not to include links to previous stories with this one so we thank you for reminding us we should do so. We will update the story with those.

  100. Mike Kelly

    Well said. If I had wanted a Democratic program implemented in Oklahoma, I would have voted for Democratic candidates. I see no reason to continue to work for or financially support, self called Republican candidates who do not support Republican principles. If the current leadership is so devoid of ideas and imagination that their only response to a crisis is to adopt Democratic programs, then Republicans definitely need new leadership. The actions of the Republicans, during this legislative session, is a grand example of why people are turned off of, and become cynical of, our government. Perhaps the Legislature should be sent back to 8th grade civics class for a lesson in representative government.

  101. Carrie Krapff

    I stand with Mr. McLain and the Tulsa County Republican Party. Enough is enough.

    Carrie Krapff
    Canadian County Republican Party

  102. admin Post author

    Ridiculous? History and even our cherished local history of native people abused and unknown by local officials – of course that is ridiculous. A city council so politically correct and a mayor puppet owned by wealthy Leftists (you guess which ones), that is way so ridiculous in Oklahoma. The council and mayor that can’t get highway lights on or fix the roads or fight crime or issue building permits without a library of regulations or turn illegals over to ICE now that is all ridiculous. Words don’t matter only worshiping at the alter of trendy theatre to distract the unwashed masses from real issues – that, my good reader, is truly ridiculous – beyond Hollywood, it’s mind-numbingly stupid.

  103. Chris

    Not that it’s even a big deal, but Columbus Day is a ridiculous holiday. Don’t be so sensitive.

  104. admin Post author

    On Fox & Friends Tuesday, leading forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner offered insight into the mindset of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock. To attempt to understand Paddock’s thinking, Welner suggests looking at the case of James Hodgkinson, a left-wing shooter who opened fire on multiple GOP lawmakers, including Rep. Steve Scalise, at a baseball field.

    “Well, if you want to understand the killer, the most important place to start is with the victims and what we can immediately see is that he had no relationship. A workplace mass shooter knows his victims. They want to destroy, annihilate the workplace. The family mass shooter, knows the family, wants to annihilate the family.

    “The criminal enterprise wants to kill for the gang. So, it’s a stranger mass homicide and a stranger mass homicide happens for one of two reasons. Either a person acting for a cause or a person acting because they want to transcend notoriety and kill as many people as possible — like a James Holmes. Here’s the thing — shooting for notoriety sake, and nothing more, is a young man’s crime and this is a 64-year-old with no dramatic mental illness, no major decline, someone who is intact.

    “I think if we want to understand what’s behind the crime, we should look at James Hodgkinson, the shooter of Congressman Scalise, because that crime itself was intended to be a spectacle and of much bigger scope. What he intended to do — Hodgkinson — was to not only kill all of those lawmakers, but in doing so we would have had to have special elections to replace all of them, and if it weren’t for the security people who intercepted him, you had all sorts of Congressmen and lawmakers in a dug out defenseless, who would have been mowed down. My point is, a spectacle, is designed to cause some derivative impact, or to instigate some cause discussion.

    Shooter James T. Hodgkinson was a Bernie Supporter and Trump hater.

  105. Scott Pendleton

    As someone who tested the waters for this race, I agree with Kevin that all the candidates are admirable. But we must choose one, and my choice is Kevin. He inspires confidence and has a track record to match.

  106. admin Post author

    crowdsondemand.com/political-services features this at the time of our review:
    Whether your organization is lobbying to move forward a healthcare, financial or other social initiative, we can organize rallies and get media attention for your causes and candidates. We also assist individuals, companies and political organizations with protests and picketing campaigns. We’ve protested governments, corporations and everything in between. We’ve achieved results on campaigns on everything from ending institutional discrimination in a religious organization to getting refunds and compensation for hundreds of homeowners who bought hazardous land from a real estate firm to forcing a patent trolling company to back down. Some of these campaigns are long and drawn out while others can be resolved quickly. Regardless, we endeavor to deliver campaigns that bring out the best qualities of our clients’ messages and to achieve tangible results.

  107. Ruthann

    I completely disagree with this article. Not everyone that takes opioids become addicted. Only a small percentage become addicts . With that logic no one should have alcohol because some become alcoholics . Opioids have been around a long time and if you have serious pain from an injury or cancer you need strong pain meds. It is becoming more difficult for people with medical conditions to get pain help. I am in my sixties and suffered 3 broken bones and experienced serious pain with barely enough medicine. Fifteen years ago I broke a bone and I had great pain relief and quit taking the meds when it quit hurting. Addicts will get drugs on the street and injured people with true pain will suffer sleepless nights because of our new war on opioids . Wait until you break a bone or have surgery and see if you are asking for something stronger that s Tylenol .

  108. KJ OBrien

    Shades of Orwell are haunting us today. I try to see the broad picture, looking both back and forward. But like the many who drive only watching through the windshield to the end of the hood on their car, the people who want to erase the past and diminish the future are headed for a wreck. To be safe and secure, you need to know all that’s going on around you.

  109. admin Post author

    Thanks for reading Terry. However, there is no collusion between Trump and the Russians – not one fact proven. On the other hand, Sec. Clinton approved the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium supply to Russia while Billy was earning a fortune speaking to the Russians (to say nothing of the corrupt Clinton Foundation). Tell George Soros we said hello and no thanks to open borders and totalitarian government – no one here drinks that Kool-Aid.

  110. Terry Miller

    wow! Comparing a gaff to collusion with an enemy. Obama did not have a history of helping Russia nor were there any rumors of Russia helping him out in his elections. He won the popular vote both times and the electoral college. Trump doesn’t want any investigations into his financial dealings with Russia and said so last night. Trump’s kids are involved but Obama’s never were. Obama passed legislation where Trump is still O for ALL his attempts. No President has ever been as unpopular as Trump. No one has ever had as many Russian connections on their staff and no one has ever used the Presidency to line their own pockets. Trump stands alone and will join the group of impeached Presidents.

  111. Karen OBrien

    You gotta give the “Lame Stream Media” their due in their talent to twist any information they stumble upon. I sometimes wish conservative representatives, both political and fourth estate, were more aggressive in presenting information they obtain in a similar manner. It would be interesting to see how twisted “the facts” would become as the left took their second bite.

  112. admin Post author

    The daily newspaper could not find any friends or members of the OK Republican Party to quote on David Brumbaugh’s passing, but found his frequent opponents gracious:

    “House Minority Leader Scott Inman, D-Del City, released a statement Saturday night saying, “David was a good man with a heart for Christ. While we didn’t agree on a variety of issues, he was always respectful and sincere in his beliefs and his dealings with my caucus and me.

    “Mike Neal, president and CEO of the Tulsa Regional Chamber, said in a statement that Brumbaugh’s death would be “felt deeply by all in our regional community.” He said Brumbaugh was “a caring and thoughtful leader” who “brought to the State Capitol the best qualities of public service.”

  113. admin Post author

    Dear Mr. Miller,
    What part of the First Amendment do you not understand? Do you have news or reasoned opinion you would submit for publication? If so, you are welcome to submit content by sending to editor@tulsatoday.com. We welcome news AND opinion here. More significantly, we will publish what we like while allowing contrary opinion which is more than Leftist dominated news provides.

    In particular, Joe Scarborough is a propagandist pretending to be a newsman as the case is well made in this article, but rather than challenge the facts – you attack and demand we “advise” so by what authority and by which standard and for what purpose should we advise you?

  114. Terry Miller

    How does this qualify as news? Opinion maybe, but news!!!???? Of the two articles I have seen from Tulsa Today, both have been overtly politically sided. Please advise. TD

  115. admin Post author

    Writer stands corrected and the correction has been made. Thank you MJ Hayden. The 2012 was apparently a illegal alien effort to disrupt music appreciation in Tulsa. This vicious plot has been defeated with your guidance and American Idiot status upgraded and now correctly dated. Thank you again.

  116. MJ Hayden

    “American Idiot” was released in 2004, during the Bush administration. The play was first staged in 2009. Where did 2012 come from?

  117. admin Post author

    Rush spoke yesterday on this story and others have covered the report, but D.C. ClothsLine writer Michael Snyder notes today: Never before have we seen a previous president and his team openly attempt to sabotage the next president, but that is precisely what is happening. Traditionally, most ex-presidents have chosen to move far away from Washington, but… http://www.dcclothesline.com/2017/03/03/valerie-jarrett-has-moved-into-obamas-anti-trump-command-center-to-aid-in-the-effort-to-sabotage-the-president/

  118. admin Post author

    Is it worth $1.50 a pack the writer asks? To the writer, of course it is. He doesn’t smoke. It is easy to tax the sin and habits of others. That is the great glory of sin taxes. Only those dang other people, those crass sinning folk, the dirty unwashed masses, the addicted underclass – you know them – the “other” than ruling class people of wisdom and foresight that use government to impose their will by force.

  119. admin Post author

    In answer to email: additional retail does not equate to economic development as more places to spend money does not mean more money will be spent. The Bynum/Taylor target of “new to market retail” is just competition for existing retail. This approach is disingenuous and unlikely to improve the regional or city economy.
    If they really wanted to create jobs, they would solicit manufacturing, processing and distribution companies currently being driven out of California by high taxes and inane regulation.

  120. Larry

    How sad to see such a talented and once hilarious person so negative. I sure hope my attitude is not as bad as his if and when I hit 90. Dean’s departure in 1956 sure took it’s toll.

  121. KJO

    I propose we start carrying “Matter More” signs. It would be interesting to see what the mainstream media would make of it.

  122. Rodney Lay

    I am honored to be included in this historical event. God bless Leon Russell and the Tulsa sound. A big Thank You to Larry and Jimmy for asking me to join this wonderful tribute to a man that did so much for the Tulsa music scene.

  123. Mary Nell

    There will never be anyone, ever, that can fill Leon’s shoes. As Elton John called him – “The Master” has left the building, but not our hearts….

  124. steve

    I spent an afternoon at your place next to the Church Studio back when Ambrose Campbell lived there in 1973.

  125. Robert Cox

    When Officer Shelby encountered the SUV abandoned, facing west in the east bound traffic lane of 36th Street North, engine running with the driver’s door open, she stopped in the west bound lane about 2 car lengths away from the back of the SUV. [Her exact time of arrival has not been shared with the public.] She did turn on her light bar, as can be seen from Officer Turnbough’s dash camera as he goes thru the Lewis Avenue intersection about 7:43 pm. He arrives at the scene and exits his vehicle joining along side Officer Shelby at 7:44 pm. Officer Turnbough began his response to Officer Shelby’s call for back up shortly before 7:43 pm. Another police vehicle with two officers arrived from the east and the officers ran past the front of Officer Turnbough’s vehicle at 7:44 pm. The first camera shot clear enough to show the positions of Officer Shelby and Mr. Crutcher was taken at 7:44 and 21/100ths seconds pm showing Officer Shelby near the right rear corner of her vehicle and Mr. Crutcher near the right front corner of her vehicle. At 7:44 an 22/100ths seconds it is clear that Mr. Crutcher’s hands are up and he is facing away from Officer Shelby. [Because she had called for back up and his hands were raised, it is reasonable to deduce that her gun was drawn and she was feeling threatened. From TPD and her lawyer’s statements to the press, she had arrived on the scene and checked out the front seat from the driver’s side before Mr. Crutcher came up from behind her, and it appears she had retreated to the protection of her vehicle.] When she first arrived at the scene, she had not noticed Mr. Crutcher. It would be helpful to know when and why she pulled her gun out of its holster. It could have been when she was checking out the vehicle — before she encountered Mr. Crutcher. It would be helpful to know how long after she encountered Mr. Crutcher she felt the need to call for back up and why. Being a police officer is a stressful occupation.

  126. KJ O

    Two lives are destroyed. The families, friends and neighbors of those two humans will never be the same.

    On Friday, September 16, 2016, there were at least two 911 calls about a vehicle stopped in the middle of a main Tulsa thoroughfare. One caller stated there was a man running away from the vehicle yelling that it was going to blow up. Another caller stated the driver-side door was open on a vehicle blocking traffic in both directions. Police officers were dispatched.

    A female police officer, responding to a previous dispatch, was apparently the first to come upon the vehicle blocking the road. Eventually several other police cars and the police helicopter arrived on the scene. Several of those vehicles had cameras which recorded what happened after they arrived.

    But what happened before the tape began to roll? Let’s go back to before the 911 calls.

    When I took drivers education, I was told that if I experienced problems with my car, I should pull to the right, as far off the road as possible. The videos verify the 911 calls that the vehicle was in the middle of the two-lane road. However they do not show doors open.

    It is my experience that when a police officer arrives on a disabled vehicle situation, they turn on their signal lights, and I understand that action causes the dash camera to start recording. Apparently the first-on-scene officer did not do that. No video from that cruiser has been seen by the public.

    Social media comments have tried both people in this situation, and negative conclusions have been drawn. But in truth, only those two people know what happened before the videos were made.

  127. Anne T

    Fans watch football to forget their daily lives. To bring mental anguish for any reason to the sport defeats the reprieve being sought by those who follow the sport. Fans must rebel against the politicizing of this cherished pastime. Boycott the 49er’s sponsors which include Levi Strauss, Niki, Citrix, United Airlines, SAP AG, New Era, MAC Cosmetics, GTM Sportswear, Australian Tan, and Club Sport until one person is not allowed to hijack our Sundays. One person has started all of this. Really? Let that sink in!!!!

  128. john okroi

    boycott the 49ers – maybe when That schmuck is about to get slammed his defenders should just sit down and say “I thought I heard the National Anthem playing” – lets see how he likes that

  129. Chuck luppy

    You have right to yor opinions, but I have rights too. Never to watch another 49ers game at all. I live on the east coast. I just told Comcast to cancell my NFL package which they did. Question for owners what if we started a boycott of the all game? There is one coming we can finish ourselfs. It’s our rights. Thanks QB.

  130. George

    I stopped watching football years ago it’s crap I got better things to do with my time then wasting it watching a bunch of preschool flunkies

  131. Becky

    Boycott! That’s the only way to get the message out to not to lose pride in our country, of course, it’s not perfect, but we are so lucky to live in this country. Fans take back the control. Boycott till he’s gone.

  132. Karen

    I complained about my medication not being monitored by the doctor I had, I felt I was being over medicated and started having issues because of it. When I began making phones calls and emails to the clinic administrator I got a call from one of the doctors, he said all they have for my thyroid condition was levothyroxine which is a generic drugs, that some days it might all be absorbed and other others not so much. He talked about diet can have an effect also. When I asked about other medication he again said all we have is what you are given. Do you have insurance? If you do you can get a prescription for the brand name one. No, I don’t have insurance because I can’t afford the premiums I would have to pay. I thought that’s why I could use the Indian clinic. So your out of luck if you have thyroid problems, they have a one fits all medication. Anyone who has thyroid problems knows it is difficult enough to deal with all the effects and to have a medication prescribed that makes it worse is a bunch of bull. If the leaders of the tribe really cared about the people, they wouldn’t be making 6 figure salaries so they can live comfortably off poor tribal members. Disgusting leaders!!!!!

  133. Brad


    The houses are $350 a month. That includes insurance and taxes. The payoff is much less than a house on the market of comparable quality and size. Not sure what you are talking about. And yes Jim this is the same five people who always gripe and complain. They are sore losers.

  134. Misty Trapp

    What I am having a very hard time understanding is how TB was part of our school board at one time and then allowed BB to cut so much money to public schools!
    Tahlequah Public Schools is still struggling after he approved Heritage Elementary School being built. I am completely torn up about this. It shook up our entire TPS family (teachers, parents, and students).

  135. Nan

    I have often said I can’t see any thing Baker has done except increase The Nation’s portfolio. When it’s citizens go to seek assistance they are often turned away due to no funding or the waiting list is too long. If the casinos bring in so much revenue where are the profits going to? The spring plaza, has so far Not increased any job opportunities for the Nation’s Citizens, and who was the land purchased from. Why did it go there where they had to be so much expensive altering of the land.

  136. sonny

    They say they get all this money yet when you ask for help they say their broke that why no Dr at the clinic when you go there what the use of the clinic if no Dr there and why does he help other people out instead of his own people and how come I never see any council members going from house to house asking people what they need what can I do to help you never see them till election time it is all a big joke

  137. steve

    I haven’t heard anyone mention of the expensive housing that has and is being built. The majority of tribal citizens cannot afford these houses? And the long range payments set is a extremely high total cost for payoff.

  138. debra

    what is the progress on getting doctors for the hastings hospital, and no doubt the satellite offices? people are being diagnosed with illnesses that require blood monitoring but aren’t being monitored, not unless they get lucky and see the same urgent care doctor as last month. most of the time, they are given meds, sent home with instructions to return to urgent care for refills. this isn’t taking care of our people, reminds me of a rancher giving all his cattle antibiotics and tagging them so that all the surrounding offices can see what has been done at the other office. (new chart #). As for saying anything, it is true, a lot of people will not say anything because they have family that will be fired if such ”betrayal” is caught by the “gatekeepers.” and a note to the side: Is Chuck Hoskins going to run for Chief, he is toted out in public like a candidate…it would be sad if Bill John decided to run as vice chief.

  139. Neil McCauley

    To Chip Kelly’s “his right as a citizen”; while wearing the 49er ‘s uniform Kaepernick is a representative of the franchise. If you take a stand or speak your mind and it is contrary to your employer’s views, your employer certainly has a right to administer discipline up to & including termination. Wake up & get on with it sooner than later to protect the 49er’s interests and image.

  140. Jim C.

    I understand his black parents abandoned him and a white couple adopted him.

    San Francisco fans should boycott the games.

  141. Laurie

    He’ll break and get fired.

  142. admin Post author

    To answer the question of who pays Colin Kaepernick for endorsements we found the following on http://www.MarketWatch.com: Kaepernick’s spectacular rise also garnered him a number of endorsement deals, most notably with headphone-maker Beats by Dre — since acquired by Apple Inc. AAPL, Tata Motors’ TTM, luxury car company Jaguar and nutritional supplement company MusclePharm Corp.

  143. DDawg258

    Here is great idea….. Make him first string again cuz I am sure that he has offended one or more of the lineman. When the ball is snapped said linemen should just step aside. That is the only way I would watch. After he gets crushed a couple of times I am sure he won’t want to be in S.F. anymore. So tired of the THUGS calling the shots, working folks have given and given to try and make THEIR lives better and all that has happen is we collapse to their Whiny AZZ demands. It’s not about the color of your skin, act like a human being and you shall be treated as human being, act like an animal and you shall be treated as such!!!!

  144. will white

    He has become radicalizedby his radical Islamist girlfriend.
    Every American veteran and active duty personnel. and the families of all our gold star veterans should be offended.

    He should be sent to the practice team or even released from the team. If not a full boycott by the real heros and their families.should be started.immediately. I’ve already started mine.

    If anyone has a list of his sponsors, please post them?

  145. John

    I live in the Midwest so lately since the 49ers are not a good time they are not on tv much here. They have two prime time games this year.
    SEPTEMBER 12 9:15 pm central time.
    OCTOBER 6 7:25 pm central time.

    Is there any way to find a list of his sponsors?

  146. Taking advantage

    Boycott 49 ers!!! The National Anthem is about people who fought for and won our right to stand up against social injustice and oppression. Kapernick is disrespecting the foundation of why he can do something about things he sees as wrong. “Colored and minority” doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, oh yeah and athletes etc who have all had the ability to reap great benefits from America are real role models of what you can do to show the benefits of living in this great country.

  147. LARRY

    If there was ever a place to draw a line in the sand this is it. Yes, boycott the 49ers. boycott the NFL!

  148. George

    I agree I think he should be bounced people fought and died for this country not that he would know. After all the millions he made from this country he is a disgrace. WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE TO OUR VETS……

  149. Dr. Dave

    Kaepernick is to in touch w/ his inner child.. Indeed, it is possible to be age 28 & 8 at the same time.. Be mindful, he has experienced being a hero to zero quickly.. Reacts like an 8 year old child b/c he is no longer the center of attraction.. Displaces his failures on to society v. Accepting his own failures.. Acting out must not be rewarded!

  150. Joe

    I am in. Our country is not perfect but our children fight for our freedom respect our fallen heroes

  151. mickey

    I agree – fans should boycott the 49er’s and any of his sponsors until they dump him.
    But this will never happen – the fans are too weak to follow through. He will continue his child like temper tantrum.

    Frankly, if anyone threatens, runs from or otherwise puts ANYONE’s life in peril – Cops should be allowed to shoot to kill.

    Guess what, people will stop threatening and running from them and we will all be safer.

  152. MilitaryBetrayed

    A slap in the face to all that have served. Democratic mayors that perpetuate a victim mentality are to blame. I will boycott the 49ers and their sponsors. kaepernick has the right to be stupid by working on the wrong problem and I have the right to boycott all his games and sponsors.

  153. diane

    It’s my right as a military family to boycot any 49ers game which my Family and friends will do til kaepernick either stands or apologies.

  154. Jeff

    He has the right to sit, I have the right to boycott everyone of his sponsor’s and Levis the sponsor of 49ers stadium.

  155. Terry

    I agree chip.

    I also think football fans who view his actions as nauseating, as do I, should consider using their right to boycott the 49er games and every sponsor who backs him by continuing to pay for advertising during 49er game!

  156. mlwells

    With regard to Bridenstine’s objection to the use of military bases to house unaccompanied migrant children, the detaining of these children was a consequence of The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) of 2008, signed by President George W. Bush and changed the policies and procedures for handling unaccompanied migrant children. The particular instance which incensed Bridenstine took place in 2014 and only involved the “commandeering” of empty barracks at Fort Sill for 120 days – while the barracks were not in use and at no cost to Oklahoma taxpayers. Long before military training was to commence, the children were gone.

  157. admin Post author

    The Oklahoma Republican Party’s state committee will meet on Sunday, October 11th, to elect a new chairman. Acting Chairman Estela Hernadez, sent this email late Friday:

    This is an official call from Interim Chairman, Estela Hernandez, for a State Committee Meeting. It will take place on Sunday, October 11, 2015 at Oklahoma City Community College, 7777 S. May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73159 (The College Union general dining area). The meeting will begin at 2:30pm. The purpose of this State Committee Meeting is to elect a new State Chairman in accordance with OKGOP rules (see Rule 10-State Committee).

    The OKGOP Central Committee and Executive Committee have met and discussed various dates for the State Committee Meeting. To minimize scheduling conflicts, we have decided to hold the State Committee meeting on Sunday, October 11, 2015.

  158. Lissette Rodriguez

    My condolences to the Costello Family during this time of tragedy. This tragedy should not have happened had he received the appropriate mental health treatment. This incident highlights the loops in the mental health system in this country which expose the individual and family to this type of risk. I respond to this story because I am a mother of a 21 year old son that is currently in a community hospital in Florida for mental health treatment. He is refusing treatment and medication and the facility will not petition the court to order treatment which I know he needs. This revolving door policy, allows individuals back into the community that are a danger to themselves and others.

  159. Cris Kurtz

    A man has been elected to do a job. Meanwhile he represents all members of the Oklahoma Republican Party. If he could do the job any better, he would.
    Instead within a few short weeks of being elected he has mismanaged and humiliated the entire OK GOP three times so far.
    Without the skills needed to communicate effectively and manage appropriately, it’s not going to get any better. Please, stop the bleeding.

  160. VeraLynn

    Did this start after Pollack lost the contract with Zoo Amp, I wonder? Or has it been going on for longer? Pletcher is a brave man.

  161. LARRY

    They are all crooked, doesn’t matter who is Chief. That’s why they need an outside authority to govern gaming, not the cherokee gaming commission.

  162. Clay

    As a former employee of two different nations, I can tell you that this is a lot more true than you think. They will call this man a liar, thief and low life to make it seem like he is the liar. It was done to me and others who exposed corruption and theft by those in high positions at the casinos. You are told that title 31 is of the utmost importance and everything must be reported, unless that person is a high ranking management casino employee or related to someone on the council. Then it becomes you who is the problem, an honest person in a dishonest system. Who will stay, the thief or the honest man?
    Play ball and be dumber than your boss on his worst day, it will keep your job safe.
    Remember, when you complain to the gaming commission, you are talking to people who are employed by the casino-nation.

  163. Kristie jones

    sounds like the media needs to look into the Cherokee co court system also. Just a corrupt county with a lot of “good ole” boys that stick together to do their own justice.

  164. Lisa

    Wow really?!?
    I’m certain one who has completed & maintained the extensive gaming commission licensure process would risk losing license over speculations. You Michelle “suspect Jeffery’s been a busy boy”. Not sure what that means but thankfully your suspensions are meritless. What would this man gain. Is he a candidate? Nope. Poor Michelle….it’s not your fault
    Seems you have vested interest in said operations , that’s just sad. Hope you saved $$

  165. Songer

    I believe this guy. As a former Cherokee Nation employee I saw many people getting jobs, very high paying I might add, that were his friends and family and big supporters of his campaign. If a job was available, they made up jobs for them.

  166. michelle

    sounds like little Jeffery did a lot in the very short time he was in his position. i don’t buy that nonsense for a moment. just a ploy at election time.

  167. Azaria

    Wake up people! I understand some will say this is politics, given the upcoming election, however that’s short sighted and contradictory. The corruption of this administration is at issue. We are blessed to have truth tellers alerting us at a critical time. Take back our Nation while we still have one
    The accounts of corruption within the current administration are too many to be overlooked.
    The sources too credible, the theme consistent, the threats the same.
    The caliber of ones threat reveals the caliber of his deeds and the need to conceal. Breaking laws, infringement of due process, job loss- all high caliber responses The common denominator is corruption & the need to keep it hidden The solution is to be grateful of what we know, heed the warning and stand up for change.
    The Titantic was warned yet they discounted the warnings and perished. Let’s focus on what matters, heed these warnings and not get lost in the misdirection by those who want us to remain ignorant so they can continue to hide behind Our Nation only to profit from it, not protect it. This is not The Way & is a disgrace to those who came before us

  168. joyce

    Strange that it would be stated so blatantly why these booking commissions are being paid! Sometimes a regime thinks it is untouchable, and can do whatever it chooses. Is that the case here?
    Good for Pletcher for speaking out and not being cowardly, as those who remain silent are being.

  169. Guy Brown

    I am suspecting that this is true! I hope a full investigation is conducted and if this is true that all parties be held accountable , monies paid back with interest, tribal benefits and rights stripped from family, and we may need to bring back blood law to all who violate the Cherokee Nation!

  170. sharon

    Ok I agree with the safety of children but there’s a lot of people out here that can’t afford to pay for one car seat after another. You need to set a law for the price. I’m a great grandma and keep babies a lot and their parents work their fanny off and still can’t get ahead so it not fair they should have to pay for three or four car seats in a years time

  171. Sam

    Chief Baker has been like this from the beginning. During his campaign he could never tell you what he would do as chief only what Chad Smith had done wrong.

  172. Johnie Johnson Sr

    Quite your political grandstanding and do you job, protect our rights!!!

    To Chief Baker: “How much of a kickback are you getting??”

  173. Alicia Coleman

    Another example of politicians using their citizens being uninformed to make them appear unintelligent while earning pats on the back from the WRONG people. Can we please have a leader that actually cares for their people?

  174. Joseph M von Teichert

    We are first nation people that have first people rights, they should never be sold, assigned or giving away. What Chief Baker has done is setting forward preceded that we affect us (our health and livelihood) until the end of time. BAD DECISION CHIEF BAKER!!!

  175. Chad noxon

    Please, no! Never give up our rights. The principal chief should defend and protect our rights and not sell them. No, no, please no!

  176. Victim's Voice

    I thank you for your courage in coming forward and am moved by the audio. Your statement ‘the support of others makes you feel less embarrassed’ really hits home with me. My second husband was an abuser, so I know it is NOT easy to get away from men like this. It makes you no less of a woman, no less of a mother, and no less of a human being. He should be embarrassed by his behavior, not you. Don’t ever forget that. You never know how many women you may help, encourage, and be an example for! There are many women out there suffering in an abusive relationship, and your story just might be what they need to hear to give them the confidence they need to escape. As you ended your interview….You never know!

  177. Conservative guy

    Oh my! I was reserving judgement, up to this point, but now I truly believe that Brogdon needs to remove Ryan from any prominent position with our state party.

    No apology from TC Ryan for PTSD, thumb print bruises, bite marks, medical bills that still are not paid off, a crying child cowering in a corner? That’s not Just a shame; that’s a damning shame on The OK GOP.

    Has Dahm come out with a statement on what he believes Chairman Brogdon should do? If not, why not?

    How about Ronda V-Smith? Surely, being a woman, she will take a public stand against such lawyer-intimidation tactics against a young lady who has already been physically abused to the point of assault in the presence of her child. If not, why not?

  178. Steve Hamby

    They didn’t ignore law. They changed law, which is perfectly legal. Plus, you can’t compare the purchase to anything else because it is the only golf course in Tahlequah that already has 18 holes and a restaurant.

    It seems to me that the Cherokee Nation is taking steps to provide Tahlequah with a legitimate tourist attraction. How can increased tourism and revenue be a bad thing?

  179. Katy r

    I suffered the abuse of the hands of this man his acts of terror against me and my 5-year old son. While he has issued a statement to the public he has never shown remorse or attempted to pay damages, restitution for the Physicians bills that landed me in the hospital etc. This is not the type of person we need in GOP leadership. To come forward and prosecute this violent man was difficult for me, but what is more difficult is that he should have had more severe charges and punishment issued against him. In my opinion his horrific acts were far more than misdemeanors. I would like to encourage the public to continue to stand up against domestic violence. I would b more than happy to speak out against these atrocities that have been greatly trivialized.

  180. Cris Kurtz

    Oklahoma Republicans need appropriate contact information to formally request two resignations immediately.

  181. Aaron

    I could forgive Randy’s lack in judgement and move forward, at least I could have a week ago. But Randy’s stubbornness, defiance and obvious lack of a grasp of the situation has led me to now think otherwise. This was always about T.C. If Dave Weston or Pam Pollard had hired Mr Ryan in any capacity, the outrage and calls for resignation would just as loud. But Randy has made this about him and, in the process, proven to me that he cannot be objective and fair in working with all who comprise the Oklahoma Republican Party, nor is he interested in doing so. It also gives me great concern regarding his decision making. In addition, his “going off the rails” moment at the end of Friday’s TRC meeting showed he has the ability to abandon all poise and level-headedness when confronted by a difficult situation. Situations he is sure to encounter as State Chairman. If this controversy is the hill he wants to die on, he should do us all a favor and go ahead and resign as well. But my guess is he is too power hungry and arrogant to do so.

  182. Donald Coleman

    The Cherokee people, as well as many other tribes all over this country, continue to be preyed upon both from within their own tribes and beyond. When there is wealth discovered through use of tribal lands or the location of these lands, it is immediately preyed upon by unscrupulous politicians both from within and outside of the tribes. This practice goes all the way back to the Trail of Tears and keeps emerging through various economic cycles of this country. Economic cycles come and go regularly and they are always manipulated by eager politicians and their followers. It’s just the way the USA and many other countries operate. We just have to face up to the fact that politics can be a very dirty game. Therefore, I strongly believe, as did Paul Harvey (radio commentator of past years), that “Politicians are like diapers: they must be changed often and for the same reason”. In our tribes particular case, these corrupt practices have managed to happen in only a single term and a lot of housecleaning is going to be painful but necessary.

  183. Lu McCraw

    Excellent investigative article. Reveals the dirty truth about Baker. More needs to be revealed about shady land deals. Follow the money. Embezzlement and tax fraud possible with this administration. IRS and BIA need to investigate. Justice is slow and it will probably be discovered years after Bill John leaves office. But all should suffer the consequences from the top down. These people are raiding the tribes money.

  184. admin Post author

    You do not assert a mistake of fact so the allegation of bias does not hold water. Further, unspecific “horrid” things, again without a fact to back it up, are nothing more than a diversion. Cherokee People are smarter than that Jananna.

  185. Jananna Johnston

    Sounds very biased against Baker. More like a witch hunt to cut down Baker. Let start listing the horrid things Smith has done and the list would go on and on and on and on…….

  186. admin Post author

    The President of the Oklahoma NAACP, Mr. Douglas, sent the PDF press release to his entire media list – we are on that list – we get a lot of mail from him. We did not say he wrote it or organized the event, but that he “distributed” the release.

    We changed the word “mob” to “group of protesters,” but, as the group was demanding action before the justice system has had an opportunity to work, maybe “polite mob” would have been appropriate. This is not the wild west and the reserve officer has been charged. Justice is deliberate and will be determined after facts are presented to the court.

  187. KJ

    NAACP had nothing to do with this and did not release the statement. We The People Oklahoma is independent of the NAACP. Your description of “mob” is inflamatory and inacurate. It was a group of people who were concerned about the issues of this case and others. Defaming the character of concerned citizens who wish to have their voices heard should be below the dignity of the profession of journalism.

  188. Kathy Robinson

    Every Cherokee Citizen has the right to challenge a candidate but the election commission needs to stop making up laws to accommodate the incumbent chief and adhear to the laws we already have. By making up laws they are cheating the Cherokee people of their voices.

  189. Raenell Dawn

    She will be 24 3/4 this year. She will be 25 when she turns 100. She is NOT 26 yet! And how did no body notice this mistake? Four into a hundred is twenty five. We need a correction on this!

  190. David Cash

    Good write up. Only fault I found was the Oilers didn’t have a game losing streak to Missouri. We won the last 2 games at Missouri last season.

  191. Jennifer Bates

    I’m a public school teacher that works for another rural district(not Peggs).
    Here’s the deal with rural superintendents and their salaries. Our superintendents do the same job as the big schools: balance budgets, work with their school boards, hire staff etc.
    The difference between a rural superintendent and a large school supt. is that my superintendent is also a principal, meaning he takes on the role of discipline actions, he does teacher evaluations, and all of the paperwork and responsibilities that goes along with being a principal. Our rural superintendents also coach sports. They drive buses, take care of custodial issues and any other issue that arises in our districts. Our rural superintendents personally know and deal with their staff. If I have an issue, I can go to my superintendent directly. That is not the case with the big schools.
    So while the bigger school districts delve out more administration responsibilities (and the salaries that go with) our rural schools have the privelege of having our administrators be hands-on and truly invested in our school communities.
    My superintendent is the first one on site and closes up the building at night.
    This means a job entails responsibilities from 7 am- 10 pm especially in the thick of basketball season.
    As a result of this hands-on, small school enviornment our students have accountability. We all know each other and work with each other for the betterment of our students. With the bigger districts, more money goes to admins. that are not hands-on because the district sizes are, well, huge!
    We have smaller classroom sizes and yes, we have more parental involvement and more local control.
    It is my opinion being a graduate of a bigger district and working for/ having children in a smaller district that more schools should model themselves after our rural schools. Our k-8 students turn out more valedictorians for your big districts, than the students that attend those districts from the get-go. We lay a good foundation of teaching the whole child and that includes citizenship.
    Taking districts and modeling them after smaller, rural schools would create a true school community, and the admins would know the students, as well as the parents of the district they serve. Right now the big government has created circumstances that classrooms are crowded and underfunded. Kids are numbers, not individuals.
    Our state also needs to mandate that if you are running for the office to be in charge of public schools, than you should have to hold the same certifications and qualifications that school superintendents are required to hold.
    That’s just common sense.
    If I am required as a classroom teacher to be highly qualified and certified, so should the person that is in charge of the whole department of education.
    Stop demonizing educators and administrators!
    The man earned his doctorate degree, he puts in the hours and the Peggs community obviously supports his bid to run.
    What exactly qualified Joy for anything having to do with Oklahoma education???
    She hasn’t even completed her masters in admin. and what experience with school finance has she had?
    She claims a “lifetime teaching certificate” which is not honored in Oklahoma.
    In Oklahoma you HAVE to take Oklahoma certification tests.
    But what do I know?
    I’m just a rural school, certified 5th grade teacher.( one of the few grades mandated to test my students in all of the subjects taught).

  192. Brooke

    This article is the perfect example of unresearched claims and taking flawed numbers and skewing them to say whatever you want.

    You compare Dr. Cox’s salary (he serves as the Sup, Principal, and Director of Fed programs) to the average “administrator” salary of the state. Lower elementary assistant principals, counselors, etc all fall under “administrators”…you are not comparing apples to apples.

    According to the state website, Dr. Cox’s total compensation is in the $130k range, nowhere near the $180k that you presumed. If Peggs were to hire a separate principal & director of federal programs, and pay each administrator the “average” salary, it would cost their district significantly more than what they pay Dr. Cox. Also, his salary is determined by the local school board. LOCAL CONTROL. He has built up to that salary over the last 21 years as serving as the sole administrator.

    As for him getting his work done while he is campaigning, he is able to perform many of his duties through email, phone, teleconferencing, etc. He also does check in from time to time. If he wasn’t getting his job done, it would be up to his locally elected school board to decide if they wanted to keep him or lot. LOCAL CONTROL.

    He has publicly fought against CC and other harmful “reforms” since the very beginning; whereas, Joy strongly supported CC during her time that she served on the State Board of Education, working with Janet Barresi. She continued to support CC during her campaign until very near the primaries when she realized how politically toxic it was. I heard her tell a room full of teachers/voters that she felt CC was good as late as Feb 2014.

    It is no secret that our public education system is in a financial crisis, so we cannot afford to give another dollar to private entities through expansion of charters & vouchers. You want school choice? Then take financial responsibility for your choice. You want free education? Go to public school. While serving on the board, Joy voted yes on a bill to expand virtual charter schools in OK, which have “virtually” NO accountability measures that public schools just follow. If a school is accepting public/state dollars, then they need to be following all the same rules, and right now, they don’t.

    Dr. Cox has the comprehensive knowledge base and experience for this position as well as the support of over 400 public school superintendents. They trust that he will lead public education in a positive direction.

  193. Brendan Jarvis

    I just get very frustrated when conservatives attack a candidate who is clearly the conservative. Local control and no state and federal meddling is what Cox is all about. That is the essence of conservatism.

  194. Casey Ohlsson

    Um… You do realize school choice is a federal program unde Arne Duncan and Obama? School choice part of the reform movement.
    Joy is actually the liberal here. I’m a republican and am voting for cox because he believes in local stakeholders having control- NOT the federal government. I’m a teacher and this has ended up being a really odd election cycle, the democrat is more conservative. So he has my vote! (Besides, I was at the debate and Joy made zero sense. She was throwing around “fancy” words to look impressive- didn’t work for me.
    PS who peed in your Cheerios Brendan Jarvis? Dang!

  195. Brendan Jarvis

    I appreciate that you published my comment. Read Reign of Error by Diane Ravitch and you will understand. My snarky tone is a response to the incredibly biased tone of this piece. Hofmeister is the reformer here. Cox is for good public schools and local control. Cox is the conservative. Joy buys into the same ideas that make Obama the worst education president this country has ever had. Accountability is important for schools. School boards exist for that purpose. State level reforms have only burdened students with testing. Students are losing the ability to think critically, because they are only taught what is on the test. Schools are put in the position to teach to the test because they will be publically embarrassed if they don’t.

  196. admin Post author

    Thanks for your comment, but just to be clear on your snarky – You believe school choice does not equal reform? If so, please feel free to elaborate on the no choice, no freedom, goose-stepping government control system you think best.

  197. Brendan Jarvis

    Well, this article sets a new low in “journalism”. Congratulations. School choice = Reform, moron.

  198. Bob Dani

    It’s unbelievable that someone as Mr. Workman believes he gets to pick and choose those Oklahoma Laws he will obey, as a private citizen. Driving a vehicle on Oklahoma’s public roads without a valid drivers license, is an act of criminal intent. How many other laws does Mr. Workman think he gets to choose and pick to obey?

    I’m personally offended by someone as Mr. Workman thinking this is no big deal operating a motor vehicle without a valid drivers license, which includes he operates these vehicles without insuring himself. All while the rest of us Oklahoman’s pay higher insurance premiums because his lawlessness of not being insured.

    This man is an insult to us law obeying citizens of Oklahoma that obey the laws of Oklahoma, and we certainly don’t want someone as Mr. Workman representing us Oklahomans as our Labor Commissioner … or any other public office to which he would aspire.

  199. Fred Hurst State Veterans Chairman

    It look like you put on a great event, sorry i could not make it. your group is doing a wonderful job for all our VETERANS. keep up the good work.

  200. Richard Prawdzienski

    Richard Prawdzienski, Candidate for Governor said, “ Is it wholly appropriate for any government to dictate to the parent?” He asks, “Do we want any government to make our children into economic robots?

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