Nonpartisan fails the City of Tulsa

Editorial: Public declarations of City Councilors Kara Joy McKee and Chairwoman Vanessa Hall-Harper put the lie of Tulsa’s nonpartisan elections clearly on display. As quoted in the daily paper, Hall-Harper said, “I think everything is political… And I think we see throughout the nation conservatives who were emboldened during the Trump administration are now trying to backtrack, because they see now where that type of talk and attitude and activities led, and now they are trying to back away from that and separate themselves from that.

“But as long as King Trump was in office, then everyone was emboldened to do and say the things that they’ve said. But now that it has gone too far, now they want to act like those things never happened, but they did. And people are going to have to answer for it.

These and other comments attack Tulsan Bob Jack, outgoing Chairman of the County Republican Party, who now seeks to serve on a nonpaying infrastructure committee for the city. Just to illustrate clearly, the Tulsa City Council, Mayor and City Auditor are elected in nonpartisan elections and now some are on the record as partisan hacks who should immediately resign.

Setting aside the obvious fraud of a national election, selective science of incoherent pandemic pandering, and cognitive dissonance of ignoring a yearlong nationwide insurrection of Leftists while damning a dozen fools out of a million peaceful protestors January 6th in the nation’s capital; Tulsa idiots elected to office have finally and proudly taken the masks off.

Mayor G. T. Bynum

The more consistent nonpartisan malleable Mayor Bynum bragged about non-partisanship in a now infamous “Ted Talk” declaring he was a “process guy” without acknowledging that following government process or “just taking orders” has been used throughout history for individual atrocities and mass murder. Without individual principles, evil can happen. Principles or lack of, define public honor and Tulsa’s City Council collective honor is in question.

Dear Ms. Hall-Harper, no Trump supporter is backtracking on squat.

If you think any President more than Biden has acted as King; please explain how President “hair sniff” Biden can sign more executive orders than the total of the last dozen presidents in his first days in office? Also please describe the Biden Family Values or National Democratic Party Values as illustrated in Hunter Biden’s life or President Biden’s obvious dementia which his family ignores while it humiliates the nation daily?

McKee told the paper that bias plays a role in all aspects of life, including how cities implement infrastructure plans, “the way we build our roads, our pipes,” McKee said.

“There are parts of Tulsa that are developed very differently than others, and if you don’t think there was bias involved in those development decisions, there is a lot of history that we could share to talk about the bias that went into the infrastructure design and development,” McKee added.

Okay fine let us consider exactly how much, in inflation adjusted dollars, citywide infrastructure has been poured into the north-side; highways in no demand, waterlines, power distribution, public works, public funded shopping centers, and housing projects that never seem to improve north-side neighborhoods.

Maybe McKee should take a basic economics course or research facts beyond race-baiting cliches.

Today, many suggest that more people of color live-in south Tulsa than north. Neverminded media can’t seem to use critical thinking in consideration of public declarations by elected officials, but a case could be made that black power has been used for decades in Tulsa to stroke white guilt for black self-interests.

Want to run the numbers or is math inherently racist?

To the City Council’s credit, there may be a majority that can live the words of their campaigns and vote regardless of skin color or personal politics. Regarding the appointment of Bob Jack; “Councilors Jayme Fowler and Connie Dodson said they don’t think politics has any place in the city’s nominating process for volunteer positions,” the paper reported.

“We search out people that have backgrounds that will help on that committee, based on their employment or other pertinent background, and this is not a political position, so his political background should not have any bearing,” Dodson said. “Everybody is entitled to their political opinion without it affecting their future employment or their future position to serve in a volunteer capacity.”

Fowler, said he doesn’t want to see a person’s political beliefs become a litmus test for serving on a volunteer city board. “And heretofore they have not,” Fowler said. “I just think that that is a slippery slope if we go down that road.”

We will see this week. The Council is scheduled to vote Wednesday Feb. 24.

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