China’s growing threats

In an interview with Newsmax Tuesday, China expert Gordan Chang declared China’s efforts to configure its military to kill Americans have been going on for decades, but the United States has not been paying attention. And the threats mark a “failure of our political class to defend America,”

The particular threat at this point is China’s recent test of a hypersonic missile capable of carrying a nuclear payload, Chang said on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.” 

“This, first of all, is a violation of the outer space treaty to which China is a party,” Chang said. “This weapon can drop out of space and incinerate an American city with very little warning.

“We were the leaders in hypersonic flight in the 1960s. We chose not to develop this because we didn’t want to start an arms race, but we didn’t entice the Chinese and the Russians into being reticent about this.”

The tests, he added, are a “failure of the United States to understand China,” and as a result, the Chinese have pulled ahead.

China is building new nuclear silo sites according to the Federation of American Scientists , and Chang said on Newsmax the United States is “woefully behind” while President Joe Biden is still trying to “accommodate” China. 

“China has made it very clear that it wants to kill Americans,” said Chang. “We’ve seen this. They deliberately released the coronavirus beyond their borders. That’s 755,000 Americans who have died.

“China’s behind the fentanyl gangs. That’s 53,000 Americans who were killed with that drug. We should be considering all of these deaths murders because China intentionally wants Americans dead. They are working very hard to do that, and we’re not defending ourselves. We are a much stronger society, but we can lose our country because we’re not defending ourselves.”

The United States, meanwhile, must put more effort into protecting itself, “because China can sink our carriers and we don’t have very good defenses right now,” Chang concluded on Newsmax.

China has also recently built full-scale mock-ups of US warships in a desert, again, in the country’s north-western Xinjiang region, satellite images show. Click here for more from Yahoo News.

One of the images, captured by US space technology company Maxar, shows a structure shaped like a U.S. Aircraft Carrier placed on rail tracks.

After the world bows to China in supporting the 2022 Winter Olympics, officially the XXIV Olympic Winter Games and commonly known as Beijing 2022, there will be little consequences China’s Xi Jinping, Absolute Dictator and Mass Murder of Millions, would likely face from an American Administration already purchased. Click the following link for more on China’s US influence, Hunter Biden outed by Chinese Professor, a Tulsa Today summary published December 9, 2020.

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