AG O’Connor attacks Biden Energy Policies

OK Attorney General John O’Connor and 15 other state attorneys general are demanding President Joe Biden stop federal attempts to impose excessive regulations that increase Americans’ energy costs.

“Americans are paying more at the pump and in the grocery store because Biden is crippling our oil and gas production and transportation.  On top of that, he is destroying America’s energy independence,” said Attorney General O’Connor. “These decisions are hurting our families.”

The coalition is demanding the president take action to address the rising gas prices by focusing on domestic production and transport. Among the list of policy requests is reinstating the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline.  

Attorney General O’Connor asked the Biden administration to stop trying to handicap new American natural gas projects with inflated “social costs of carbon” regulations.  He also asks the president to authorize the transport of liquified natural gas by rail tank cars. Additionally, he called on Biden to make clear to congressional Democrats that he will veto their attempts to increase oil and gas taxes and impose costly new methane rules on energy production.

“There is no end in sight to the painfully high energy costs or inflation that Americans are now enduring because of your failed policies.  Stop the quiet conversations with foreign powers and oligarchs.  The solutions are right here at home,” the 16-state coalition said in the letter. “On behalf of the citizens of our states, we demand you immediately take the actions outlined above to reverse the damage you have done and provide relief for struggling families and businesses.” 

President Biden’s unilateral decision – on the first day of his administration – to revoke the 2019 Presidential Permit for the Keystone XL pipeline cost thousands of jobs, millions in tax revenue, and economic opportunity for the communities along its route. It also set a dangerous precedent for future permits and projects that would enhance our nation’s energy security and independence. Meanwhile, Biden has requested OPEC+ (which includes Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela) to produce more oil, and his administration is now seeking to import more oil from Canada.

In the letter to the president, the coalition writes, “Your vitriolic language and vilification of the American fossil fuel industries while holding out your hand to the despotic foreign leaders whose interests directly conflict with American values has undoubtedly depressed American energy development both on- and off-shore. In pursuit of their $15 billion trade claim against you (a cost that will be borne by American taxpayers if it succeeds), TC Energy has said it will not build the pipeline. The States took considerable measures to support TC Energy and the project—a project that would have brought jobs and economic opportunities to many of our underserved communities. Coddling your radical environmental base has led us to the current crisis… The solutions are right here at home. On behalf of the citizens of our states, we demand you immediately take the actions outlined above to reverse the damage you have done and provide relief for struggling families and businesses.”

OK Attorney General John O’Connor

In addition to Attorney General O’Connor, attorneys general from Montana, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming also signed the letter.

The letter begins,

“Dear President Biden:
Following your revocation of President Donald Trump’s 2019 permit for the Keystone XL pipeline on the first day of your administration, we have repeatedly asked you to reconsider this misguided (and we continue to believe unlawful) decision. We warned you then if your decision was not reversed, Americans would “suffer serious detrimental consequences,” consumers would pay higher prices, and our allies would become further dependent on Russian and Middle Eastern oil.

“We hate to say we told you so.”

To read the full letter, click here. 

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