Enough of evil: Resistance required

Victims of border violence

Last week I attended the most graphic and disturbing training I have attended in my 30 years of law enforcement. The training educated officers on illegal gangs and cartel activities, deeds, and movements. It revealed how the cartels use dismemberment, beheading, and other forms of mutilation to impose fear and intimidate the public and revival gangs. I was outraged to learn these mutilations are not just occurring in Mexico but are now being carried out right here in the United States and in Oklahoma.

Beyond disgusting was discovering the overwhelming volume of human trafficking occurring in our nation. Under our current national administration, human trafficking has dramatically increased. These horrific acts of abuse ought never to exist in this nation. The men and women who are being trafficked are often forced into slave labor or trafficked as sex slaves.

OK Rep. Justin Justin Humphrey (Dist. 19)

It would seem Joe Biden has notably become the leading merchant of slavery in the history of America. Where are all those who are so greatly offended by the past history of slavery? What has silenced them to the sickly gruesome acts of slavery and sex trafficking?

Regardless of party, we should all be ashamed that we have permitted this administration to continue contributing to slavery in our nation and state.

This training also revealed the preposterous quantity of illegal drugs this administration permits through smuggling into our country. Most notably, the drug fentanyl is responsible for thousands of deaths in the United States. This drug is produced by China and smuggled into the United States by cartels through our Southern border.

In May, I checked how many Oklahomans had lost their lives to fentanyl. It was approximately 780. I know the number is greater now because I personally know of other lives being lost to fentanyl.

China and the cartel are waging war on America, killing U.S. citizens by the thousands without a single shot fired. Yet what are we doing?

Another thing I found strangely shocking is the method in which the cartels emulate religion, worshiping and praying to their counterfeit gods. The cartels ask Catholic saints to guard, protect and prosper them in their illegal enterprises. They pray for protection against those who would harm them or their operations, such as the police.

I declare as an elected official representing my district that our people see a historical degree of evil being unleashed upon America and the State of Oklahoma. Instead of combating the evil, the national administration accepts and embraces all forms of evil.

I have had enough with the notion that our country should celebrate and take pride in same-sex marriages. How do you take pride in a man pretending to be a woman or dressing up as a drag queen? Should a drag queen be allowed to read stories in any of our Oklahoma schools or parade about at the Oklahoma City Zoo?

I have had enough of school books that are straight up pornography. If you cannot tell the difference between an appropriate school book and pornography, then you are the problem.  

I am proud we have ended abortion in our state  and I will continue to be a voice for  virtues and decency. I am sick and tired of being told I am offensive  by the immoral woke activist(s) who offend me.

I am calling on every person to take a stand and call out these actions. I want to encourage you to engage in our election process and demand immediate action from our U.S. and state governments to correct these problems. I am especially calling out those who profess to be Christians. Rise up and resist the scourge of unorthodox immorality that has consumed our state and nation.  I proudly proclaim, ”As, for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

One thought on “Enough of evil: Resistance required

  1. judith boudreaux

    i think one reason human trafficking is not a priority with the public, anywhere in this country, is we do not SEE it…it is hidden in darkness….slavery in our nation’s past was not hidden, it was open to all to see and it was not just in the southern states. abolishing slavery was a plus for human decency…..what we have now is big money behind human trafficking and the kids are the most innocent victims caught up in this nightmare……if, when discovered, news of this kind needs to be front page,,,with detailed descriptions of how the event happened and the results of a ring being discovered….all on the front page. the morals of our country are in the toilet…and it’s been a long time coming….media has played a huge part in this corruption of our society….little by little and see where we are now? anything goes…the audience is used to it and even some shout more more………pray we right the ship

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