2020 election interference happened

Tony Bobulinske, Former Biden Family associate

Tucker Carlson Tuesday interviewed a former business associate of the Biden Family, Tony Bobulinske, noting, “The one thing you can never have in a democracy is powerful law enforcement agencies working secretly to effect election outcomes. If that happens, you are no longer a democracy…”

Carlson added, “That happened in the last [presidential] election. The FBI told social media companies, the most powerful media companies in the world, to censor the Tony Bobulinske story. That is election interference at the highest level and that happened.”

Bobulinske said, “You can call it rigged. You can call it stolen. You can call it suppressed. The American People are going to call it whatever they want, but the fact pattern is the FBI alone altered history in that election.”

TulsaToday.com has covered and questioned the Biden Family for years: including Politico confirms Hunter Biden laptop on September 23, 2021 and in other news and opinion stories to date.

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