President Trump’s Indictment

Updated: As many come to grips with the end of justice in America and the continuation of blatant lies by Democrats supported by Legacy Media at the national and local level, it is clear that if citizens support the current regime, no heinous crime will be prosecuted. If citizens support the Constitution of the United States guaranteeing equal opportunity, free enterprise, and individual freedom… those citizens will be prosecuted for what was previously lawful life. Welcome to Briden’s America even in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Former-Attorney General Bill Barr (not a Trump loyalist) said on Fox News the indictment of former-President Donald Trump is “an abomination” on a “pathetically weak” legal theory, but that was not the overwhelming media narrative nationally or in Tulsa. KTUL, for example, interviewed this writer, but allowed more time to OK Rep. Regina Goodwin slobbering lies. Click here for that KTUL report.

As this reporter wrote on Thursday, “Everyone who has earned a law license should be outraged over the indictment of Candidate and former-President Donald J. Trump in New York” and I am delighted AG Barr agrees.

Further, “every American should fear for their freedom as Democrats demonstrate a two-tier justice system like the worst Banana Republic. This is unconstitutional. This must be fixed immediately and by lawful process. The Leftists running the current government want MAGA violence. They would use that excuse to engage the full force of government to end freedom. Those of honor must peacefully stand in opposition,” again, written upon hearing the news.

On Friday, a Conservative social media influencer Douglass Mackey, also known as Ricky Vaughn, was convicted of election interference in the 2016 presidential race after posting a satirical meme on Twitter. He faces 10 years in prison for Free Speech.

The same joke Makey used was delivered online by Democrat Leftist activist Kristina Wong on election Day in 2016. She was even wearing a MAGA hat and included Trump signs in her post. Double standard much Department Of Justice? Justice for whom?

The Gateway Pundit writes, “after the ruling on Friday Kristina Wong was out on a campus comedy tour.

“Kristina knows the American Stasi is on her side. She need not worry. This is the latest example of the Communist left playing smash-mouth politics. They send you to jail for the same “crime” they are committing then mock you and your suffering.

“These are evil people. Do not kid yourself,” The Gateway Pundit concluded.

Maybe we should have the District Attorney in Poteau, Oklahoma file charges against President Biden, China, the National and Oklahoma Democrat Parties for treason, election fraud and criminal racketeering.

They could find a more likely “jury of peers” in Poteau than any Republican might find in New York City.

On Tulsa Today. We stand in opposition to corruption of the Constitution!

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