Bartlesville City Council Recall is organizing an effort to recall three Bartlesville City Councilors. This is the direct result of Council approval of public drag-shows contrary to expressed community outrage over such events being held at public venues (first in a public park in the center of the city). Public Votes have consequences.

NEOKgrassroots organizer Sarah Burnett wrote further on Facebook, “We live in a conservative small town, yet last year, a drag show took place on public property. Even though municipal code dictates that “[anyone who] lewdly exposes his person or genitals in any public place….shall be guilty…of a felony,” this event was allowed to take place, with many children in attendance.”

Burnett continued, “The community showed up en masse to speak in disapproval at the city council meetings last fall. Finally in January, the council voted to have the city attorney draft an ordinance to ‘define and regulate obscenity in Bartlesville.’

“Imagine the community’s frustration when the attorney came back, not with an ordinance restricting, but an ‘agreement’ with the nonprofit putting these events on, to allow them to continue, with children present, on public property, with police protection provided free of charge.

“The people of Bartlesville have clearly spoken, and yet the threats of one group have outweighed the concerns of the voters. We need a city council that will listen and defend our values with how they govern. They are public servants and they serve us, the people.

“Please join us this Tuesday as we begin the process of recalling the three city council members who voted for this evil to continue to affect the children and families of Bartlesville,” Burnett concluded.

Bartlesville resident Joel Rabin calls out the city council and city attorney on April 3, 2023. Click this link to view on Facebook.

This Oklahoma rebellion against an apparent insidious OKEQ agenda has been covered extensively by V1SUT Vantage on Substack and followed here on Tulsa Today. Further, Fox News covered the dispute today in a story, “Street preacher threatened with jail time after citing Bible verses against local Oklahoma LGBTQ organization.

This is a stand by citizens to determine the moral character of Bartlesville as a community and Oklahoma as a state. How moral or not are we?

As V1SUT Vantage writes in conclusion, “There will be much more to report concerning Bartlesville’s battle for decency and this citizen-led recall effort. Stay tuned.”

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