OSBI Confirms Court & DA Concealed Records

The article published today by V1SUT Vantage is shocking. In 2023 Americans daily see a two-tier justice system in many Democrat Party controlled cities, but this story proves a multi-tier justice system in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Apparently, courthouse officials hide “Alphabet Mafia Crime.”

Bartlesville, in Washington County, is a beautiful small city nestled in the rolling hills of Northeast Oklahoma. It enjoys an upper middle-class lifestyle made possible for decades by corporate giant ConocoPhillips. This unique progressive community heralds the Price Tower (a Frank Lloyd Wright 19-story landmark), OK Mozart, thriving artistic outlets and many Christian Congregations.

They also have an active, if not militant, LGBT community that has embedded key players into the power structure of the court system and elected public office. They have generated national publicity for using courts to silence opposition to public drag shows that allow attendance by minor children.

V1SUT Vantage writes, “Across America, the quality of life for all has been eroded as activist courts and district attorneys now regularly disregard law in favor of equity. Bartlesville, Oklahoma is no exception. In fact, this district court appears to have adopted the DC Deep State’s pattern of distorting law and misusing power to reward their friends and punish their ideological opposition.

“[V1SUT Vantage] recently exposed the dangerous overlaps within the area’s systems tasked with both the care of foster children and victims of child sexual abuse. Common players and conflicts of interest among three non-profits involved with LGBT advocacy (Oklahomans for Equality/OKEQ), ‘inclusive’ foster parent recruitment (The Village Fosters) and the forensic examination of victimized children (Ray of Hope) raised serious concerns about child safety, use of taxpayer funds and the integrity of the area’s criminal justice system.”

Featured highlights include:

  • Washington County Court Hides Crime of LGBT Activist Prior to OSBI Review
  • OSBI Confirms Court and DA Concealed Records in Unusual, Likely Illegal Move
  • After Hide-and-Seek w/ Public Info, Wash Co’s Legal System Dug a Hole, Buried Their Sins
  • Why Would DA Drake, Judge Franks, Clerk Spitzer and Attorney Sanders Help Andrew Ames?
  • DA Drake is Fake: Longtime Tulsa Democrat is Sheep in Republican Wolf’s Clothing
  • Fake Drake’s Policy on Crime: Do as I Post Publicly, Not as I Do Behind the Scenes
  • Kyra K. Franks: Another Wash Co Judge with Conflicts Puts Ideology Over Law
  • Activist Gatekeeping: Court Clerk Jill Spitzer Forgot Who Owns Public Information
  • Attorney Kristi K Sanders Just Paying it Forward for Special Treatment Received, Pesky DUI
  • Bartlesville Police’s Part in This Cover-Up: Fail to Respond to Request for Public Records

Read the complete story on V1SUT Vantag.

2 thoughts on “OSBI Confirms Court & DA Concealed Records

  1. Synister Syxx

    Somebody really needs to investigate the Washington county jail. I’m hearing information of innocent until proven guilty citizens that have been in jail for months still waiting on there first court appearance. Don’t we have a right to a fair and speedy trial. Not sure anymore because there are lots of individuals in lock up who are not getting it.

  2. Jason Lowry

    This has been going on for years. The OSBI are not going to do anything about it. Ok there is a story about it, that don’t mean anything unless something is done about it. But I’m afraid it will be buried and forgotten just like everything in this town.

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