Drummond South Ranch for Sale

It is a stunning property, huge, historic, and owned by the family of Oklahoma’s current Attorney General, but why, after 100 years, would it go up for sale? Some speculate the McGirt Decision or the new feature movie, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” may have come into consideration. Others suggest it is economics or aging leadership or could it be politics? Over 8,000 acres are under fence, just a thirty-minute drive from Tulsa.

From ethics reports, Attorney General Gentner Drummond loaned his campaign millions. In Oklahoma, you can earn 10% on that money as it may be paid back from contributors, but that is a lot of money out-of-pocket by any standard. Is this property sale to pay campaign debt or finance a bid for governor?

AG Drummond was the beneficiary of dark money with tribal connections and outright donations from tribal leaders. Is it possible that from his personal perspective, the McGirt Decision may return ownership of land to native tribes? That happened in South Africa where land owned for generations by farmers was given to native people once the South African Courts got involved. Is all Northeast Oklahoma, to say nothing of Tulsa, at risk? Does the family see writing on the wall?

Drummond’s Blue Sky Bank has affection for the cannabis industry. The Substack, V1SUT Vantage wrote during the campaign, “Gentner Drummond’s BlueSky Bank makes a bundle financing cannabis and handling funds derived from a federally illegal industry that more discerning banks won’t touch.” A second story from the same source raises additional concerns in its “How to Steal a State” series.

The Drummond family has numerous other apparently successful businesses. From all appearances, you would think revenue is rolling in volume. Marketing, media, and public imaging have never been an issue. Could there be a dispute within the family? Why would you give up 100 years of history?

The notice for sale from Hall and Hall begins, “The Drummond South Ranch, with over 8,418.01 acres in total under fence with a mix of 6,848.26± deeded acres and the balance of land leased from various neighbors, is now offered for sale after being owned by the same family for nearly 100 years. Frederick Drummond operated the ranch for nearly 50 years, eventually passing it along to his children. This scenic working cattle ranch is located nearly 20 miles northwest of Tulsa on a direct line, sits right above Keystone Lake, and is around three miles southwest of Skiatook Lake. One can see downtown Tulsa from several of the high points on the ranch.

“This ranch is made up of the rolling hills covered with the typical species of native tall grasses, in addition to the abundant stands of trees that dominate this sector of the Cross Timbers ecoregion. Numerous draws run throughout the ranch. Several of those draws at times can have water backed up in them from Keystone Lake during periods of high flows from the Arkansas River that feeds Keystone Lake.

“The ranch has been operated over the last 100 years by the same family as a working cattle ranch and was typically running around 600 head of mother cows and calves annually. However, the general location of this Drummond South Ranch, with its proximity to Keystone and Skiatook Lakes, and the short drive to the Tulsa Metroplex, it’s become obvious that this land is moving in a transitional path that looks to be headed way beyond cattle ranching. This large landholding is nearly impossible to duplicate because of its unmatched location. The incredible proximity to Tulsa, Keystone Lake, and Skiatook Lake are just a few of the high points. The rolling hills of tall grass, the timbered areas full of blackjack and post oak trees, and the deep draws are home to an assorted wildlife population. The views from various high points on the ranch are stunning.”

Other speculation aside, it may just be time for the family to harvest equity. Click here for more from the notice of property for sale. It can be yours for only $18,838,215.00, wildlife included.

This story first appeared on citynewstulsa.com here.

4 thoughts on “Drummond South Ranch for Sale

  1. Jim Richmond

    How much of their property and hard work are others entitled to? 5% -10% ? Education and opportunity is made available to all. You and everyone in OK give that percentage and see if its better. Like all lotery winners. It will be squandered. Faithful with little. Faithful with much. So. Take your fake virtue with you.

  2. Kathy McDonald

    I had so much respect for Ree Drummond and her family all these years watching her make money from the Food Network which has added to the wealth they received from the Osage tribe. When they sell most of their Ranch, will all this money be returned to the Osage community or will they just keep it like their family always has. Very, very sad for the wealth you live off of from the death and deceitfulness towards our native americans.

  3. Wj

    Drummond received tribal funding. How can he objective regarding the conflicts between tribes and Governor Stitt? Stitt is doing a great job though.

    Regarding tribal confiscation like what happened in SA – the 2nd A will prevent that.

  4. JoAnna Ware

    Gentner Drummond has my approval.
    I believe this article shows a smarmy bias against our AG.
    He in an Oklahoman that I believe is doing the best for all of us in our state. Compared to what we currently have in other offices, he is a breath of fresh, truthful, air. We would have been much better off having him as governor.

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