TCC Partners with AI

Tulsa Community College is partnering with Tulsa-based technology company, WriteSea, to implement artificial intelligence to enhance job search and career development processes for TCC students and graduates the administration announced this morning.

Through this partnership, TCC students will gain exclusive access to WriteSea’s innovative platform, Job Search Genius AI, a comprehensive suite of AI-enabled features, including AI Resume Builder, AI Cover Letter Generator, AI Interview Prep, AI Mock Interview Simulation, Contact Tracker, Job Tracker, AI Salary & Benefits Negotiation Coach, AI Headshots, AI LinkedIn Review, and AI Job Applications. These tools are tailored for the job preparation process, from crafting compelling resumes to acing interviews and negotiating job offers.

This writer has worked extensively with AI and found current artificial programs lacking intelligence and bereft of creativity. Further, isn’t the role of a community college to teach students to think with skill for themselves, thereby elevating student intelligence?

Officials at TCC in a request for comment by this writer said, “Our perspective is that AI technology will not replace the traditional role of education in preparing students for the workforce, rather, it will enhance it. The technology serves as a valuable starting point for students, but our staff is here to review, guide and provide assistance. It’s important to emphasize that our Career Services staff remains an integral part of the support system, and we recognize that each student is different, with varying levels of needs, skills, and experiences. In cases where an individual desires greater human interaction and connection, we must maintain our ability to provide such an experience. We encourage students to utilize both the AI tool and our Career Services staff in tandem, as this ensures students receive the best possible support.”

WriteSea is a venture capital-backed and leading provider of AI-driven career mobility tools, that offers career services to help candidates find meaningful work and employers find quality talent. TCC is WriteSea’s first higher education partner.

“We are honored to partner with Tulsa Community College, an institution that shares our commitment to innovation and student success,” said Founder and CEO of WriteSea, Brandon Mitchell. “Our goal is to make the daunting task of job searching more manageable and effective for students by providing them with the tools they need to stand out in the competitive job market. This partnership is a step forward in our mission to democratize access to advanced career development technologies.”

The integration of WriteSea’s Job Search Genius was a joint undertaking with TCC’s Career Services and TCC’s Workforce Development. Vice President of Workforce Development Pete Selden, Ph.D. and Director of Career Services Mark Hays spearheaded the initiative to enhance the support and resources available to TCC students and alumni, equipping them with the skills and tools necessary for success in today’s job market.

“We are excited to bring WriteSea’s AI technology to our students and alumni,” said Selden. “This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to provide comprehensive support and resources for career planning and job search preparation. With WriteSea’s Job Search Genius, we are setting our students up for success by embracing the latest advancements in technology.”

“By leveraging the AI technology to refine students’ resumes, cover letters, and prepare them to find employment, our Career Services staff can focus their expertise on providing effective support to a larger number of students,” said Hays. “It’s a win-win situation where students receive personalized assistance, and our staff can dedicate more time to individualized guidance and coaching.”

The collaboration between TCC and WriteSea aims to enrich the job preparedness experience for TCC students and set a precedent for similar educational institutions aiming to integrate AI technology into their career support systems.

To access Job Search Genius AI, current and former TCC students must email to generate a username and password.

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