Biden Mart Checks Prices and Increase

Whether you’re a die-hard Republican, a languishing Libertarian, a disillusioned Democrat, or somewhere in between, one thing’s for sure: We all need to eat on a regular basis. And as long as “Biden-Mart” remains open for business, it seems we’ll be paying a premium for the privilege. Oh the joys of Bidenomics which the President summed up on Twitter as: “Bidenomics is about growing the economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top down” thus proving his economic ignorance… again.

Don’t believe prices are rising? Now you can check prices of common food online at Biden Mart, a web site established by Make America Great Again Inc. PAC as an interactive gem to compare your current grocery bills under Biden with those good ol’ days under former-President Donald Trump. Spoiler alert: It’s not a trip down the yellow brick road – more like a Oklahoma Toll Road.

Of course most have noticed the bottom line, but here you can see the cost of lettuce has skyrocketed and a case of Coke now feels like it should come with a luxury tax. But at least we’re getting… smaller portions? That’s right, welcome to the era of “skipflation,” a term as catchy as it is depressing. It’s where consumers shell out more cash for less food. Democrats are so very good at defining differently or fluidly, if you prefer. Hard to debate when the terms are fluid don’t ya know (is that “Trans Terming”).

Now, let’s not pretend this is just about lettuce and soda. This is about the ground beef that’s now a luxury item, the potatoes that require a loan application, and the overall feeling that grocery shopping has become a high-stakes game of budgetary gymnastics.

On the Biden Mart site, you don’t have to give identification or make any donation, it’s just a list of common grocery items to check. Then at the bottom, the average price under Trump, Biden and the percent of increase of your selections. What fun. Click here for the Biden Mart site.

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