Paul Hassink for OK House Dist. 79

Effective principled representation is sometimes hard to find in our Republic, but in Oklahoma House District 79, Paul Hassink is the obvious choice. The other candidate may wear nice shoes, but, in office, citizens seek someone that can accomplish good for the district. That has not been the case with Rep. Melissa Provenzano, D-Tulsa.

It is always the voters, not pundits or media, that decide election outcomes and Paul Hassink has done the door-to-door effort that makes a difference. At the door, Hassink is not bombastic, but thoughtful and a good listener with ideas he will share in detail as he also carefully considers the opinions of others.

District 79 is this writer’s diverse home district and I will cast my vote for Paul Hassink. For years, District 79 has been represented by a Democrat in the House with a super-majority of Republicans. Thus, very little attention has been given to district constituents. That will change with the election of Paul Hassink.

Hassink has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering (Purdue) and spent 40-years in the industry. Oklahoma Citizens own a power company, the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA), but has no elected official in oversight of that important agency with earned industry experience. Often when it is in GRDA’s best interest, they act like a private company and then when it is in their best interest, they claim public status. Like most things in life, the devil is in the detail, and voters deserve someone willing to dig deep into detail for the best public interest. Hassink is a recognized regulatory affairs expert.

Also from his experience within corporate structure, he understands diplomacy and how to work in groups. Hassink’s primary opponent plays for attention, doesn’t listen well, and passionately declares general bullet points with little specifics. She doesn’t take criticism or even probing questions well.

Hassink understands that accomplishing good for his district requires working with a hundred other strong-willed elected officials in the House, to say nothing of the Senate and Governor’s Office. Even in dispute, I have seen Paul Hassink manage difficult situations with grace, patience and respectful consideration for those that disagree.

Paul Hassink is the strong choice for the Oklahoma House of Representatives for District 79.

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