Shelley Gwartney for Senate Dist. 33

The recent debate in Senate District 33 was covered here on Tulsa Today. This south and west Broken Arrow and some east Tulsa district features four Republican candidates in the primary and the winner will face Democrat Bob Willis. The district is 55% Republican and less than 30% Democrat.

Tulsa Today endorses Shelley Gwartney for District 33, an affirmation of the person endorsed – not necessarily a criticism of other candidates. Gwartney is a Christian Conservative Republican with an accomplished background as a businesswoman in organizational management, infrastructure, and communications. She’s a woman of faith, devoted mother, and trusted community leader.

The Gwartney Family

Gwartney has long been active in education issues with Moms for Liberty, Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights, Tulsa Classical Academy, and has previously run for the Union School Board. She has been long opposed by the educational establishment who think the low status-quo in Oklahoma is just fine for our children. Gwartney’s faith, critical thinking, and heart for doing good earns great respect.

In this race, horrific personal attacks have come against the Gwartney family. The image below demonstrates an evil and political stupidity that must be publicly rejected and shamed.

This writer has a cousin on the hard left, if not communist, and my support for Gwartney motivated him to write on my Facebook that our common grandfather would be “rolling over in his grave” because of my publicly declared Christian faith and support of Gwartney. The shared grandfather, C.B. Arnett was a Freemason and we never spoke of faith. Grandmother Mildred Arnett was a devout Christian. My Commie Cousin apparently thinks his opinion matters, but, at that time, we had not spoken for a decade and it is now unlikely we will speak again. Christians persecuted for their faith in Oklahoma? It happens.

Gwartney comes from a family rooted in public service. Her web site notes, Gwartney’s “mom, her extended siblings, and herself, have taught and coached in public, private, and charter schools. Her sister-in-law, Kelsee, was Broken Arrow’s Teacher of The Year in 2022!  Her brothers serve on the Tulsa Police and Tulsa Fire Department, giving her insight into what our brave officers go through every day! Her husband, Lynden, and brother, Ryan, both served in the Marine Corps. Lynden also served in the Oklahoma Air National Guard.  Shelley’s extended family members include missionaries, church planters, and a special needs therapist. Her family is an asset to Oklahoma and Shelley would carry their respected legacy with her to the Capitol.”

Further, Shelley Gwartney has served in local nonprofit organizations such as:

  • Member of the Republican Women’s Club, OK2A, and Women for Tulsa
  • Senate District Captain for OKHPR
  • Served as a board member on local and district level PTAs
  • Board Member of Moms for Liberty – Tulsa County
  • Volunteer Coordinator and Founding Family at Tulsa Classical Academy
  • Served on the BA ReZoning Committee- 2022
  • Current Tulsa GOP State Committee Member

Shelley Gwartney will continue the tradition of true conservative strength in Senate District 33.

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