Rep. Hern Talks Trump

US Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK 1st. Dist.) joined constituents for breakfast Saturday June 15 in uptown Tulsa and spoke about meeting with Donald J. Trump and Republican Congressional leadership.

“I wish everyone in America could know Donald Trump in a personal setting,” Hern began. “He could come in here and have a conversation with you. He connects with people. That is why he has such large crowds at his rallies. The media can go crazy with excerpts, but you don’t get the full impact.

“We were sitting in a room with people – everybody [on Capital Hill] was there – but there were a couple of people sitting next to me that haven’t endorsed Trump and he hasn’t endorsed them, but Trump connected with them. Some liken him to Ronald Reagan in being able to cut through media filters and connect with people personally.

“I believe Trump is the Everyday Person’s President,” Hern said.

US Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK 1st. Dist.)

“Democrats are attacking Trump on family values, but do you really want your children to grow up like the Biden family,” Hern added.

It has now been confirmed during court proceedings that President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden wrote in her journal during one of her drug rehabilitation confinements that the reason for her substance abuse and sexual promiscuity was that her father regularly showered with her as a prepubescent. Think about that for a minute. Ask any father if they think showering naked with their prepubescent daughters is a good idea?

Hern said, “The important question is always, are you better off today than you were four years ago? If you say yes then you must not like: a secure border, great energy policies, low inflation, and you must like war worldwide. At least then you could afford food and put gas in your car.

“Everyone has now seen that if you can be prosecuted as a former president and wealthy businessman, then no one is safe from a politicized justice system. That is why you are seeing people from Silicon Valley to Wall Street coming to see and support Trump,” Hern added.

Rep. Hern answered questions and discussed much more at the breakfast, but following is the press conference President Trump held during his recent Capitol Hill trip.

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