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OK Tribes document $15.6 billion impact

First Americans Museum, OKC. Photo: Lori Duckworth /Oklahoma Tourism

Native American tribes in Oklahoma had a $15.6 billion impact on the state in 2019, according to a new study released Wednesday.

The study found that the tribes directly employ more than 54,000 people and support a total of 113,442 jobs to tribal citizens and non-citizens, accounting for more than $5.4 billion in wages and benefits to Oklahoma workers in 2019.

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On wealth and dictators

Money makes the world go around, and often drives the actions of greedy totalitarian dictators. When they feel rich, tyrants like Vladimir Putin will invade their neighbor and try to reshape the world order. Oil at $100 per barrel makes Putin feel rich and reckless.

The only way to confront dictators is to make them poor or make them afraid of losing their power base. The United States can’t do much about the latter, but we can take action to address the former.

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Gov Abbott: Move at the speed of business

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott made recent news with his “parental bill of rights”, recognizing the growing frustration with teachers unions and declining quality in education, coupled with heavy handed responses to the pandemic from mandatory vaccines to masks. “We are pushing this principle of rights that will restore parents to their rightful role as the ultimate decision maker for their child’s education and health care. No government program can replace that role parents play.”

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Biden is making problems worse

Mike Mazzei

President Biden has a special knack for studying a problem and then choosing the wrong-headed option that makes the problem worse. For example, look at the Afghanistan debacle and border crisis.

Well, he’s at it again with his climate agenda and his budget busting bill which, if enacted, will make the automotive supply chain problem worse than it already is. Have you swung by a car dealership lately and been surprised by the lack of cars on the lot?

Tucked away in the 2000-page budget bill is a special $12,500 tax credit for the purchase of an electric vehicle. Tax Credits for select politically favored interest groups distort economic production, but in this case Canadian and Mexican officials are furious because the credit isn’t applicable unless the vehicles are assembled at unionized U.S. factories. Batteries and most parts must also be made in the U.S. The Mexican Economy Minister Tatiana Clouthier said the protectionist Policy move was “incomprehensible”.

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Pres. Trump on Strategic Oil Reserves

For decades our Country’s very important Strategic Oil Reserves were low or virtually empty in that no President wanted to pay the price of filling them up. I filled them up three years ago, right to the top, when oil prices were very low. Those reserves are meant to be used for serious emergencies, like war, and nothing else.

Now I understand that Joe Biden will be announcing an “attack” on the newly brimming Strategic Oil Reserves so that he could get the close to record-setting high oil prices artificially lowered.

We were energy independent one year ago, now we are at the mercy of OPEC, gasoline is selling for $7 in parts of California, going up all over the Country, and they are taking oil from our Strategic Reserves.

Is this any way to run a Country?