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What Joe don’t know he can’t fix

There is no way Joe Biden can fix inflation. Our President continues to live in a fantasy land of crazy economic thinking and incoherent ideas for dealing with the worst inflation since the 1970s.

The Wall Street Journal recently published Biden’s opinion article, “My Plan for Fighting Inflation,” which any sound economist would destroy in red ink and grade with a big fat F.

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Steinway & Sons announce Tulsa store

ASTORIA, NY – Steinway & Sons, makers of the finest pianos in the world, announced today the opening of Steinway Piano Gallery Tulsa, a new showroom serving Tulsa, Oklahoma, and surrounding areas.

The new store joins a network of Steinway-authorized galleries in the region that are owned and operated by the Saliba family, who have been an integral part of Steinway history since 1979. The Tulsa location is an extension of the Salibas’ four established Texas locations, including stores in Houston, Plano, and Ft. Worth as well as the iconic Steinway Hall Dallas.

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The Musk move on Twitter

Update: Musk has declined a position on the Board of Twitter and left open the option to purchase more (if not the majority) of the company.

Opinion: A tech titan rides to the rescue! Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Space X, has invigorated capitalism with common sense, liberty, and inspiration. Recently, he purchased 73.5 million shares of Twitter and now owns 9% of the company.

In the past, he has rightly questioned Twitter’s descent into political correctness. An outspoken critic, Musk has called out Twitter’s “woke” elite censorship of conservative ideas and conservative speakers. How in the world could Twitter maintain an account for tyrannical ayatollahs of Iran, the war criminal Vladimir Putin, and ban President Donald Trump?

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